Should You Get a Turkish Angora Cat?

The Turkish Angora cat is an intelligent and gorgeous cat. They are very rare, especially when compared to most other cats. However, many people are still very interested in these long-haired, strong cats. If you have been wondering whether you should adopt a Turkish angora kittens, there are some things you may want to know about them first. 

Turkish Angora Appearance

You may already know a bit about the angora kitten. However, it wouldn’t hurt to get an overview of the appearance of Turkish angora kittens and cats.

This cat breed is medium-sized. They have a delicate appearance with their slender bodies and their substantial build. Most of the Turkish Angora cats are graceful in the way they carry their body around.

The Turkish angora cats have a soft and long coat. It can be many different colors and pattern variations. Many of the Turkish angora kittens and cats are white. However, these cats can also be brown, red, black, grey, bi-color, tortoiseshell, or tabby

These cats have a small, rounded head. Their ears are large and set wider apart than most other cat breeds. Their eyes are shaped like beautiful almonds in the colors of blue, green, amber, or a combination of these colors. 

Based on the appearance of Turkish Angora kittens, it is no surprise why everyone would want them. 

The Turkish Angora Temperament

The Turkish angora cats are very smart. They are also very social. Families who get Turkish angora kittens find that their cats really connect well with them. The bond they share together is magnificent. With this being said, if you get this type of cat, you might notice that your Turkish Angora cat might bond much better with one person in the family over the others. 

In addition, most Turkish angora cats get along well with other animals like dogs. Surprisingly enough, they often even become the alpha pet in the family, even when there are dogs in the household. If you are going to get a Turkish angora cat, you will need to play with them a lot, as they are very playful. You will need to have plenty of toys for your cat to play with. 

Living Needs of Turkish Angora Cats

If you are going to get an angora kitten, you will need to know more about their living and care needs. It should first be mentioned that the average Turkish angora lifespan is 12 to 18 years. This means you will have a family friend and pet for a long time. 

Throughout their life, you will need to make sure they have a high place for perching on when they want to get away from others. They should have plenty of toys, as mentioned above. If you have children, you may want to start by either getting an angora kitten or a Turkish angora cat that has already been socialized with children. You should also make sure to properly introduce your new angora kitten to the other animals in the house early on. This way, everyone learns to tolerate and get along well with each other. 

In regard to the care of Turkish Angora cats, grooming is actually quite easy. This is because they don’t have an undercoat and their coat is long but silky. As long as you brush these cats once to twice each week their coat should be in great shape. When brushing their coat, be sure to look around their ears and eyes. Dirt can get trapped in their fur and cause infections. You can use a slightly wet cloth to clean around these areas. 

History of the Turkish Angora Cats

If you would like to get a cat with an interesting history, the Turkish Angora cats have quite the story. Ancestors of the present-day Turkish angora cats were one of the 1st cats that had been domesticated. These cats were 1st noticed during the 16th century. In fact, due to the popular white coat of these cats, they were often bred more than the Persian cats during those times. However, that pretty much caused the Turkish Angora cats to become nearly extinct before the 19th century was over. Some caretakers saved these cats and started collecting them for breeding and for preserving the breed. They kept them in the Ankara Zoo during the 20th century. 

During the 1960s, the Turkish angora breeding pairs started being moved and sent to the United States and Canada. Today, these cats are still quite rare. However, they are talked about much more than for breeding purposes, alone. 


Have you been thinking about getting a Turkish Angora cat? If so, now that you know more about their appearance, temperament, and history, you can decide whether this cat breed would be a good choice in your family. They do make great pets. They are certainly beautiful and playful. With their history, you can see why everyone would love to have a Turkish angora cat. 

How to identify a Turkish Angora cat?

There are few ways that you can identify a Turkish angora cat. First of all, you can tell from the shape of their head. The Turkish angora head looks like a triangle that is reversed. Their head also has longer hair than the rest of the body. You will also be able to tell from their eye call and the ways that their ears taper off to the sides. These cats look fierce but beautiful.

How much is a Turkish Angora kitten?

If you have been looking into getting a Turkish Angora kitten or thinking about getting one, you can expect to pay around $75 to $150 for the adoption. However, if you plan to get a Turkish Angora kitten from a breeder, you will likely be paying between $600 to $2,000.

Are Turkish angora cats rare?

In this day and age, the Turkish Angora cats are quite rare. They are accepted through the Cat Fanciers’ Association. However, all of the Angoras that are registered must have a history that traces back to the Ankara Zoo.

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Written by Leo Roux


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