Process of Animal Shelter Adoption

You might have spent a lot of time looking for a new pet already. If so, where have you been looking? Many people try to find breeders and other people to buy a pet from. However, it might be helpful to know more about how you can adopt a pet from an animal shelter.

There are even many animal shelter free adoption options. Learning more about the process of animal shelter adoption can help you to get closer to finding your new pet and finding the dog breed that is right for you.

There are also many reasons why you should rescue a dog from a shelter.

Completing the Questionnaire

If you are going to the animal pound or other pet adoption center, you will likely have to fill out a questionnaire. Many people avoid going through this process because it can sometimes be lengthy. There are certain questions on the questionnaire that might seem too personal. However, the local dog shelters and other adoption centers do this to ensure the animals are going to a great home. 

You might have to fill in your address, name, age, living situation, how many people are in the home, if you have any other animals, if you have previously adopted from a shelter, if you have a criminal record, and some other information. They will also need to know if you are financially capable of caring for a pet. Having a pet comes with a cost, such as spaying cost, health care cost, food, and more.

When you go to an animal shelter, be sure to bring your ID. Some of the animal shelters will require you to have multiple forms of ID. 

Passing the Interview

Once you have filled out the questionnaire, you will likely have to go through the interview process. This can seem like another lengthy process. However, the dog animal shelter professionals need to ensure that the animal will be safe going to your home. 

The shelter will schedule an interview with you. Sometimes it will be at a later date. Other times, you will be able to do it right there at that time. 

During the interview process, the adoption professional will determine whether you are suitable for getting the dog breed or other animal that you are wanting to get. The interview process might happen during the time you meet the animal. This way the counselor can figure out if you interact well with that particular animal. 

You might be thinking that the interview process is going to be strict and scary. You might have some nerves. However, most of the time, this process is a friendly conversation, so the counselor can get to know you. There are so many health benefits of owning a pet, making this process all the more worth your while.

Meet and Greet with the Animal

As previously mentioned, your interview process might occur during the meet and greet process. However, that doesn’t always happen. 

With the meet and greet process, you will get to ask questions about the animal that you are interested in getting. It might be a good idea to take notes about the information you receive at this time. Remember, that the counselor that you speak to might not have all the information and answers that you need during the meet and greet. They might need to look up information at a later time. Be patient with them.

During the meet and greet process, be yourself. The counselor needs to know what type of person the animal will be going home with (if you do get to take that animal home). 

Background Check

You can expect a background check to be done during the animal shelter adoption process. The animal shelter isn’t going to let an animal go home with just anyone, without checking into them. There are some animal shelters that will require you to provide references that will speak to your character. They will need to check if you are on the animal rights offenders list

Everything that is checked during this process is just to ensure that any animal you bring home will be safe under your care. 

Home Visit and Inspection 

Depending on what kind of animal you plan to get and what dog animal shelter you go to, the process might include a home visit and inspection. Basically, this just gives the animal shelter counselor a chance to ensure your home is safe for the animal. They want to make sure you will be giving the animal a great life. You should also have some knowledge on how to care for a pet dog prior to getting an animal. 

You might find the home visit unnecessary and choose not to continue with the process. However, if you continue down this road, it will be well worth it when you get to bring an animal from the shelter into your home. 

Finalizing Everything

Once you get through all of the steps above, all you have to do is finalize everything. There might be an adoption fee that you need to pay at this time. You will have paperwork to fill out, as well. Finally, there will likely be a contract to sign. 

Once you have filled everything out and paid all the fees, you will likely be set to take the pet home with you. The animal shelter may have already given the animal the necessary vaccinations. However, if that hasn’t been done, you will need to take the pet to a veterinarian for these vaccinations. 


Now that you have all the information you need about the process of animal shelter adoption, you can get started with finding the right pet for you and your family. There are many wonderful animals that deserve our love and attention. If you're looking for affectionate dog breeds, you may want to look into this list.

Where to adopt a puppy?

There are many places that allow you to adopt a puppy. You can adopt a puppy from someone who is selling or getting rid of a puppy. However, it is often a great idea to check with dog animal shelters when looking to adopt a puppy.

Why should you adopt a pet from an animal shelter?

There are many reasons why you should adopt a pet from an animal shelter. One of the reasons is to reduce the number of euthanized animals. Another reason is to give a puppy, dog, or other animal the chance to have a family. The shelters take care of the animals, but it is nothing like having a family.

How to adopt an animal from a shelter?

If you want to adopt an animal from a shelter, there is a process that you will need to go through. There is a questionnaire that you will need to fill out. There is an application process, meet and greet, and home visit, as well. You will have paperwork and may have fees to pay, too. After everything is finalized, you can take your new pet home.

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