What is the Cost to Spay a Dog?

Part of caring for your pet is getting them spayed or neutered. Generally, it is going to cost between $35 to $400 to have your dog spayed or neutered. There is such a range in the cost because there are some lower-cost clinics that offer this service.

However, if you are going to your normal veterinarian’s office, the price will probably be much more. For most cases, having a female dog spayed would be more expensive than having your male dog neutered.

The main reason for this is because spaying a dog is usually more complex of a procedure than neutering a dog, so having a pet insurance can help. It should be noted that if your dog has any current or past health conditions, if they are in heat, or if they are going to need blood tests done before the procedure, the cost can go up to about $600. 

Reasons to Get Your Dog Spayed or Neutered

There are different reasons that people decide to have their dog spayed or neutered. Two of the most common reasons are to prevent unwanted puppies that either go to the shelter or become homeless, and to help stop future behaviors from their dog. Another reason to choose to have your dog spayed or neutered by a spay clinic is to prevent your dog from having certain health issues later on. 

Things That Are Usually Included

In the neutering cost that is mentioned above, there are usually some things that are included in that price. Some of the things that will or should be included are the following:

  • The procedure itself
  • Complete physical exam
  • Anesthesia price
  • Blood work 
  • Monitoring during the procedure 
  • Pain medications for afterward

While these services are generally included when going to a spay neuter clinic, it is important to note that free dog spaying or lower-cost spay clinics won’t usually offer a full exam or blood work before the procedure. 

Regular Spay Clinic

If you take your dog to a regular spay clinic, you can expect your dog to be hooked up to equipment that will monitor them while they are under anesthesia. The clinic staff will monitor your dog’s blood pressure and oxygen stats. 

Things That Happen While During the Procedure

If you are going to have your dog spayed, the veterinarian will take out your dog’s ovaries and uterus. Spaying a dog means that the veterinarian will perform a complete ovariohysterectomy. 

If you are going to have your dog neutered, the veterinarian is going to remove the testicles from your dog. If needed, they will also take out your dog’s scrotum. 

During both of these procedures, your dog would be under anesthesia and someone will monitor their vital signs, as well. 

Most of the time, these procedures will take 1 hour maximum. 

Dog Size

One of the factors that will affect the cost when you take your dog to a spay neuter clinic is your dog’s size. The main reason for this range of cost is the amount of anesthesia that your dog needs during the procedure. Larger dogs, such as Great Danes and Mastiffs, are going to need more anesthesia during the procedure than a smaller dog, such as a Shih-Tzu. In addition, larger dogs will usually have longer surgeries than smaller dogs. 

Additional Costs You May Need to Know About

You have already read above the cost range for spaying or neutering your dog. You have also read that anesthesia costs will range depending on the size of your dog. Are there any additional costs that you will need to know about when having your dog spayed or neutered?

One of the things that you should know is that the cost of each procedure is taken per case. For example, older pets have reproductive organs that are more developed. This means that the surgery will be more involved than spaying or neutering a younger dog.

Another thing to note is that you should know what your dog needs. For example, if you tell the veterinarian that your dog gets anxious. They can be prepared for this and there will be fewer complications during the procedure.

If your dog is pregnant or even in heat during the procedure, you can expect to pay an additional $50 to $150. If your dog is going to need more pain medications after the procedure, you can expect to pay an additional $10 to $30. 

Talking to the Veterinarian Ahead of Time

It would be helpful if you were to call and talk to the veterinarian ahead of time. This way you can discuss with them everything that will be involved in your dog’s spaying or neutering procedure. You can also let the doctor know about any precautions they will need to take with your pet during the procedure. 

Finding Lower-Cost or Free Dog Spaying

It is possible to find lower-cost or free dog spaying. Overall, you will get the same procedure that a veterinarian offers. However, you may not get the extra services. Your dog may not get the personalized care that you can get at a regular spay neuter clinic. 

If you want to find lower-cost or free dog spaying, you can do a search online. If you have a local Humane Society, you can check to see what they have available for spaying services. The animal shelter in your area may be able to offer you spaying or neutering services, as well. 

Now that you have an idea of what the spaying or neutering procedure is going to cost, you can schedule the procedure for your dog. 

What is the price to spay a dog?

Generally, the price to spay a dog is going to range from $35 to $400. However, this can vary if your dog is in heat, pregnant, or needs extra medications. It can also vary based on your dog’s size or any medical issues they may have.

What age should a dog be spayed?

The majority of dogs can be spayed once they are 8 weeks old. Many professionals believe that spaying a dog before they go into heat for the first time would offer the greatest health benefits. A dog’s first heat will generally happen at 6 or 7 months old.

Can a dog be spayed when in heat?

A dog is able to be spayed if they are in heat. However, they may have more complications and bleeding during their surgery.

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