Here Are 3 Awesome Pet Tech Toys For Your Lovable Cat

As a cat owner, you probably enjoy playing with your cat and take time to ensure that they have enough stimulation throughout the day to keep their cognitive abilities high. At the same time, there are times when you're busier or want something a little easier and automated to stimulate them.

When this happens, instead of letting your cat wander around the house bored, you can try one of these three fantastic high-tech pet toys!

Interactive Laser

Cats love to try and pounce on things, including laser beams. You can put the laser on when the cat is around, and it will shoot a beam towards the floor in a random pattern. Your cat will love trying to chase the laser around and try to pounce on it! Of course, you can also hold the laser yourself if you want it to be even more interactive with your feline friend!

Look for laser beams by PetSafe and FroliCat, which will entertain your cats for a very long time.

Electronic Cat Motion Toys

Along the same lines as the interactive lasers, there are automated "motion" toys, which primarily consist of an object on a mechanical arm that the machine moves in many different directions. Your cat will be able to spend hours trying to catch the bait and pounce on it. It's a great way to give your cat exercise and entertainment at the same time!

There are many types of these toys out there. Typically, you can find them by searching for "electronic motion cat toys," or you can look for them in your favorite pet store.

Radio Control Mice

These toys are especially fun for you and your cat. They work much like radio-controlled cars, except that they have the shape of a mouse. You can control the mouse and make it try and get away from your pet. Your cat will have a blast trying to catch it. Additionally, they'll be practicing their hunting skills, and they'll be getting a great workout.

Spot makes a radio control mouse that works well. Your local pet store may also have these toys in stock.

Cats Need Play

Cats need exercise and play. In the wild, your cuddly feline friend is a highly-trained assassin that is looking for its next prey. When your pet is indoors, it can't practice those skills, which can cause a slew of problems later. Most notably, cats that don't practice these tend to gain weight and experience cognitive decline faster than those that keep their hunting skills sharp.

Each one of these toys will give your pets something to play with and chase, which will provide them with exercise. Hopefully, of course, they will live longer as well. 

If you're looking at which toy to get first, you may wish to consider the laser since it is relatively cheap and hands-off. Most of the time, you can set those toys to an automatic mode which will keep your cat entertained for at least 10-20 minutes - enough to sneak in that last little bit of work you have to do, for example! Plus, cats love to try and pounce on the laser markings on the floor!

What are cats' favorite toys?

Cats love playing with boxes, things with different textures, and anything that moves. Some of their favorite toys include ball yarns, and moving squeaky toys.

What is the best cat toy?

There is no real answer to this question simply because cats, like humans, have different preferences. Each cat is different and what they look for in a toy will also vary. In general, the best toys for cats are ones that are interactive as it keeps them entertained.

Why does my cat bring me toys?

According to some cat behaviorists, when cats give you toys and other items, it's because they want to show you their affection and let you know they care about you.

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