High Tech Pet Products: 4 Best Pet Gadgets From 2019

Technology is a blessing and a curse at times. Humans have already come such a long way, as far as tech that has enhanced our lives for the better. Now, our pets can begin to reap the benefits of technology through their owners. New pet tech that has become more popular over the past couple of years include smart feeders, smart toys, smart dog tech, pet activity monitors, and nutrition apps, just to name a few.

Our pets may not see the difference that these innovative pet products make in their lives, but we as their owners do get to enjoy seeing the happiness that some pet tech gadgets do bring them.

Smart Feeders

As a pet owner, going on extended vacations can sometimes be a hassle if a reliable pet sitter is not available or within your budget. Not to mention the hefty cost of keeping your pet(s) in a kennel while away for a week or more. Smart pet feeders don't solve the issue of your pet needing to go out each day, several times per day, but they do ensure that they will eat and stay hydrated while you are away. Smart feeders allow you to feed your pet from anywhere, conveniently through your smartphone. This can also come in handy on the instance that you are running late after work and you know your pets are impatiently waiting for dinner.

Smart Toys

Have you ever wondered how bored your pet must get when you're off at work for 40 hours a week? They must be bored out of their poor little minds. Now there are technology-infused toys that were created to keep our pets entertained all the while we are at work all day long. For instance, there are treat-releasing toys as well as interactable touchpads that light up and also dispense treats. Some toys allow you, the owner, to still interact while you are away. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled toys to exist that allow you to control them remotely and interact with your pets while you are not home.

Pet Activity Monitors

A lot of us take our dogs long for our morning run and monitor our activity via our smartwatch and other such devices. Now pet owners can monitor their pet's activity with activity monitors made specifically for their four-legged friend. Not only are you now able to track your pet's activity while you exercise together, but you can also keep tabs on what they are up tow when you're not around.

Nutrition Apps

There are now several apps available in app stores, that have been created for the specific purpose of aiding and enhancing the nutritional health of our beloved pets. Some of these apps are even made to sync with the previously mentioned pet activity monitors so that owners can track activity as well as nutritional habits. Apps like "cat nutrition calculator, dog nutrition calculator, and whistle activity monitor" are out there for pet owners to utilize. Whether you have a slightly overweight cat, or just enjoy being physically active with your dog, these apps have it all laid out for you.


Technology has already brought humans a long way in the realm of health, fitness, and entertainment. Now the time has come that pet tech solutions are being geared in the direction of our furry friends and their needs. Whether they know they have these needs or not.

How much is the pet tech industry worth?

The pet tech market was valued at $4.5 billion back in 2018. It's predicted to have over 25% growth by 2025, raising it's worth to over $20 billion.

Are high tech toys good for raising pets?

Pet technology is great not just for our precious pets, but also for us. Pet tech helps us bond with our pets even if we're busy with our everyday chores and even when we're away. Smart toys help keep your pets entertained and are also good at stimulating them, which is important for their mental health.

Are toy poodles smart dogs?

Toys poodles are not only agile and graceful, but they're also very smart. They excel in different sports like obedience, agility, and tracking. They are highly intelligent and easy to train.

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