Here Are the 5 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you have a cat enthusiast on your list of people to shop for, you might be wondering what to get them, especially if you don't have cats yourself. There are so many cat-themed toys, gadgets, high-tech pet stuff, and accessories that it might feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there are five standout best gifts for cat lovers. Picking any of these will be sure to dazzle and wow the recipient!

One of the Best Gifts for Cat Lovers: Petcube

If you have a special someone with a cat and want to get them the perfect gift, consider getting them the Petcube. This stylish, small box acts as a remote pet monitoring system. It has a camera, and you can use your phone or computer to connect to it. You can see what your pet is doing all day that way! Additionally, it has alerts that will show on your phone when your cat is meowing, so if your pet is in danger or has issues, you'll know right away! Your special someone will no longer feel disconnected with their pets when they go to work, out to the store, or go away on vacation!

Furthermore, there are different types of Petcubes. Some dispense treats just like a timed pet feeder, while others allow for an interactive laser game. Imagine being at work, on break, and your gift recipient can still feel connected with their pet. On top of all that, Petcube owners can use their devices to communicate with vets and have a video chat about any problems they might be having. That will also save on trips to the vet!

The best part about this gift for cat owners is that it's relatively inexpensive. The base model costs just $49.99 but is frequently on sale for much cheaper.

Cat-Themed Wine Glasses and Bottle Holders

For the wine drinker, there are cat-themed bottle holders and wine glasses that would be perfect gifts. These are versatile gifts because the recipient doesn't need to have a cat to use them, so they're something they can enjoy even if they don't have pets now or in the future.

There are multiple designs of wine glasses and bottle holders out there. A simple search online will reveal more of them on many shopping websites, from Etsy to Amazon. It's a fantastic gift for someone who loves cats but is a wine drinker.

A Creative Best Gift for Cat Lovers: A Gift for Their Cat!

If you want to get creative, one possible idea is a gift for cats. You can show that special someone that you support and appreciate their pets by getting a gift for them. You can find toys and even pet tech toys at any pet store. Those frequently work well. The best part about cat toys is that they come at all prices. From the ultra-cheap catnip mice to the much more expensive cat exercise wheel, you'll find the right cat gifts with enough looking. 

Most cat owners will appreciate the fact that you considered their feline friends in your gift-giving. It's a thoughtful way to show that you support their furry companions!

Cat-Themed Wearables

Whether you're giving t-shirts with cat designs on them, or a cat umbrella, your recipient will almost always appreciate apparel showing their interest in cats. Plus, there are so many items from which you can choose! In addition to t-shirts, there are necklaces, watches, shoes, and practically everything else you can think of - all with photos of cats on them!

If the recipient has a cat and you have a photo of him or her, one of the possible gifts for cat lovers is to give a custom t-shirt, bag, blanket, etc., with their cat on it! It's a unique, personalized gift that is sure to delight!

Cat Home Decor

Along the same lines as cat-themed wearables, there are also plenty of cat-themed home decor products that would make perfect gifts for cat lovers! You can find cat pillowcases, cat welcome mats, even cat bag sealers. These also make excellent gifts because you can easily control your budget. Bag sealers are only about $5, but, of course, you can also get significantly more expensive home decor products.

The Best Gifts for Cat Lovers Are Those That Show You Care

The best gifts for cat lovers are the ones that show you care and appreciate the recipient's interest in these feline companions. You typically won't need to go super fancy or spend lots of money. A simple gift that will allow them to connect with their pets, like the Petcube, some bag sealers, or even a few toys for their feline friend, will be most appreciated.

If you find yourself looking for some gifts and aren't quite sure what to get, consider any of the ones discussed above. There's an excellent chance that the recipient will be pleased to have them and appreciate the time and thought you put into getting something!

What to get for a new cat?

If you're getting a new cat, you'll need to pick up a few necessary supplies. You'll need food, bowls for food and water, a litter box, a scratching post, and a bed. If you can, pick up some toys and grooming tools so that your cat can have fun and feel clean!

What to buy for a first-time cat owner?

If you're looking for a first-time cat owner gift to get, you should probably assume that they already have many of the basics (toys, a litter box, food, and so forth). However, that doesn't mean you can't get some fun things for their furry friend. Consider buying some toys. Alternatively, you can ask them what they still need to buy for their cat and give them that.

Where to buy gifts for cat lovers?

Most pet stores, online and physical, will sell ideal gifts for cat lovers. You don't need to spend a large amount of money, either. Often the fact that you thought enough of their feline friend to get them something would mean the world to a cat lover!

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Written by Leo Roux

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