Fluffy Cat Breeds

Unless you suffer from allergies that are triggered by pet fur or dander, fluffy cats are incredibly hard to resist petting and cuddling. There are several breeds of cats that are naturally the fluffiest of their kind. Big fluffy cat breeds can often be a handful to care for but are well worth it for the love and happiness that they will surely bring into your home. 

5 of the Fluffiest Cat Breeds

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are well known for their voluptuous coats and fluffy mane that encircles their neck. These beautiful cats aren’t just known for their lovable, laid back personalities.

Maine Coons also comes with a built-in fur coat conditioner. This conditioner helps them keep their fur mat-free while they live in your home with you.


Siberian cats are well known for their ancient lineage overseas. They are, unsurprisingly the official cat of Russia, and thanks to post-Cold War cat breeders, cat lovers around the world can enjoy owning one of these extremely fluffy felines.


Persian cats are known well for their flat, squished facial features just as they are known for their thick fluffy fur coat. Unfortunately for this fluffy breed of cat, the flattened facial features can cause some breathing issues at times. 


Ragdolls aren’t actually a naturally occurring breed, but a crossbreed between a long-haired female cat and a variety of local male cats. Ragdolls need a considerable amount of regular grooming, but on the plus side, are known to shed less than their fluffy cat cousins.


Somali cats are known to be the fluffy version of the Abyssinian cat, a small, lanky short-haired breed of cat. Somali cats are typically seen with fur that is a deep shade of brown and orange.

This breed with fluffy tail is said to look like a long-haired Abyssinian because history tells us that they were bred as a combination between an Abyssinian and a local long-haired cat of the time. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Fluffy Cat

Any person with long hair themselves can tell you that taking care of a long mane of hair can tell you that taking care of a lot of hair can be time-consuming and tedious. Cat fur, on the other hand, is a whole different story. 

Long-haired cats need a lot of special attention and grooming on a  regular basis. If you are in the market for a long-haired cat, be prepared to take certain steps to help them maintain their long, fluffy fur the right way. 

Make Grooming a Regular Habit

Long-haired cats can develop mats and other fur problems over time if their fur is not kept up with properly. Fluffy cats enjoy a  good brushing and grooming session from time to time if you do it enough that they’ve become used to it. If you don’t brush them often enough and mats and tangles begin to form, your fluffy cat will not enjoy you brushing out those tangles and become less apt to let you do any such brushing in the future. 

Make Sure They Are Getting the Right Nutrients

Feeding your fluffy cat the right food is vital for keeping their skin and fur in its healthiest condition. The right food is what will be the difference between healthy skin and fur and a cat who suffers from skin conditions and dander. 

Their meals should contain at least two-thirds of meat, as cats are naturally carnivores and thrive off of the natural proteins found in meats. Omega-3 oil that is present in fish is especially important for a fluffy cat’s fur and skin health. 

Only Bathe When Absolutely Necessary

Cats and water have never had the best relationship. There are those few cats in the world who enjoy being in water and swimming around. More often than not that does not include any domesticated breeds. That being said, bathing your cat should only be saved for times when it is absolutely necessary.

If you feel that your fluffy cat is in desperate need of a bath, it would be wise to first visit your local pet store or your vet to determine what shampoo or soap would be best for their fur and their skin. 

Bathing your cat should be rare because water and baths can cause them extreme stress. Frequent washing can also do harm to their skin, as they are not made to wash up in such a manner. 

Take Them to the Pet Groomer

Fluffy cats have a special coat that really takes some special training to know how to handle the right way. Groomers are specially trained to handle fluffy cats and all that comes with having all of that fur. Cat groomers can help your fluffy cat by gently cutting out mats of fur as well as applying special products that are made to be used on fluffy cat’s fur.


Fluffy cats are a special kind of cat that any cat lover would be lucky to own. Fluffy cats are naturally gentle and docile, while also having a playful kitten-like charm to them. Before deciding to bring home a fluffy cat, it’s good to be mentally prepared for the task you are choosing to take on. Even the fluffiest cat deserves to live in a loving home but will need special caretaking on a regular basis.  

What is the fluffiest cat breed?

The state of Maine’s official cat is Maine Coon, one of the fluffiest breeds of domestic cats known to us. These “Gentle Giants” as they are known, love people, and enjoy getting attention from them.

Why is my cat so fluffy?

Typically the reason a cat is as fluffy as it is is related to where their breed originated from. For instance, a Maine Coon’s fur is so incredibly fluffy because of how cold and snowy their home in Maine can become in the winter.

Can you make your cat’s hair grow fluffier?

Giving your cat more of the essential nutrients that are important to their health and the health of their fur will help them to grow thicker, fluffier fur. These essential nutrients include omega-3, omega-6, and most importantly, protein.

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Written by Leo Roux

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