Cats With Fluffy Tails 5 Breeds You Need to Know

As anyone who has had a cat can tell you, each of these animals has unique characteristics. Some people love cats that are cuddly, friendly, and sweet, while others prefer felines that go off and do their own thing.

What most people can agree on, however, is that fluffy cats are amazing. Those luscious fur coats are so fun to pet, hold, and style. Cats with fluffy tails look regal, and that ample fur makes them cuddly and adorable. 

If you're looking for a very fluffy cat, here are five breeds that you might want to check out!

Persians: Cats With Fluffy Tails!

Persian cats are one of the most fluffy cat species around. They have long, thick fur and, yes, they are cats with fluffy tails! Persians make fantastic pets because they tend to be a charming pet all around. Experts have called them a "super sociable, friendly, and smart" breed, which puts them at the top of the list.

Of course, with all that fur, you're going to want to cuddle with your pet. Fortunately, Persian cats, in general, do like to be picked up, hugged, and held. Most of these cats find themselves attached to their owners and are very trusting. However, those privileges may not extend outside of the family unit, so they may shy away from people you invite to the house until they get to know your cat.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are a giant cat breed. They're also very fluffy cats! Main Coons can grow up to 30 inches long and have a tail length of up to 18 inches. Their tails look majestic as they're so long and bushy.

Much like Persian cats, Maine Coons also tend to be quite affectionate. Some people have contended that they have the temperament of a dog rather than a cat. They tend to be quite loyal to their owners and do incredibly well with other pets and children.

If you're looking for one of the best cat breeds with thick fur, you'd be hard-pressed to find one better than a Maine Coon. The only downside is that these cats are a little rarer than others, so they tend to be more costly to acquire. You'll likely have to get one from a breeder as opposed to a shelter.


Himalayan cats are a hybrid breed. They're a cross between a Persian cat and a Siamese cat, and the result is breathtaking. Himalayan cats have the fluffiness of a Persian cat with the striking coloring and blue eyes of Siamese cats. As such, they are beauties to behold!

Himalayan cats are perfect indoor pet. They tend to be less active than some other cat breeds, but that doesn't mean they can't be playful! They often love to play fetch or try and take apart a crumpled piece of paper. Himalayan cats are also excellent with children, so if you want one of the top cats with fluffy tails for your kids, a Himalayan would be an excellent choice.

Somali: The Fluffiest Tail of the Cats With Fluffy Tails!

If you're looking for the fluffiest tail in a cat, look no further than the Somali breed. This cat breed originated over in Africa through a recessive gene introduced in Abyssinian cats. While nobody knows how or who introduced this gene, we see the result is a beautiful cat. 

Some people describe the Somali cat's tail like a fox's, as it's that fluffy! Somali cats are very playful and active, so they are best suited for homes that can provide them with lots of love and attention. Once you give them lots of attention, though, they are very easy cats to take care of, requiring little other maintenance!


Last but not least, the Birman cat also has quite the fluffy tail. While not quite as fluffy as the Somali breed, the Birman cat makes a fantastic pet overall. Birmans come in all sorts of colors and tend to be quiet pets overall. They are friendly and smart, though, so they won't go running to hide when you have guests over.

One advantage to the Birman cat over a pet with a thicker coat of fur like a Persian is that it requires less grooming. Going through this cat's hair once per week with a comb is enough to keep this cat's fur looking beautiful!

Cats With Fluffy Tails Are Amazing

Everyone loves a very fluffy cat, and seeing those fluffy tails wag brings lots of joy and entertainment. If you're looking for cats with fluffy tails, look no further than the five breeds mentioned above. While the fluffiest tail goes to the Somali cat, the fluffiest cat overall is probably the Persian.

The Maine Coon is the biggest cat, and the other two are alternatives to Persians (without quite the same level of hair). If you're looking for hypoallergenic cats or cats that don't shed much, be sure to check our guide.

Owning a cat has so many benefits. No matter which breed you pick, you can have confidence that you'll have a fluffy companion that will be a joy to love and hold!

What breed of cat has the softest fur?

There isn't one particular breed that quantitatively has the softest fur. That is, there isn't a "softest fur" metric, so it's all subjective. Most people believe that Himalayans or Persians possess the softest fur. However, others believe that Siamese and other breeds have that title. One thing is for sure: all the cats on this list have very soft fur!

What breed of cat has the longest tail?

The honor of the most extended tail goes to the Maine Coon cat. Measuring up to 18 inches long (and with soft, fluffy fur), the Maine Coon is the cat species with the most significant structure!

Why do cats fluff their tails?

The technical term for cats fluffing their tails is "piloerection." The human equivalent of this phenomenon is getting goosebumps. Why do humans get goosebumps? Usually, they're excited, or they're very nervous. The same is true for your cat. When your feline fluffs its tail, it's generally feeling playful or trying to make itself seem more significant than it is to scare off a predator.

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Written by Leo Roux


My female siamese kittens tail is long.She has white boots and a white mustach.very loving.

Anita on Mar 01, 2022

My cat is yellow and write with fluffy yellow and write fur. He has a long fluffy tail that standsup. He loves people! I don’t know what kind of cat he is. He likes to sleep against the door or wall. It looks like he’s resting against it.

carolyn haines on May 02, 2021

hi I have a kitten he is not a year old yet, he will be in May. I don’t know what type kitten he is. I thought he was a Tuxedo kitten, but is fur Is thick and the color as he gets older is black/brown and he has a long fluffy tail His belly and paws are white but he has a oval face. so i am wondering is he a mixed breed kitten?

ruby j on Apr 01, 2021

Cats are so freaking rad. I have a Maine Coon x Persian. His name is Peanut Butter Sandwich and he’s the bestest boy ever. His tail is real long and at night he wraps around my neck like a scarf to keep warm, his tail tucked between my shoulders. This article doesn’t lie. #Preach.

Mila on Feb 03, 2021

cats are super adorable and fluffy

emilia on Feb 02, 2021

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