Benefits of Owning a Cat: Why it's Good for You

The benefits of cat ownership are well-known. Many people understand the warm fuzzy feeling they have when they see, hold, and play with their furry friends. There's nothing quite like snuggling up with your cat on the couch and listening to them purr away contently. Indeed, having a cat is one of the most awesome privileges there is on this planet. Did you know, though, that according to science, owning a pet has benefits for the owner as well? Researchers have extensively focused on the benefits of mental health. People feel happier with cats or dogs around than without them. Less-known, however, is the fact that cats improve our physical well-being as well. In particular, cats provide benefits for our heart health. This is why keeping cats as pets is highly beneficial for you. 

How Your Cat Promotes Heart Health

Believe it or not, having a cat as a pet is highly beneficial for your heart health. Research has shown that felines have a few properties that benefit their owners' tickers substantially. One study showed that owning a cat reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke by more than a third.

Researchers hypothesized that the primary reason that cats were so beneficial for human heart health was that they reduced anxiety and stress. Any cat owner will tell you that spending some time with their cat calms them down. Given that stress and anxiety contribute significantly to the probability of having a heart attack or stroke, it comes as no surprise then that your feline friend's relaxing powers will also help your heart and circulatory system. Many of the protective benefits for our hearts may come from the cat's purring. Research has shown that a cat's purr has several positive qualities, including being able to lower stress, lower blood pressure, and even heal bones.

While scientists don't fully understand the purpose of a cat's purr, several researchers believe that it has to do at least partly with the frequency being beneficial for healing. Cat's purrs help them cope with stress, be more content, and heal their wounds. It's not surprising, therefore, that some of these benefits may transfer to their owners! Another theory as to why cats are beneficial for our heart health comes from the social aspect.

Cats are fantastic creatures that uniquely satisfy our need for companionship. You need a cat in your life because they have fun personalities and are independent enough that we can view them as a separate entity with which we bond. Research has consistently shown that being lonely is a risk factor for heart problems. One study showed that loneliness is a strong predictor of premature death. Note that you can feel lonely even when surrounded with other people - its the quality of your connection to them that matters. By having a bond with your cat, you're reducing one of the significant contributors to poor heart health!

Having A Cat Is Fantastic For Your Heart, But It Won't Solve Everything.

Of course, having a cat will not magically work wonders and make your heart perfect. If you're on heart medications, you'll still need to continue them. However, owning a cat, in particular, does have notable benefits for heart health. The next time you're spending quality time with your favorite feline friend, you can keep in mind that the interaction is improving your heart health as well!

Maybe you are a cat person. Or perhaps your partner is a cat person. Either way, it’s essential to understand the benefits of cat ownership. Owning a pet in its own right is a special thing to do. You can give your pet your love and attention. It’s the unconditional love that comes to owning a pet. Owning a cat is no exception. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship when you have a cat. Cats crave your attention, and you get a cuddle bug and companion at the same time. Whether keeping us warm on the couch on a winter’s night or greeting us when we come home, there are many unexpected benefits to cat ownership that we can explore today.

Cats Can Relieve Stress and Make You Feel Good

Fun fact: our mindsets change when we have a cat around. Scientists say they if you spend about half an hour of quality time per day with your cat, you can get a mood boost and relieve stress. You can play, cuddle, or chill with your cat to be around your cat. Serotonin, that chemical in our brains that gives us the feeling of well-being, rise: those stress chemicals, cortisol, they lower. So, no matter how you cut it, you end up feeling good by being around your cat.

YOU Get Health Benefits

Did you know that being around your car can reduce the risk of a heart attack? How about the fact that a cat’s presence can improve your immune system? I Bet you didn’t know that. Your kids can also benefit from being around cats as they are less likely to develop asthma and allergies as adults.

Cats Keep Pesky Rodents Away

Mice are scared of cats; you knew that. But did you know that having a cat in your home means mice are more likely to stay away? Cats love to chase their prey, and while most domestic cats are not trained to kill their prey, their smell is enough to keep the mice at bay.

Recovery is Better With a Cat

Over the years, there have been many studies about the healing powers of a cat’s presence. Yes, we know there are health benefits. But what if you need to recover from surgery or a traumatic event? Your cat will be there for you. There have been studies that prove the power of cats helps PTSD patients. A cat’s presence alone is good enough to lower mental and physical side-effects. There’s nothing wrong with a cuddly companion for healing inside and out.

Cat’s Will Help You Stay in Shape

Cats get bored very quickly. That means that you must play with your cat often. Keeping your cats active also means keeping you busy. Cats have the ability to play fetch, too. Soon enough, while you play, you will be breaking out a sweat running around the house with your cat. Whether using the laser pointer, the fishing pole, or the feather duster, your cats will have fun, and you will stay trim!

What is the average cost of owning a cat?

Depending on the type of animal and the amount of maintenance they require, the cost can vary. The average cost of owning a cat is approximately $809 annually, however, most pet owners are likely to spend two to three times this amount.

Is it legal to own a Bengal cat?

Depending on which state you are in, owning a Bengal cat can be illegal. It is forbidden to own a Bengal cat as a pet in the state of New York, Georgia, Massachusetts, Iowa, Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, Connecticut, Seattle, Washington, Denver, Colorado, California, and Indiana.

What is it like to have a cat?

Having a cat as a pet will not only make you happy, it also comes with the following health benefits: lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves your immune function, decreases the chance of developing allergies, helps prevent asthma in children, lowers cholesterol, reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood, and prolongs life.

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