Fun Things to Know About Tabby Cat Breeds

Do you know the difference between different cat breeds? Today, you are going to learn many fun things about the tabby cat breeds. These cats are well-known and great family pets. The tabby pattern is often considered to be an old pattern from the ancestors of current tabby cats. It is important to know that there isn’t just a tabby cat breed.

The tabby more refers to the various colors and patterns of the different types of tabby cats. Some of the tabby patterns include spots, swirls, whirls, and stripes. Other patterns are the classic, the mackerel, the ticked, and the spotted. With this being said, there are some fun things you may want to know about the brown tabby, gray tabby cat, and other tabby cats. 

These Cats Are Smart and Affectionate 

If you are looking to get a tabby cat, you may want to know more about their personality first. Many of the different types of tabby cats will get mad if they aren’t able to get their way. However, most of the time, these cats are fun to be around. They are extremely friendly and like cuddles from their owners. With this being said, tabby cats do have a way of getting the things they want. 

Tabby cats are also very smart. They know how to climb things that they shouldn’t. They are also quick to litter train, most of the time. 

These Cats Can Be Various Colors

As previously mentioned, the tabby cat isn’t a specific breed. A cat can be called a tabby if they have various coat colors or patterns. For example, a Persian cat can be tabby, so are Maine Coons, Japanese bobtail cats, and even the Siberian cat.

There is the gray tabby cat and the brown tabby cat. You may also have an orange or black tabby cat. If you do see an orange tabby, it is very likely that it is a boy. Nobody is really sure why this happens. 

These Cats Are Very Social and Extroverted 

There are many different cat breeds out there. Out of all of them, people are finding that the various type of tabby cats are the most social. These cats are very extroverted. They are friendly, adorable, and love to be around people. Many of these cats even love to be around other animals, too. 

These Cats Were the 1st Domesticated Cats

A long, long time ago, there were cats that just roamed the streets. Over time, more and more cats were domesticated. History shows that one of the 1st five wild cats that were tamed successfully was a tabby cat. It is said that the first types of tabby cats that were domesticated were on Mediterranean farms. After this, the domesticated tabby cats moved throughout Europe. Eventually, they were sent to other countries, as well. Now the tabby cats are found all throughout the world. 

Great Personality

If you are looking for a cat that has a great personality, you would love to have a tabby cat around. These cats are great for younger people who are learning to take care of a pet. They are cuddly, social, and very friendly. In fact, the tabby cats were the first known to be a pet for kids. Now, many families have tabby cats in their home. These cats are so loving and playful, too. If you have kids or if you just want a great, friendly cat in your home, the tabby cat is a great choice. 

World’s Biggest Tabby Cat


Want to know a fun fact? Did you know that the world’s biggest tabby cat was 46 pounds, 15.2 ounces? This was one of the Aussie tabby cats. His name was Himmy. Thomas Vyse was his owner. When Himmy passed away in 1986, he was 10 years of age. His waist was 33 inches around. He was in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fattest cat award. However, the Guinness Book of World Records took away the option to earn this award later on, so cat owners didn’t make their cats fat purposefully. 

Additional Tabby Cat Information

Every single tabby cat looks unique. Each one of them has its own pattern and/or color combination. In addition, each one of the tabby cats has its own personality. It can be fun to get different tabby cats together to see how they interact with one another. With their unique personalities, it can be interesting to see what playful things they do together. 


Whether you have a gray tabby cat, brown tabby cat, or another tabby cat, they are fun to be around. These cats are smart, playful, loving, unique, and adorable. Many tabby cats do like to have other cats around. However, they do fine as single pets, too. If you have children, a tabby cat would make for a great first pet for them to care for. 

If you are looking to get a tabby cat, you can find one at an animal shelter, cat adoption rescue, or from others who are selling or getting rid of this type of cat. 

What is a tabby cat?

The tabby cat is a domesticated cat that has different patterns and/or colors on its body. These cats have swirls, spots, stripes, and whirls on their coat. The other patterns that you might see in a tabby cat are the classic, the mackerel, the ticked, and the spotted. Usually, the patterns are around the cat’s cheeks, eyes, back, legs, and tail.

What does a tabby cat look like?

All tabby cats look unique. These are domesticated cats that have an M shape on their forehead. They can also have stripes, spots, whirls, or other patterns on their back, tail, legs, and cheeks. Each tabby has its own pattern. They can also be flecked, lined, striped, swirled, or banded. These patterns are often on their shoulders or their neck.

Are orange female cats rare?

History has shown that only about 1 in every 5 of the orange tabby cats are female. Scientists and others in the cat communities and organizations aren’t sure why so many of the orange tabby cats are male. Some are saying the X chromosome is what causes the orange color in these cats.

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Written by Leo Roux


I have an orange tabby named Sasha and he is the love of my life

Tari brelsford on Mar 01, 2022

I have a Tabby and she is my shadow and loves to cuddle
and I love that too!

Kathy L Mann on Aug 10, 2021

I love cats …
I had a black cat named Mika, I got it from my grandmother on my 1st birthday, she stayed with me until I was 20, she passed away naturally from old age.
Today I have a Moorish Tabby cat with yellow spots that is unique, my daughter and I love her name is Jujuba :)

Grace on Mar 31, 2021

We had an orange tabby cat, Ginger, she was female; she had a brother, he looked identical to his sister. Ginger lived to the age of nineteen.

Laurie E Bryant on Jan 18, 2021

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