Here Are the Top 7 Cuddly Cat Breeds

Cats often get a bad reputation when it comes to their levels of affection. People often characterize cats as aloof and that they want their space. While it is true that cats tend to enjoy their alone time - more so than some other animals, like dogs - the reality is that cats are friendly and also love to cuddle.

There are some breeds of cats and some cat personalities that love to snuggle right up to their owner. If you're looking for a cuddly cat breed, here are the top seven ones that you should consider!

One of the Top Cuddly Cat Breeds: Siamese

Siamese cats are some of the most cuddly ones around. They're outgoing, love to chat, and have striking blue eyes. Many people consider them to be some of the best-looking cats. Fortunately for us humans, they tend to love snuggling with us!

If you elect to get this wonderful non-shedding Siamese cat, please note that they tend to demand affection, so giving it isn't optional. They truly earn their reputation as one of the most affectionate cats out there. Be prepared for lots of snuggles!


The Sphynx breed is one of the more friendly cat breeds. If you're looking for a hairless cat, this is the one to get. Even though these cats may not have much in the way of hair, they have quite a bit of personality!

These cats are incredibly playful pets. They'll find lots of ways to stay entertained, and when they do not see something around the house to play with, they'll want to sit on your lap!

If you want a little buddy that cuddles with you and is amicable to meeting new people, the Sphynx is for you!


It's hard not to be mesmerized by the striking coat that Persian cats have. It's just so soft and fluffy! These cats are calm and cuddly. However, unlike some of the other cats on this list, they are not particularly athletic or playful.

You won't find these cats with fluffy tails jumping up everywhere and wanting to go outside. Instead, they'll love to come, sit with you, or spend some time napping on the sofa. Treat them kindly and with love, and they'll enjoy snuggling with you!


Many people consider cats that belong to this breed to be the dogs of the cat world! These cats are often clingy and exhibit puppy-like behavior. These traits usually delight owners, and Burmese cats often exhibit behaviors like their closely-related Siamese counterparts. They're vocal, affectionate cats that love to be sweet and adorable. 

Please note that these cats are not incredibly independent. Therefore, please be prepared to spend lots of time with them and not leave them alone for too long! This breed is not one that you can take off and expect to enjoy the run of the house!

If you're looking for a cat that has the personality of a Siamese and Burmese, the Tonkinese cat might be for you! 

Maine Coon

One of the giant cat breeds out there is also one of the cuddliest! The Maine Coon is a big cat, clocking in at almost 20 lbs. If you have never seen one in real life, you'll probably be surprised that any cat can be that big.

However, this is truly one of the "gentle giants" of the pet world. They are playful and dog-like, and these are cats snuggling with their owners at every chance they can get. 

One of the remarkable things about this cuddly cat breed is that it is one of the few types of cats that love water. They can swim! And they also love kids, which is a tremendous plus. It's hard to think of anything negative about the Maine Coon!


The Ragdoll cat is another popular cat breed that has very puppy-like traits. These cats have the name "Ragdoll" for a reason. They go limp in your arms when you pick them up - and, yes, they very much want to be held. 

Many people keep Ragdoll cats as indoor ones. As one of the friendly cat breeds, they enjoy hanging out with their humans more than they do with other cats. If you want a cat that you can pick up, hold, and even play fetch with, the Ragdoll is for you!

American Shorthair

The American shorthair is the most common "house cat" around. When someone mentions that phrase, the American shorthair is probably what pops into your mind. These cats are highly adaptable and love attention. While they may not be quite as cuddly as some of the others on this list, the fact that they are so common and that they do enjoy affection makes them worth mentioning. These are very easy to adopt, and you will find that they will let you cuddle them most of the time!

Cuddly Cat Breeds Exist

Despite the common misconception that cats are aloof and have no desire for human interaction, the seven cat breeds above show the opposite. The reality is that there are many breeds of cats that crave and love humans! If you get one of the species above, you're virtually guaranteed to get one of the most affectionate cats out there!

Why is my cat so cuddly?

If your cat is cuddly, you likely have one of the breeds mentioned above, and you're doing something right! Cats tend to be most cuddly with the people in their home - the ones that they love and trust the most. So, if your pet is always wanting to be with you, that means they have a strong bond with you!

Are Persian cats cuddly?

Yes! For the most part, Persian cats are cuddly. However, they are not necessarily playful. You'll likely sit and hold the cat as opposed to playing with them.

How to get your cat to like you?

There are a few tips for how to get your cat to like you more. First, pay attention to your body language. Do not show anger or hostility. Be welcoming! Second, let the cat approach you. Do not force the cat to be with you or come near you. Forcing that will only cause friction. Finally, stay positive. Be persistent and show love. Eventually, your cat will come around!

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Written by Leo Roux

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