Best Tips to Increase the Pug Lifespan

Do you love pugs? Whether you already have a pug or you are planning on adopting one, you may be worried about their life expectancy.

Generally, a pug will live to be between 11 to 15 years old. The female pugs usually live a bit longer than the male pugs. The average life expectancy for female pugs is around 13.2 years. The average life expectancy for male pugs is approximately 12.8 years. With this being said, there are some ways that you can increase the pug lifespan. 


One of the many things that can help you to increase the pug lifespan is to make sure they are eating properly. Pugs do have a predisposition to gaining weight. Whether you have a pug puppy or an adult pug, their diet is important. You need to give your pet healthy food in order for them to have a better and longer life.

To keep your pug at a good weight and to keep them healthy, you will need to give them the right kind of food. Pugs should be eating dog food that isn’t filled with a bunch of preservatives or additives. Making sure your pug always gets a well-balanced, natural dog food diet is a key to extending his or her lifespan. In addition, a healthy diet will allow your dog to display its true pug personality. Without additives, they will be energetic and playful. 

If you are giving your pug well-balanced meals every day, you can help to manage their weight and keep their overall health better, too. 


Another thing to think about with extending your pug’s lifespan is their pug face. Since their face is short, it is common for pugs to have breathing issues. However, if you make sure your pug is getting enough exercise, so they don’t become overweight, they should be healthier and have fewer breathing issues.

In addition, making sure your pug puppy or adult pug is getting enough regular exercise and daily walks will help to prevent various other health issues, too. It is important to note that you should bring water with you on the walks, so your pug can stay hydrated. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo the exercise for your pug. If they are running around in the heat too much, they may have breathing issues like most flat-faced dogs do, like the shih tzus. However, if you keep their exercise sessions shorter and regular, this can help to improve their lifestyle and extend their lifespan. 


You can help to extend the adult pug lifespan by grooming them regularly, as well. It may not seem like grooming has anything to do with a dog’s lifespan. However, since pugs have a lot of wrinkles on their skin, it is necessary to groom them regularly. By doing so, you can help to keep your pug’s hair and skin healthy. Without regular grooming, they would be more prone to infections. If you notice any issues with your pug’s skin, you can schedule a veterinarian appointment. The vet can decide if any treatments need to be done to keep your pug healthy. 


You can also increase your pug’s lifespan by caring for its hygiene. This means ensuring that their teeth and oral health is taken care of. You can brush your pug’s teeth. You can also get them teething biscuits that help to clean their teeth and make their breath smell better. By taking proper care of your pug’s dental and oral health, you can help to prevent infection, as well. If you do notice any issues with your pug’s teeth, have their veterinarian take a look. 

Veterinarian Visits

Part of caring for a pet is making sure that they're getting regular checkups. One final way you can improve your pug’s lifespan is by taking them to the vet regularly. Many dog owners believe they only need to take their dog to the veterinarian if something is wrong with their pet. However, taking your dog to the veterinarian regularly can help to prevent illnesses in the first place. It can also help to ensure that any health issues that your dog may have are caught early enough. This way proper treatment can be given to stabilize or completely treat the condition. It is recommended that most adult pugs are taken to the veterinarian annually for their check-ups. 


Now that you know more about the best tips for increasing the pug lifespan, you can take the best care of your pug. Whether you already have a pug or you plan to get one, these tips can help to make their entire life better. There are so many great qualities of the pug breed. With these tips, you can help to give your pug the best and healthier life possible. 

It should be noted that if you don’t have a pug yet, but you are thinking about getting one, you may want to have a veterinarian appointment scheduled ahead of time. This way, when you get your pug, you can start their life off right with you by having them checked out by a veterinarian. 

How long do pugs live?

If you have a pug or you planning to get a pug, you may be wondering about their life expectancy. The majority of pugs will live until they are about 11 years old. This doesn’t seem like a long time for a smaller dog. However, if you use the above-mentioned tips, you can help your pug to live longer.

How big do pugs get?

The size that pugs will get can vary based on their particular stockiness, muscles, build, and some other factors. However, this dog breed will usually grow to be between 10 and 12 inches in height. They will usually weigh around 14 to 20 pounds when they are full-grown.

Are pugs good dogs?

Pugs are usually great dogs. Many people find that a pug fits perfectly into their family. These dogs are generally affectionate and loving with children and other members of the family. They aren’t known for biting, so this is another plus of having a pug as a pet. In addition, pugs are usually very intelligent, quick learners, and observant. They are quick to pick up on tricks and skills you are trying to teach them.

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Written by Leo Roux

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