Dog Hygiene: What Do You Need to Know?

Hygiene for your dogs is much more than just bathing them on a regular basis. You need to make sure their food and water bowls are cleaned out regularly with safe products. You need to be sure you clean their bedding, watch out for fleas and ticks, and much more. If you do these puppy grooming techniques, you will be practicing the best hygiene for your dogs, keeping them healthier and happier.

Washing Your Dog’s Bedding Often

One of the tips for practicing proper dog hygiene is washing your dog’s bedding. Bedding can have flea eggs, ticks, and skin parasites. If you be sure to wash your dog’s bedding often, you can help to prevent your dogs from getting fleas and ticks. In addition, washing your dog’s bedding is just as beneficial for the people in your home. If anyone has allergies, washing the bedding regularly can help to reduce allergy symptoms. Washing the bedding regularly can help to reduce the risk for infectious disease spread, as well.

Clean Water and Food Dishes Regularly

In addition to your dog’s bedding, you should make sure to clean their water and food dishes regularly. Your dog’s bowls are the germiest place for them. If your dog drinks or eats from a dirty bowl, they can get bacteria in their saliva, and this can cause them to become sick. You should wash their bowls at least a few times each week to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Preventing Fleas and Ticks

As previously mentioned, one way to prevent your dog from getting fleas and ticks is by washing their bedding regularly. However, you should also use holistic flea prevention products to assure your pet is safe from fleas and ticks. If they are bitten by a flea or tick, they can become infected by a disease.

Cleaning with the Best Products

Whether you are cleaning your dog in a bath or cleaning their bowls and bedding, you should always use the best cleaning products. Holistic products are safe for your dog and they won’t make them ill. There are many store-bought products on the market that have chemicals in them that could kill your pet. These products are dangerous to dogs and should not be used when cleaning anything of your dog’s. These are some of the hygiene tips that you need to know for your dogs. Whether you have one dog or many of them, these tips hold up just the same. You always want to do what is best for your dogs to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. If you are practicing safe hygiene for your dogs, be sure you clean their bedding, bowls, and other toys with holistic cleaning products. You should also make sure you practice safe flea and tick prevention, as well.

Sometimes we don’t take into account that hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Our dogs may be okay with getting dirty and eating food off the floor, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require a certain level of cleanliness in their everyday lives. 

Providing good hygiene practices for your canine buddy is part of what will keep them alive and well for many years to come. Good hygiene practices for your dog can include things such as keeping their food and water bowl clean.

Keep their Bed Clean

Dogs get into things they shouldn’t more often than not, this is a fact. Just their fur falling out alone contributes to the “dirtiness” of their bed or big pillow that they lay on every day. 

Fur isn’t the biggest issue. What lives in their fur is the problem. Dirt, fleas, or even parasitic eggs can hide out in their beds, day after day. This can pose a problem for your family as well as your dog. This is why it’s so important to clean your dog’s bedding regularly. 

Wash Their Bowls

Studies have proven that a dog’s water bowl is one of the dirtiest items in the household. We all know that dogs are messy eaters/drinkers. It should go without saying that they are leaving lots of bacteria from their mouths behind in their bowls after eating a meal or drink of water. 

Neglecting to wash your dog’s bowls regularly can lead to increased risk for illnesses in your pets as well as little family members that may also be occupying the home. Children like to see what the dogs are up to and are likely to be touching the dog’s bowls and then coming in contact with whatever bacteria is living there. 

Store Their Food Correctly

Dry and wet dog food should be stored in proper containers that provide an airtight seal as well as just protect the food from the environment. Wet food particularly needs to be stored in the refrigerator after it’s been opened to prevent bacterial growth.

Routinely Wash or Replace Their Toys

Dog toys easily rank as high as their bowls as far as dirtiness goes. Most dog toys can be cleaned with hot soapy water, rather than always buying replacements. Bleach can also be used to clean, so long as you make sure to rinse the toys thoroughly. Some toys can even be thrown in the washing machine and washed that way.  But of course, torn and hazardous toys should be thrown away and replaced as needed. 

By not cleaning or replacing pet toys over time, it can lead to them collecting harmful substances such as bacteria or mold. These infectious particles can lead to issues such as skin lesions and other sorts of infections. 


Our dogs need more hygienic attention than some pet owners may realize at times. Dogs can’t help but be their naturally messy selves, and at times that’s what we love about them! As a dog owner, it’s our job to take care of their hygienic needs. These needs include washing their beds, bowls, and toys regularly. By doing these practices you will not only keep your pet safe and healthy but also your family.

Is dental hygiene chews for dogs necessary?

While it may not be necessary to get your dogs some dental chews, they can actually help improve your canine friend's oral hygiene. Often, these products include vitamins and ingredients that freshen your dog's breath and help treat swollen, bleeding, or irritated gums.

Why is dog hygiene important?

Keeping your dog nice and clean is important if you want your pet to be comfortable and healthy. Good hygiene helps keep parasites away, fights off infection and inflammation, prevents skin irritations, and many more.

What do you need to groom a dog?

Grooming your dog can take 15-20 minutes and it's important that you prepare all the tools you will need prior to grooming. In order to groom your dog at home, the following tools and equipments are needed: comb, brush, grooming table, grooming clippers, grooming shears, scissors, and a shampoo.

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