What Are the 5 Best Dogs for Cats?

In most movies and TV shows, cats and dogs don't get along particularly well. While there is some truth in that, the reality is that many breeds of dogs and cats coexist quite nicely.

Part of that is due to training. With the right introduction protocols, you can gradually ease pets into their new surroundings and make them far more tolerant of other animals than you might expect otherwise. However, another successful integration aspect is that the owners picked one of the best dogs for cats. While some breeds are challenging to get to co-habitate with a cat, others are much easier.

If you're looking to bring home a puppy to live with your cats, here are the five breeds that will make that endeavor much easier!

One of the Best Dogs for Cats: Beagle

Beagles have a unique characteristic that makes them particularly well-suited for a home with cats in it: originally, people bred these dogs to hunt in packs. What this means is that Beagles have a strong sense of group identity. They will see their owners and other animals in the house as being "just one of the pack." As such, they won't necessarily see your cat as a cat, but rather another one of the herd. 

This defining characteristic means that Beagles tend to do very well with cats and children. If you have a home with either or both of those, you'll want to consider a Beagle!


Pugs also tend to do incredibly well with cats but for a slightly different reason. Pugs are very social dogs and have charming personalities. As they are very social, they tend not to see cats as a threat but rather as another playmate - or something to keep them company while their owner is away. That perception leads to a bond developing between dog and cat, and it's one of the main reasons why these are dogs that get along with cats.

Pugs are great small pets for any families with cats and children. Of course, for households of any size, anywhere, a pug is a fantastic fit. Their amicable personalities make them excellent with children and other pets, like cats!

Another of the Best Dogs for Cats: Poodle

Poodles are some of the most distinctive dogs around. Their characteristic fur and demeanor make them a favorite around the world. They're also dogs that get along with cats! Like the pug, most people attribute this characteristic because poodles tend to be fun, athletic, and smart. They tend to adapt well to any household and any environment.

Golden Retriever

Some people are a little nervous, putting such a large dog and small cat together in the same household. However, Golden Retrievers are often fantastic companions for dogs. Their fun, playful personality often makes them well-suited for homes with cats in them. Golden Retrievers also tend to be quite adaptive to various home circumstances, and they display a high level of intelligence. Again, all these factors mean that they are some of the best dogs for cats!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs have an affectionate, gentle personality that frequently works with other animals in the home. They are also well-known to have an affinity for cats! There isn't a specific scientific reason behind this, or, if there is, it isn't quite 100% understood, but many owners report that these dogs and cats tend to go nicely together. Regardless, don't be surprised if your Spaniel and your cat become best friends!

Another worthwhile call out about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is that its personality works very well with children. Most owners report that this dog is perfect for kids, in part because dogs of this breed generally love to have people pick them up. 

What About the Best Cat Breeds for Dogs?

While the above five dog breeds are excellent for cats, is there anything to consider in terms of the best cat breeds for dogs? That is, are there cat breeds that get along well with dogs and ones that don't?

In general, yes, but it's a little less pronounced with cats. Cats are often more independent, so they tend to be less bothered by one of the dog breeds above. 

If you're concerned about picking a breed known to have positive interactions with dogs, consider the American Shorthair, Siberian, Maine Coon, or Ragdoll. Each one of these tends to be a choice that will get along with a dog.

You Can't Go Wrong with the Five Breeds Above

The five breeds for the best dogs for cats listed above are ones that you should consider if you want to create a loving home filled with cats and dogs! Remember that no two pets are alike. The dogs and cats you get may not get along, no matter what you do. However, getting one of the breeds mentioned above will increase your chances of success!

Can cats and dogs be friends?

Yes, absolutely! Despite the stereotype, dogs and cats can get along fine in the home together most of the time. Sometimes you'll pick a pet that won't get along, but that tends to be rarer than people realize.

How to get your cat and dog to be friends?

There's no clear cut answer to this. Obedience training helps significantly. You should also only allow interaction between your dog and cat to happen under your supervision. That way, if things get out of hand, you can interfere to ensure everyone is safe. It would be best if you also desensitized your pets to each other slowly. This technique involves placing your dog and cat in positions where they can see each other minimally at first and gradually working your way up. That way, they can acclimate to each other slowly.

What dogs are cat-friendly?

There are five breeds of cat-friendly dogs in particular. Beagles, Pugs, Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs all make fantastic companions for cats. Please note that even though breeds may be cat-friendly, that doesn't mean that your unique dog is. Therefore, always be diligent and thoughtful when introducing them to each other.

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Written by Leo Roux

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