Best Dog Breeds for Cats: Creating a Happy Household for All Animals

If you already own a cat or two but want to add a dog to the family, it’s important to take some time for research before jumping into an adoption. There are a few dog breeds for cat people that stand out above the rest, for their reputation of being great for households that already have cats present. Inversely, there are also cat breeds for dog owners out there.

But right now, you will learn about the best breeds of dogs for cat lovers who already have a feline at home. 

Some of these breeds are already very popular among families as well as with single individuals. Dogs such as Golden Retrievers are popular family dogs because of their temperament. It should come as no surprise that these two dog breeds have made the list of breeds who get along great with cats, among a handful of other dog breeds. 

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are an iconic breed of dogs, known for their friendly and playful personalities. You are probably familiar with seeing them a lot on television and in movies. This has a lot to do with how intelligent they are, in addition to how well they can get along with everyone around them, including cats. 

Their outgoing personality makes them a great dog to introduce to a home where cats are already present and happily living. Golden Retrievers only require regular physical activity like exercise.

Otherwise, they are relatively low-maintenance dogs that won’t need excessive care that takes away from quality time spent with all your animals. 

Labrador Retriever

These intelligent dogs are similar to their Golden cousins, in that they are incredibly friendly and will become instant friends with whoever they meet. Labrador Retrievers do tend to have more health problems than a lot of other breeds of dog but don’t let that sway you from adopting this lovable breed. 

They can be their human’s best friend just as easily as they can be best friends with the family cat or newborn baby. Just be prepared for a dog that’s very smart and full of energy. A Labrador Retriever will require regular exercise and playtime. 


The lovable hunting dog known as a Beagle is well known for its powerful sense of smell, and ability to work within a pack of other hunting dogs. It may sound contradictory to think that a hunting dog could get along with a cat, but Beagles make great home companions for cats. Your Beagle may even consider the cat as a member of his pack after some time together. 

Bull Dog

Bull Dogs may appear intimidating, but they in fact have the personality of a teddy bear. Bulldogs are kind and friendly to all creatures who they encounter, big or small. Their outgoingness already makes them a great fit for almost any family, including families with cats. 

King Charles Spaniel

The King Charles Spaniel is one of the best small dog breeds for cats. They almost seem to have been bred to live on the lap of their owner. These Spaniels are incredibly affectionate but also not easily intimidated by other creatures who may live in the same household, such as cats. 


These famous herding dogs are especially well known for their love for children, but thankfully their love doesn’t stop at just children. Collies are very loving and adaptable dogs 

that can easily live happily in a home with a cat or two as their housemate. 


Poodles come in three different sizes, all of which are great household pets. Their smallest size (toy poodles) are typically even smaller than most cats. Poodles tend to be full of energy at times, which might become intimidating for your cat at home. However, they are calm at home more often than not, and can easily adapt and get along with your pet cats. 


This popular toy-sized dog is essentially an energy-packed little ball of fluff. If their energy levels don’t startle your cat, then you can rest assured that they will all get along just fine. Pomeranians are not intimidated by cats and can easily live peacefully with them in the same home for years. 


Pugs, for lack of a better word, are a notoriously lazy breed of dog. Meaning, they do not have the drive to chase after or let alone bother with a cat if it is in their presence. For little dogs, Pugs are full of bif\g personalities. They will probably show your cat just as much attention and love as they do to you after they’ve become more acquainted with each other. 


According to the law of nature, dogs and cats are to be mortal enemies. But thankfully, there have been a few special breeds of dogs who are born with the demeanor to love all creatures who they encounter. This is great news for individuals who can’t choose to have just a cat or just a dog because their heart would feel fullest with one of each in their home. 

Which dog breeds are the best match for cats?

Beagles, Golden Retrievers, and Labs are three of the best dog breeds to have at home when you are also a cat lover and have a feline at home or plan to adopt one.

How to get your cat and dog to be friends?

There are several important steps that need to be taken in order to get your dog and cat to get along. Properly training your dog and giving each animal their own living space are both important steps to take to help them to live together happily.

What dogs are cat-friendly?

Golden Retrievers are an especially cat-friendly breed of dog. They are friendly to anyone they encounter, human or feline. But these retrievers are great for a home that also has cats.

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Written by Leo Roux

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