Tips for Increasing the Pomeranian Lifespan

It can be tough to figure out how long a dog’s lifespan will be. Most of the reason for this is due to the size of the dog.

However, most larger dogs will have a shorter lifespan than the smaller dogs. The average larger dog would live around 9 years, while smaller dogs usually live to be 12 years or older. Toy dogs often live to be 15 years or older. 

With this being said, many professionals believe dogs live longer now than they did decades ago. There are more advancements in medicine for dogs in this day and age. There is also more information about what type of food dogs need and what other things can help a dog to live longer. If you are looking for the average lifespan of a pomeranian dog, you will find that these tips can improve their lifespan. 

Do you have a pomeranian dog or do you plan on adopting one? Are you wondering how to increase their lifespan? If so, taking proper care of them and going above and beyond, in regard to their health is the way to help them live longer. Keep reading for these tips. 

Weight Management

If you would like to help your pomeranian dog live longer, then weight management is one key to doing that. It is easy for dogs to become overweight so you have to know how much your dog should weigh. If a dog is fed too much at once or too many times throughout the day, it can become overweight. If they are eating food that is unhealthy, that can add to their weight management problems, as well. 

However, if you make sure your pomeranian dog is eating well and getting enough exercise daily, you can help them to stay at a healthy weight. You can talk to the veterinarian that sees your dog find out exactly what your pomeranian should weigh. If your dog is currently overweight, the veterinarian may be able to provide you with a more individualized plan for getting your dog to a healthier weight. 

Another weight management tip is taking your pomeranian dog to a local dog park. Most of these parks have obstacle equipment that dogs love to play and run through. You can also use agility equipment at home. You should also take your pomeranian on at least 2 walks a day. 

If you do these things, you can help to increase the average lifespan of a day. 

Daily Exercising for Your Pomeranian Dog

Even though exercising was just mentioned because it is part of weight management, it should be talked about alone, as well. If you want to improve the dog lifespan for your pomeranian, there are some things you should know about getting them to exercise. 

The most important thing is to make sure your pomeranian dog is getting exercise daily. If you have a yard that is fenced in, you can let your pomeranian run in the yard a few times throughout the day. The other great thing about Pomeranians is that they are small. Even if you live in an apartment or a smaller home, you can have your pomeranian run inside your home to get in their exercise. 

It should be noted that the amount and type of exercise that your pomeranian needs will vary based on his or her age, activity level, and health. With this being said, most veterinarians will recommend that Pomeranians get a minimum of 30 minutes in for exercise daily. This will help them stay strong, keep them active, and help them stay healthy, too.

If you are worried about the dog lifespan of your pomeranian, making sure he or she gets enough exercise will help to ease those worries. 

Use of Food Puzzles

Have you been looking into the oldest living dog? Has that made you think about your dog’s lifespan? If so, one way that you can increase the dog lifespan of your pomeranian is to use food puzzles.

Pomeranians are quite smart. They like to figure out problems. Treats and food often entice them to figure out problems even better. This is why food puzzles are such a great idea for Pomeranians. These are toys that will allow your dog to figure out a puzzle. They get the treat or food that you put into it as a reward for figuring it out. These puzzles help to keep dogs shart, feeling younger, and healthy, too. 

If you are looking for a way to increase your pomeranian’s lifespan, this is one way to do that. There are so many different types of food puzzles that you can get for dogs. With a simple search online, you can find so many options. You can also check in the local pet store to see if they have any food puzzles for dogs, as well. 

Brushing His or Her Teeth

Another way that you can increase the pomeranian lifespan is by brushing his or her teeth. If you have a pomeranian, you should be brushing your teeth every day. At the very minimum, their teeth should be brushed a few times every week. You can find a lot of different dog toothbrushes that you could use. You can even get dog treats that are made for keeping the teeth healthy. 

Loving Them

Last, but not least, you can increase the pomeranian lifespan by loving your dog. Dogs give out unconditional love. They need to be loved back. If you have a pomeranian, be sure you are giving him or her attention every single day. You should pet them throughout the day and play with him or her. 


These are some of the best tips for increasing pomeranian lifespan. Now that you have these tips, you can help your pomeranian to live longer. 

Do Pomeranians shed?

Even though Pomeranians are so little and cute, they still shed. Most people classify the shedding of a pomeranian as significant. If you are going to have a pomeranian, regular brushing and grooming will help to prevent some shedding.

How much is a pomeranian?

Most people want to know how much a dog breed is on average. When it comes to Pomeranians, you can expect to pay between $500-$1,500. However, if you are getting a pomeranian from a high-quality, reputable breeder, you might be paying even more than that.

How long do Pomeranians live?

When it comes to the pomeranian’s lifespan, the average is 12-13 years old. Some Pomeranians will live to be 16 years old or even a bit older. If you use the tips above, you can help your pomeranian to live longer.

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Written by Leo Roux

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