How to Use Dog Agility Equipment at Home

You may have watched dog agility videos on YouTube or on television. There are many different dog agility programs or classes that you could sign your dog up for. However, there is also dog agility equipment that you can get to use at home. If you are just beginning with your dog agility training, you can get a dog agility tunnel, dog agility jumps, or a full dog jungle gym. Over time, your dog will build up their confidence and be able perform simple to more advanced skills. 

Ensuring Success with Dog Agility Training Equipment

Dog agility training is a lot of fun. You won’t need to push your dog to do everything at once. In time, they will learn how to use the dog agility training equipment and learn the skills needed to master the equipment. You will need to start with small commands and more to more advanced commands later on. Depending on your dog and how quickly they learn, they may be ready for you to add in more agility equipment in the matter of weeks. 

In addition, if you want your dog to be successful when using the dog jungle gym or other agility equipment, you should praise them whenever they do something you want them to do. You should also make sure the training sessions are kept to 5 to 10 minutes each. This will allow your dog to pay attention to your commands and not get bored. 

Increase Your Dog’s Attention

When you are using dog agility training equipment at home, you will want your dog to pay attention to you. In order for them to do this, they will need to take direction from you. You may need to show them how to get through the dog agility tunnel, over the dog agility jumps, and through the other agility equipment. One of the ways that you can get your dog to pay attention to you is to make eye contact with him or her while saying “look”. Be sure you start in a location that is quieter, as well. In time, you can move to locations that are more chaotic.

Teaching Your Dog Tricks with the Agility Equipment

Do you want to improve your dog’s confidence, coordination, and skills? You can do all of this and much more by teaching your dog tricks with the agility equipment. There are specific tricks that are helpful when you are working with your dog. Teaching your dog how to touch their nose onto a target or even your hand is helpful. After you teach your dog how to do this, you can teach them to move their position. This is very helpful when they are in the dog jungle gym and you want them to move to another piece of the agility equipment. 

Becoming More Flexible

If you want your dog to be able to use the dog agility tunnel, dog agility jumps, and other parts of the dog jungle gym, they will need to become more flexible. There are many ways that you can increase your dog’s flexibility. You can start by getting them to spin in circles and to bow. This will stretch their back and their sides. Figure eight moves are great flexibility trainers that will be beneficial when using dog agility weave poles. 

Proper Handling

To get your dog to correctly use all of the dog agility training equipment, you will need to properly handle your dog. This includes doing many things such as moving your dog from one side of you to the other side, getting them to go in front or behind you, and having your dog listen to you from a distance. You can start the handling process by getting your dog to listen to you from your right side. After that, you can teach them from your left side, from behind you, in front of you, and then from farther away. 

In addition, if you want your dog to successfully use most of the agility equipment, they will need to be able to go around objects tightly. You can teach them how to do this by practicing at home. You can use garbage cans, cones, barrels, or actual dog agility training equipment. Have them follow around the object closely while you hold a treat in one hand. When they complete the trick or command, give them their treat and a lot of praise.

Overcoming Fears

There are many dogs who are actually afraid of being in the dark. When going through a dog agility tunnel, they may get scared and never want to do it again. This is why you need to help them overcome their fear before sending them through the tunnel. You can do this by covering them up with a blanket. You could also make a fort over the table when it is darker in the room and bring your dog inside with you. Pet him or her and let them know it is alright. The more you do this, the more comfortable they will be. After they get used to the dark, they will be more likely to successfully make it through the dog agility tunnel. 

If you want to teach your dog how to use dog agility training equipment, follow through with these tips and you can help them to do that. 

Where to buy dog agility equipment?

You can buy dog agility equipment at many online stores. If you have a local pet store, they may sell dog agility equipment, as well.

How to build a dog agility equipment?

There are many DIY videos online (specifically on YouTube) that will show you how to build dog agility jumps and other agility equipment. PVC pipe is used for many pieces of dog agility training equipment.

What is dog agility equipment?

Dog agility equipment includes weave poles, tunnels, jumps, and other equipment that is used to train dogs to do tricks and get through obstacles. Dog agility is a sport that is very well-known.

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Written by Leo Roux

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