Dog Obedience: Training Man's Best Friend

Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures and have been by man's side for many years now, as they can be trained and taught certain behaviors that are preferred in a household pet.

Training your dog is no easy feat, especially if you’ve never trained a dog before, so be sure to check our puppy training guide

Some dog breeds are easier to train than others, so sometimes it might be more work than you anticipated to train your dog. Any breed can be taken to dog training classes, in the case that you are having trouble training your dog on your own.

Basic dog training might sound like a headache, but it is actually a great time for you and your dog to bond and learn to get to know each other a little more. You can also make it fun and easier for both you and your dog by using some of the best dog training treats in the market.

Most Obedient Dogs 

There are many components about different breeds that make them more trainable and obedient than others. For instance, some breeds are more easily distracted than others are at times. Other breeds Are just more enthused about working alongside their humans to do something such as learning a new trick. 

While others are more stubborn and independent. Below you will find just a few of the more obedient and easily trained breeds of dog. This is great to know for new dog owners who don’t yet have the experience training a breed that is either far too stubborn or too independent for even basic training at times. 

Border Collies

The Border Collie is easily the epitome of intelligence in a breed of dog. They’ve been trained for centuries on how to herd livestock, even as a recreational sport at times. These easily trainable dogs live to please their humans. You may even notice a look of “is that all you wanted from me” on their little faces after they’ve followed a command that you made.


This may come as a surprise to some people, that this dog that looks like a teddy bear is on the list of highly obedient, and easy to train dog breeds. Just like the Border Collie, the Poodle is always ready to do what it can to please their owners. Underneath their fuzzy coat of fur, the Poodle is incredibly intelligent and easy to train.

German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is a hard-working breed of dog. After finding out how smart and obedient this breed really is, it should come as no surprise that these dogs are used alongside the police force.

In addition to many other protective roles, such as guard dog as well as military dog. They're highly intelligent and are very protective. 

Golden Retrievers

There are endless reasons why this dog has continued to rank as one of the more popular breeds of dogs known to man. Not only do Golden Retrievers have fun and quirky personalities, but they are also smart and easy to train as well. 

Basic Obedience Dog Training that You Can Do at Home

Teaching any dog breed can be an intimidating task initially. The human-animal bond is beautiful and teaching your dog obedience is a great time to bond with them and learn about their special personalities. This also gives them time to become more familiar with you as their owner as well. 

Leash Training Your Dog

Leash training is an important obedience skill that all dogs should be taught as puppies. Teaching your pup how not to pull on the leash or run off when given slack is incredibly important. It’s most important for their safety and well-being. Leash training also helps to show your new dog whose boss, and how they need to act when walking with you.

Crate Training Your Dog

Many dog lovers lead bust lives. Lives that don’t always accommodate house training a new puppy. Crate training your dog is a crucial step in the housebreaking process as a whole. It is even more helpful when you are stuck at work all day and have no one home to let the puppy outside anytime they may seem to need to use the bathroom.

Instead, they become familiar with using the bathroom in their crate as needed, as well as understanding that they should only go in their crate or outdoors. Most dogs are able to be crate trained in order to move along further in the potty-training process. 

Other Ways to Train Your Dog

There are a number of effective ways of training a dog to behave. Some dog trainers use a clicker to train their dogs. While others use more of a positive reinforcement tactic. The method you choose completely depends on you as well as your dog’s breed and natural temperament. How a dog responds to training technique is very much dependent on them and their ability to learn from you, as well as how strong your training skills are. 


Dogs are called “man's best friend” for a reason. There are a large number of dog breeds who are just naturally obedient and easy to train. Others, however, can be more of a handful when training them with even the simplest commands. If you have never trained a dog before, but want to adopt a dog for your home, it would be in your best interest to do some research first.

Research on the different breeds of trainable dogs, as well as what kind of training that they need at each stage of life, are important steps to take before adopting. That way you know how much mental effort you will need to put into training a new puppy, or how much money you might need to put into a puppy training program. 

How much is obedience school for dogs?

On average, dog owners will pay $30-$80 per obedience class for their dogs. Another average rate dog owners will see for obedience classes is around $50/hour. 

When to start training a puppy?

Puppies can start being trained around the 8-week mark; however, these training sessions should be short and not very intense. A 5 to 10-minute training session that is concluded with treats and affection are the best for young puppies. 

How do you train a dog?

Dog training can be done with unspoken commands as well as verbal commands. Dog training can also include whistles as a form of command. Good dog training takes patience and a reward system.

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Written by Leo Roux

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