The Human-Animal Bond: Why It's Strong

If you are looking to own a pet or are a pet owner, you probably share the same love for animals like us. Pets bring so much unconditional love, humor, affection, and joy to us on a daily basis. This makes the human-pet connection so special. This bond is unbreakable and could help us live longer and more fulfilled lives. Let’s explore the bond of love between humans and animals and why that has come to be:

What is the Human-Pet Connection?

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) describes the human-pet connection as mutually beneficial and dynamic that people and animals share, although it's undeniable that there are many more advantages of animals to humans. For thousands of years, we humans have benefitted from this connection. And now, pets are integrated with our daily well-being. However, did you know that we, as humans, may not have survived for thousands of years without our animals? Of course, our connection with our pet cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, and reptiles, are unexplainable yet deep. Our pets know to sense when we are feeling down or joyful. They are able to lend us support when we need them the most. We may joke that our connections with our pets rival our human relationships. Often than not, it is true. The amazing human-animal relationships have been proven time and time again with the strong bond we form with them.

Benefits From the Human-Pet Connection

There are a number of animal benefits to humans. We give our pets unconditional love and they give it right back to us. We take care of our pets, providing food, shelter, care, comfort, and affection. The benefits our pets give us outnumber anything we could ever do for them, however.

Reduce Stress

Simply petting an animal has shown to lower human heart rates and overall reduce stress. This results in lower blood pressure. Even taking your dog for a walk or playing with your cat can lower blood pressure due to the accompanying exercise and lower stress that comes along with these fun tasks.

Healing Benefits

Emotional support, service, and therapy animals are specifically there to help us with daily tasks along with emotional and mental assistance. Those recovering from traumatic events have found owning a pet to be healing.


Stroking any animal’s fur is a dopamine and serotonin booster. These chemicals are vital for feeling happy and relaxed. Next time you are feeling down, pet an animal. The human-pet connection you will receive will benefit you greatly.

A Better Immune System

If you grew up with a pet, give yourself a pat on the back. Growing up with animals shows to lower the number of allergies a person has, making them less likely to develop asthma.

Get Social

Owning a pet forces us to go out into the world and interact with friends and neighbors. Simply owning a dog, we need to walk them, allowing you to get out there in our communities and see more people, be more social, in our everyday lives.

Wipe Away Sadness

Because our pets provide us with unconditional love, we feel less sad when we’re around them. They love us without judgment of our material objects or our knowledge on a certain subject. They’re there to make us feel happy when we’re feeling down and boost us up even on our best days.

Get Moving

Because you are caring for a pet, you’re more likely to be physically active. Owning a pet ensures that we’re caring for, walking, playing, or engaging with our pets. The activity involved helps us get off the couch and get moving, improving our overall well-being.

What is the human-animal bond?

The human-animal bond is a relationship between animals and people. This type of bond is mutually beneficial not just emotionally, but also psychology.

How can animals help us?

Animals, most especially pets such as cats and dogs, help reduce stress significantly, lowering our chances of getting stress-related diseases. In addition to that, they also help lessen depression, anxiety, loneliness, and help promote a healthy mind and body just by simply caring for them.

What animals can bond with humans?

Some of the most affectionate animals that bond well with humans include popular pets like dogs, cats, and bunnies. Other animals like guinea pigs, horses, rats, and cockatoos are also known to show affection and bond with humans.

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