Best Exercise for German Shepherds

Every dog including the German Shepherd needs proper exercise to stay healthy. A German shepherd's energy level is pretty high. They are also very smart, so you can easily teach them new tricks and exercises. Keeping them indoors all the time can be detrimental to a German Shepherd's health. If you own or are planning to get a German shepherd, be sure they are getting the proper exercise on a regular basis. Here are some great German Shepherd activities that your pup would love!

Going on a Hike

A lot of German shepherds love hiking. They are full of energy, so hiking allows them to go long distances, which wears out some of their energy. In addition, hiking can help your German shepherd stay fit because they are going across different types of terrain such as hills and rocks. However, it is important to note that when going on a hike with your dog, you should always bring a first-aid kit for you and your German shepherd.

Go Swimming

Swimming is another fantastic exercise for your German shepherd. If you are swimming a lot, let your dog go with you. This will keep their limbs and body strong and help them to blow off some of their built-up energy, as well. If you want to amp up this exercise for your German shepherd, you could even have them play fetch while they are swimming.

Finding Objects

Your German shepherd may also love finding objects. You can hide a bone full of peanut butter in the house somewhere. Then, you can watch as your dog goes around sniffing and searching for it. You can do this same thing with one of their favorite toys. To make it a bit easier, you can hide a toy or bone under a blanket and watch as they paw their way under the blanket to get it.


Frisbee has long been known for being a dog game. Frisbees are inexpensive which is great as your dog may love to chew it up. Playing frisbee with your German shepherd means they get to run, jump, and play around. Many dogs, especially this dog breed, will play frisbee for hours.

Walking or Jogging

Going for a walk or jog with your German shepherd is a great idea, as well. This is very simple and will satisfy your dog’s need to move around. If you don’t have space at your home to take your German shepherd for a walk, you can take them around the neighborhood or to a dog park in the area.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is another adventurous and fun game to play with your German shepherd. You can hide and let your dog find you. This will not only have your dog using their cognitive functions, but it could be fun for them, as well. These are some of the best exercises and/or games you can play with your German shepherd pup. Be sure to have your German shepherd getting regular, daily exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

German Shepherds are generally very active breeds, especially when they are puppies. You could easily compare a German Shepard puppy to a human toddler when considering the amount of active energy they contain. German Shepards should be getting at a minimum, 30 minutes of physical activity per day. There are many fun and healthy ways that they can get this physical activity time each day. Most of which will include you, making it fun and beneficial for everyone. 

Go For a Walk

Most dogs enjoy going on daily walks. This is great because it's a healthy activity for the dog and their owner to do together. German Shepherds are naturally energetic dogs. If you are away for work all day long, going for an afternoon walk together is a great way to help them release some of their pent up energy. One 30-45 minute walk per day should suffice for giving your German Shepard pup the necessary amount of activity time. 

Play Fetch!

German Shepards are incredibly intelligent animals. They crave the mental stimulation of completing a task in addition to being able to exert lots of energy in the process. Playing fetch is a great exercise to accomplish both of those goals.

German Shepards love toys in general, so you two will have a great time playing this game together. Frisbees also work great for playing fetch with. Not only do frisbees entice German Shepherds to run around and be active but they also help them to work on agility, timing, and coordination. All of which are beneficial for their overall health. 

Take a Swim

This breed of dog, in particular, is a water-loving dog. They are excellent swimmers and jump right in whenever the opportunity arises. Swimming is an excellent exercise for all of their muscle groups. Toys can even be incorporated into the fun. You can play fetch in the water for added physical activity and stimulation. 

Playing with Other Dogs

Maybe you have a friend or two who also have dogs that get along great with other dogs? A playdate among friends can be a great idea with a German Shepard. Playdates are great for physical activity as well as working on their social skills. Some German Shepherds can be naturally aggressive, so be aware of your dog's behavioral tendencies before allowing them to interact with other dogs. 


Your German Shepard pup was born to run around and exert high amounts of energy often. Their instincts tell them they need to run around a lot, so as their owner you must facilitate this need for physical activity daily. Taking your German Shepard for a walk or playing fetch with them for 30-45 minutes a day will benefit both of you in the long run.

How much exercise does a German Shepherd need?

According to the Kennel Club, German Shepherds need a minimum of 2 hours of exercise a day in order to stay healthy. This beautiful breed has a particularly high level of energy and stamina so keeping them occupied is a must.

Do German Shepherds need exercise?

Yes. If you want to keep up with your German Shepherd dog, you will need plenty of stamina. They have high energy levels due to the fact that they're originally bred as herding dogs. Because of this, it is recommended that they have at least 2 hours of exercise daily to keep them from being bored.

Are German Shepherds active?

German Shepherds are one of the most active dog breeds. Originally bred as herding dogs, the German Shepherds are high in stamina and need plenty of exercises daily in order to keep them from being high-strung and bored.

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