The Truth Behind Caring For Your Cat

Pet maintenance is of the utmost importance when having a cat. Preventative cat pet care will, in the long term, give you more years with your feline as keep him or her happy and healthy. It’s up to you to make sure you are practicing proper cat maintenance. Let’s go over the basic cat care guide and cat care tips that will make life easier and better for you and your cat pet. 

Regular Grooming

General cat care involves proper grooming and brushing. Short or long-haired, any cat will feel love and care from a proper brushing. Brushing removes dead hair from your cat’s fur. Not doing so will run your cat the risk of ingesting dead hair from self-grooming. Grooming gives you time to inspect your cat for any changes or irregularities such as lumps or bumps.

Fresh Water

Providing fresh water is key for caring for your cat. Cat fountains are the right choice if your cat is picky about drinking from bowls. Make sure there is a steady and fresh supply, so he or she does not become dehydrated.

Plenty of Litter Boxes

Having a litter box per cat plus one more is the general rule. If you have four cats, have five litter boxes, and so on. Make sure you properly clean the litter boxes and scoop at least once a day. Keeping track of cleaning will help you notice any illnesses by seeing changes in your cat’s stool or to rule out any health issues.

Pay attention to Any Urination Outside the Litter Box.

If their litter box is dirty, your cat might urinate outside the box. Be sure to visit the veterinarian to rule out any other health-related issues with your cat if you start noticing him or her peeing outside the litter box. Changes in litter box habits tend to be signs of urinary tract infection or other medical issues.

Give Your Cat a Scratching Post

Your cat needs somewhere to stretch their muscles and to keep their claws in tip-top shape. Scratching posts also help in protecting your furniture from scratches and tears. And did you know? Scratching on designated surfaces removes the old layers that once were on your cat’s claws.

Always Transport Via a Cat Carrier

Your cat may need to visit the vet, or maybe you are taking them on vacation. Having your cat roam freely in the car can be a huge distraction and could cause an accident. Always keep your cat in their cat carrier when transporting them in the car.

Proper Teeth Hygiene

Cat maintenance doesn’t stop at their claws. Keeping your cat’s teeth clean is another aspect of caring for your cat that you need to be aware of. Much like humans, bacteria are prone to collect on your cat’s teeth. The bacteria can enter the bloodstream. This could contribute to feline diseases and sicknesses — regularly scheduled cleanings with your cat’s veterinarian once a year, at least.

Choose a Cat Specialist

Veterinarians specialize in many different types of animals. It’s essential to go to a veterinarian who knows how to properly care for cats and specialize in feline health and anatomy. Talk to your veterinarian to see if they specialize in cats if you are unsure.

Regular Vet Visits

It’s essential to bring any pet to the vet regularly. This holds true for caring for your cat. They can administer vaccines, treat diseases and illness, and clean your cat’s teeth as well as give check-ups.

Spay or Neuter

Much like dogs, cats are prone to tumors, cancers, and reproductive diseases in both genders. Spaying and neutering prevent these problems. Surgery will reduce the male cat’s urge to roam, spray, and mark territory. It will also help control the pet population, which is a real problem with cats.

What is the average cost of caring for a cat?

Owning a pet comes with various expenses. On average, a cat owner spends approximately $500 a year. This includes bills for food, vet checkups, insurance, and more.

How to care for a cat?

Cats need a lot of love and affection just like dogs do. You need to provide them with fresh and clean water, a healthy and balanced diet, a comfortable bed, a safe and stimulating environment, as well as time and attention. In addition to this, you also need to have them spayed or neutered and have them vaccinated against major feline diseases.

Are cats hard to take care of?

Having any pets require a certain amount of time and effort. Cats require less maintenance than dogs and other animals since they don't really need to have daily walks, training, etc. However, it's important to note that they will still need to be given attention and love, and to be provided with a safe environment, clean water, and food supply, as well as enough stimulation.

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Written by Leo Roux

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