What You Need To Know About the Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cats are relatively new to the feline world. First introduced in a very public way in 1991, munchkin cats have short legs and long, slim bodies. Despite their unique appearance, they are relatively healthy, with little evidence suggesting that their short legs impact them negatively.

As the name implies, the Scottish Fold munchkin cat is a cross between the regular Scottish Fold and the munchkin cat. The result is one of the cutest fluffy cat breeds on the planet.

If you're thinking of getting a munchkin cat, you may wish to consider getting a Scottish Fold one. Here's everything you need to know about this adorable crossbreed!

Why a Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat?

You might be wondering why this particular breed would be so popular. That is, what about the Scottish Fold cat and the munchkin cat combines to make such a perfect little pet?

Much of the Scottish Fold munchkin cat's allure is the combination of a short-eared cat with the munchkin legs. The Scottish Fold cat has a few unique physical characteristics. One of those is those adorable floppy ears up top! Combining those cute ears, that curvy body, and the short legs result in an adorable feline.

Scottish Folds also have personality characteristics that are fantastic for people who want cats. They're sweet, friendly, charming, and a comfortable cat with which to live. Very few people, including children, report any problems with Scottish Fold cats.

They might be the right cat breed for you if you have a family. This combination means that families can have munchkin pets and not worry about how the cat will act around visitors or children. Plus, having Scottish Fold genes will ensure that this combination is a fluffy munchkin cat!

Grooming, Feeding, and Care

Fortunately, if you're thinking of getting a Scottish Fold munchkin cat, they're not that much different than taking care of a regular Scottish Fold. Despite their small stature, they're remarkably nimble and quick. They can jump and run just like their bigger counterparts.

Scottish Folds do have a few characteristics that you'll want to know, though, so that you can take the best cat care of your munchkin cat.

First, this particular breed of cat is prone to a condition called Feline Polycystic Kidney Disease. Dry food can make this disease worse, and some people speculate that it could increase a cat's likelihood of having this disease as a problem at some point in their life. As such, you should feed your Scottish Fold munchkin cat wet and vet-recommended cat food only.

You'll also want to ensure that there is plenty to keep your cat stimulated. Caregivers should play with the cats and interact with them as depression can set in if they don't get enough attention. These are very loving cats who like to love their owners and feel valued at the same time! Make sure to play with your cat and give them interactive tech toys when you're not around.

Other than that, the care is the same as any other cat. Groom when necessary, provide enough food and water, and have a litter box!

Where Can I Find a Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat?

Unfortunately, this breed is relatively rare. You'll likely need to go to a breeder with dwarf kittens, one of which will probably be a Scottish Fold munchkin cat since they are one of the more common dwarf breeds.

Before going to a breeder, please check your local shelters to see if they have any of these cats for adoption. It's not likely, but it's worth a shot. If you happen to get lucky, you can give one of these adorable pets a second chance at life!

Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat Size, Weight, and Lifespan

As you might imagine, these cats are tiny. Males typically weigh about 6-9 lbs, and females weigh slightly less at 4-8 lbs. They often measure just seven inches tall (their lack of height is due to their short legs). They have the same body length as a regular non-munchkin Scottish Fold.

When it comes to these cats' longevity, a healthy Scottish Fold munchkin cat will live to be somewhere between 10 and 15 years old. With excellent care and a bit of luck, you might get lucky and have a cat that lives for longer.

It's worth noting that these pets' small stature makes them perfect for cuddling. And, thanks to the Scottish Fold personality, you'll likely have many opportunities to do that if you get one!

The Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat: A Remarkably Healthy, Cute Cat

Despite all the concerns that munchkin cats might have the same health problems as their teacup equivalents in dogs, there's no evidence so far that's the case. That's not to say that we won't see evidence in the future, but so far, everything is looking good. You don't need to feel like you might be giving one of these pets a lower quality of life than a conventional Scottish Fold.

There's no denying that the Scottish Fold munchkin is one of the better-looking cats out there. If you're interested in getting one, check your local shelters. The probability of them having one is low, but it's worth asking. If your local shelters don't have one of these munchkin cats, go to a breeder. Make sure you obtain all relevant medical records before completing the transaction, though. You don't want to bring home a sick cat.

Above all, if you do get a munchkin, enjoy your new feline friend! You'll have many years of happiness together.

How much are munchkin cats?

Munchkin cats cost approximately $500-$1,000 from a breeder. The more "munchkin" the cat appears, the more a breeder can charge for it. Geographical disparities also account for some of the price difference as a breeder in Iowa likely won't charge the same amount as a breeder near New York City.

What is a munchkin?

A munchkin cat is one that has short legs and long, slender bodies. For those familiar with dog breeds, they effectively look like the cat equivalent of a Corgi.

Are munchkin cats healthy?

In short, yes. So far, there haven't been any reports of severe congenital disabilities in munchkin cats. However, it is worth noting that this breed first happened in 1991, so there hasn't been a significant amount of time to know the full extent of potential health problems. Something may develop later for these short-legged felines.

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Written by Leo Roux


Oh my goodness, what an adorable crossbred cat.
If I could, I would teach it to do a tiny, little adorable Haka.
It is such a squeaky and adorable little crossbred cat, I want to see one for myself

Trinity Grace Sippel on Apr 13, 2022

Munchkins are based on a generic deformity that restricts the cat’s movements and prohibits them from expressing natural behaviour like climbing and jumping. An X-ray of a Munchkin will show how deformed the bones are. They can and do have health problems.
Scottish fold cats get their folded ears from another generic mutation. The ears fold because the cartilige in them is weak. The cartilige in every other joint of the body is affected the same way. Scottish folds are also prone to painful health issues.
Neither breed should continue to be bred and promoted. Crossing two breeds based on damaging defects is utterly irresponsible, no matter how ‘cute’ it may look.

Gillian on Mar 01, 2022

I have a cat and absolutely love cats, Once I started wanting a kitten again still to today I searched up kittens and these kits! Theses are adorable little kittens i wanted to find mor infashion about this was fun to read!

Sud on Mar 14, 2021

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