Vet-Recommended Cat Food

If you have a cat as a pet, one of the most important things that you can do is to make sure they are eating the best food. The good news is that there are many vet-recommended cat food options. Before learning more about the specific foods, it is essential to know that you should have your cat seen by a veterinarian that is going to assess their entire health when determining what type of food they should be eating. The veterinarian should consider your cat’s past health history, any medical conditions they have, and current health, as well. By assessing all of these things, the veterinarian will be able to make the best food recommendations for your cat. For instance, some cats need hypoallergenic cat food. With the assessment, the veterinarian can determine if this is something your cat needs. 

What does it mean to have cat food that is recommended by a veterinarian?

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials, the cat food that is recommended by veterinarians must first be approved by most of the veterinarians that took part in the survey on that particular cat food. Some soft cat food and hard cat food options have been recommended by approximately 300 different veterinarians. It is important to know that veterinarians can recommend many different types of cat food including organic cat food, hypoallergenic cat food, and others, too. With this being said, it can sometimes be tough to figure out what the best cat food for your cat would be. 

Most of the time a prescription formula is recommended by veterinarians. These types of cat foods are specifically created to help manage certain health conditions. If your cat suffers from a health condition of any kind, don’t be surprised if the veterinarian recommends a prescription cat food. However, it is important to know that if you can’t get prescription cat food for your cat, there are usually different options available. 

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, specifically the science diet, is often recommended for cats. They have a great reputation and are well-respected for creating science-backed cat food. These types of cat food offer cats balanced and complete nutrition. If you need help making sure that your cat gets the nutrition they need, this type of cat food might be best for them. The Science Diet isn’t a prescription cat food. However, it has been recommended by hundreds of veterinarians. With that being said, Hill’s Pet Nutrition also has prescription cat food diets, as well. The prescription diets will target your cat’s individual health problems such as urinary tract, kidney, and digestive health. 

Royal Canin

If you are looking for the best cat food for your cat, another one of the vet-recommended options is Royal Canin. This company sells pet food for dogs and cats. They have a diet line that specifically offers food to cats and dogs that are prescribed by veterinarians. Each one of the foods in this line can help to manage a cat or dog’s health issues. The cat food from this company is available in canned and dry food. 

One of the amazing things about Royal Canin is that they have research centers all over the world. These centers allow this company to research different formulas that will best help target a variety of health conditions that cats and dogs might face. If your cat has a health issue of any kind, the veterinarian might recommend or give a prescription for Royal Canin cat food. 


Iams is another company that offers vet-recommended cat food. They have wet and dry cat food options. One of the best Iams lines you can get is called Proactive Health. If you get this type of cat food, it will help to meet your cat’s nutritional needs. It will help to manage their hairballs, dental care, digestive health, and much more. The good thing about this type of food is that while it can be recommended by a veterinarian, you don’t have to get a prescription in order to get it for your cat. 

Purina Pro Plan 

There is another veterinary-recommended diet called Purina Pro Plan. This diet line includes dry and wet foods for cats. This cat food can help to manage your cat’s allergies, urinary tract health, diabetes, and various other health issues. In order to get this cat food, you will need to get a prescription from the veterinarian first. 


Each of the cat foods mentioned here today could help to manage health issues that your cat has. These vet-recommended cat foods often include animal by-products and plant by-products. They might have ingredients such as oats, rice, wheat, and corn. Some people might not think these are the best cat foods. However, the main reason they are recommended highly by veterinarians is that they provide cats with a balanced diet. 

The veterinarians that recommend these types of cat foods do so because of the nutrition they can provide to your cat. If you get any one of these vet-recommended cat foods or any other cat foods, you might find that your cat eats it better with a cat food dispenser. Not only that but if you have to leave the house for a longer period of time, the dispenser can ensure that your cat is still getting the food and nutrition they need. 

How much wet food to feed a cat?

Most cats can have wet food on a daily basis. You can talk to your cat’s veterinarian to see how much wet food you can give to your cat. In most cases, adult cats can get 1 can (3 ounces) for every 3-3.5 pounds of their body weight every day. It is important to note that this should be adjusted if your cat is also eating dry cat food.

Is cat food bad for dogs?

Most cat foods are high in protein and fat. This might make them quite unhealthy for a dog. In addition, many dogs will get diarrhea or sick in another way if they eat any cat food, especially in large amounts.

What foods can cats eat?

There are numerous foods that cats can eat. There are all the vet-recommended cat foods and other dry and soft cat food options. You can also feed most cats spinach, salmon, fish oils, cantaloupe, eggs, bananas, chicken, and oatmeal.

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