Organic Cat Food: Here Are the Top 5 Epic Brands

When many people get cats, they also buy some readily-available cat food at the local grocery store. That food tends to be of inferior quality. When you open up the tin, it most definitely does not look appetizing to you. Although your cat may enjoy the food, it isn't incredibly healthy for them. To improve your cat's longevity, you may wish to consider organic cat food as well as vet-recommended cat food.

These types of cat food have all-natural ingredients and none of the filler that large industrial cat food companies have. An all-natural, healthy, and balanced diet is the secret to feline nutrition.

Therefore, if you're looking to improve your cat's health, here are five organic cat foods that you should consider.

Best Organic Canned Cat Food: Organix Chicken & Chicken Liver Pate Recipe

Organix makes some of the best organic cat food around, and their chicken pate recipe is as close to the perfect organic wet cat food as you're going to get. This recipe has nothing artificial in it. Your cat will be receiving 100% free-range chicken. Additionally, they'll receive organic flaxseed, organic dried egg, organic cranberries, and organic coconut flour. 

If you're looking for cat food for your sensitive pet and you're worried about giving your pet pesticides, this food will cure that concern for you. There are no pesticides, no artificial growth hormones, no preservatives, and no antibiotics.

The Organix tin is genuinely nothing but real, authentic ingredients, put into a can that your cat is sure to love!

Best Organic Dry Cat Food: Halo Natural Dry Cat Food

Available in two flavors, Halo Natural dry food only has whole chunks of meat in their foods. By contrast, other brands will say something like "fish meal" or "chicken meal," which is not particularly beneficial for your cat. Halo also designed the cat food for super digestibility and includes taurine, which is essential for your cat's muscles. In short, it's hard to get as nutritionally-beneficial a meal as with Halo Natural Dry Cat Food.

Best Organic Grain-free Cat Food: Organix Organic Dry Dry Cat Food

Organix strikes again with fantastic grain-free cat food. The Organix dry food formula has 100% free-range, organic chicken. There are no artificial preservatives nor anything else in the bag that isn't entirely organic. 

Sometimes grain-free cat food doesn't go over well with pets. However, most of the reviews for this showcase that most dogs love this product, making it a good part of a grain-free diet for dogs. That's mostly because of the excellent taste that Organix foods have for cats.

It comes in two flavors, chicken and brown rice, as well as chicken and sweet potato. Since rice is a grain, to get the grain-free version, order the sweet potato bag instead. You and your cat won't regret it!

ZIWI Peak Wet Cat Food

Ziwi is fascinating cat food. Unlike many other foods on this list, this particular one includes meats and seafood from New Zealand. It's all organic, and the farms in New Zealand don't have artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. In this wet food, your cat will receive a very well-balanced diet that comes from the beautiful terrain that is New Zealand.

Tender & True Organic Chicken & Liver Recipe Cat Food

This unique Tender and True blend starts with organic chicken as the first ingredient. This recipe has a precise blend of organic ingredients, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals expressly blended for optimal nutrition. Additionally, they don't add various grains to their recipe. There are no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors included in this fantastic pet food. 

Formulated by true pet food connoisseurs, Tender & True Organic Premium Chicken & Liver Recipe cat food is formulated specifically for all cats!

A Word About Switching Foods

If you have a cat that is currently eating a specific brand of wet or dry food and you want to switch them to the new food, there are some procedures that you need to follow. 

Unfortunately, many people try and replace the old food with the new food. More specifically, they let the old bowl of dry food run out and replace it with a bowl of fresh dry food of the new mixture. Or, they let the tin run out of the wet food and open up a brand new wet cat food tin. 

The problem with that method is that you can risk a disease called "fatty liver." This potentially life-threatening disease happens when your cat stops eating for a prolonged amount of time. They'll be interested in food, yet immediately walk away from it. Your cat will keep refusing food indefinitely until he or she receives a force-feeding.

If your cat doesn't like the new food, they'll almost always refuse to eat it. That can lead to fatty liver. 

To avoid this, mix the food slowly. Gradually add the new cat food in the bowl of the old cat food. Start with 10%. Let your cat adjust to that. Then, you can bump it up another 10%, another, and so on. By doing this, you'll gradually introduce your cat to the new flavor and accurately gauge if your cat likes it or not. 

Organic Cat Food Is the Best for Your Cat's Health

The organic wet cat food and dry cat food products mentioned are amongst the healthiest that you can give to your cat. If you want your cat to have a long and happy life, consider offering your pet one of those five cat foods!

What is the best organic cat food?

That's a tough question to answer as it varies by pet to pet - after all, if the cat won't even eat it, it's not the best cat food. Indeed, the Organix and Halo foods are high on the list, but whether they're best for your cat depends on whether they like it!

How to make organic cat food at home?

Making organic cat food involves getting all the ingredients together, cooking them up, and then offering them to your cat. If you buy all organic foods as your intake, you'll get delicious organic food for your pet. Just make sure to pay attention to the protein and fat content!

Is organic cat food better?

Organic food has no preservatives, no artificial hormones, and no other chemicals that wouldn't happen naturally. It is better in that sense. However, studies have not shown that any of the preservatives and other chemicals would have caused any detrimental effects. Therefore, while organic food is undoubtedly better, the benefits are unknown.

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