Most Innovative Dog Products You Missed in 2019

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Here are the best pet products that are known for being awesome and innovative.

Slow Feeder Dog Licking Mat

Dogs are one breed of pets which can never have enough to eat. Trainers and veterinarians use dogs’ appetites as a measure of health and comfort. This has one pitfall: with this greed of food comes the challenge of fast feeding. Labradors, Terriers, Maltese, Beagles, and Pugs are more prone to this problem. You might have heard of slow feeding bowls, which aren’t new anymore. But did you see some of the dog licking mats? They help reduce boredom, anxiety, and destructive behaviors.

Birthday Dog Treats

Have you seen those yummy-looking Dog Birthday Cakes on social media? Trust me, I do not have the skills or patience to bake one myself. This is where dog treats come into play. They are easy to buy online and store. They’re also made with ingredients that are great for your dog! Here are some healthy DIY dog treat recipes that you can easily make for your dog:

Interactive Dog Toy with Suction Cup

I have seen the videos of this new pet product and they are quite entertaining. It's one of the most innovative items for dogs that are popular these days. The idea is simple. Stick the dog toy cup to any surface, on the floor or even a wall, and watch your dog try to remove it by pulling on the ball. Some claim that the toy has teeth cleaning properties. If you decide to get one for your furry friend, make sure the materials used are food-grade and non-toxic.

Why We Care at Petsmont

Petsmont is the leading voice for healthy conscious pet owners globally. We want to share news about natural – eco-friendly, innovative pet products, and discoveries. More than health, we care about pets and aim to improve their well-being.

What cleaning products are not safe for dogs?

Generally, all kinds of cleaning products should be kept out of your furry friend's reach. Here are some ingredients that are bad for your pets: ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers, and formaldehyde. These ingredients are commonly found in everyday cleaning items such as foot cleaners, bathroom and laundry cleaners, detergents, and more.

Are hemp products safe for dogs?

While there is no scientific proof that hemp works, some pet owners report that using it on their pets helps with pain, anxiety, seizures, and more. Hemp has many different health benefits for pets and has high nutritional value. You may be tempted to use hemp on your sweet pet for several reasons, but always check with your vet first before introducing any new product to your furry companion.

What impact does technology have on pet care?

Technological innovations have made caring and interacting with your pets so much better than before. With today's technology, it's now easier than ever to interact with your pets even when you're far from them and on the go. Technological advances allow us to improve our pets' well-being and quality of life.

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