Why Chewy Is Better Than Your Favorite Top Online Retailer

It’s no secret that today’s massive world of eCommerce and online retail has a few major players – think businesses like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and of course, Chewy. And while many of the same products are available across each of these websites – some even for the same prices and shipping speeds, it’s safe to say that you most certainly have your own preferences. When it comes to pet food, pet products, toys, and the like, you can probably find the exact same products on both Amazon and Chewy. However, you probably prefer to order from only one of the two leading online retailers. Which one do you choose? Today, we’ll be proud to share with you why we believe that Chewy offers a better experience for purchasing pet products than the top online retailers of Amazon – even if the prices are comparable. Remember, it’s not always about the money.

The Negatives of Amazon

Sure, Amazon has grown into an absolutely massive company – and for good reason. Their combination of cheap wholesale pricing, their subscribe and save model, their fast shipping, and their Prime benefits have made it an attractive option for consumers far and wide. Not to mention their selection of premium pet products and pet foods is seemingly endless. However, Amazon is also the world’s largest retailer – and with that, comes a lot of scrutiny. From the ways in which Amazon manages their warehouse, to the ways in which they directly impact things like the economy and climate change, Amazon is continuously in the spotlight – and not always for good.

Chewy Makes A Difference

Chewy, on the other hand, is a company that isn’t necessarily focused on providing a comprehensive online shopping experience. Instead, they’ve taken the Amazonian model of offering products at near wholesale pricing, along with fast and free shipping on most products, and a massive selection of pet products. Instead of focusing on providing that mega retail experience, the Chewy brand simply focuses on helping pet owners find the right pet products, pet foods, and pet necessities designed to help improve the well-being of our pets.

With a vision that simple, it’s plain to see which company has the advantage. While most of the time, you’ll find the same products on Chewy pet food also available on Amazon – and in some cases, for the exact same price – but Chewy’s inventory is that of their own. This differs greatly from Amazon because they rely on third-party sellers to stock much of their inventory – a practice that leads to price discrepancies for some items. Because Chewy’s inventory is “in-house/on-hand,” you can expect to find the very best prices for any of their products. And not only that, but their comprehensive customer service and support department is always standing on the ready to provide personalized service that really makes a difference.

It isn’t about simply pumping out sales and accepting returns until a customer is happy – Chewy’s customer service team learn about their customers, provide recommendations, and work to solve problems rather than simply appease. So, if you ask us which is better? We’ll tell you that Chewy’s practices are well aligned with our own mission to improve the well-being of pets through safe, natural, and organic pet foods.

What is Chewy?

Chewy is one of the best online pet supply stores in the United States. They sell different pet products like pet foods, toys, litters, and pet supplements.

When was Chewy founded?

Back in September 2011, Ryan Cohen and Michael Day founded Chewy. Chewy was also founded under the name "Mr. Chewy".

Why Chewy?

Chewy's goal is to provide an excellent shopping experience to its consumers by offering their products at near wholesale pricing. Chewy also focuses on helping its consumers pick the right products to help the well-being of their beloved pets.

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