Border Terrier Adoption: What to Expect

When considering adopting a purebred dog from a breeder, there's a lot that should be taken into consideration and researched. As well as preparations that should be in order before bringing home your new friend. Terrier puppies make amazing pets, for both individuals and families.

Before the adoption of a small terrier can take place, there are some important steps that need to be taken.

There are specific questions that you will want to ask the border terrier breeder before signing any paperwork and making any decision. These questions and more will be covered below so that you can confidently adopt a border terrier and not be too overwhelmed by the whole process. 

5 Questions to Ask the Breeder

Ask about meeting the puppy's parents - this can help you get a better idea of what you should expect with your puppy. Such as what he or she will look like and maybe even some idea of what their personality or temperament might be like. These are all things to keep in mind when observing the parents of the puppy that you plan to adopt from the breeder. 

Ask the breeder about their background - Don't be afraid to ask questions like this to the breeder you are considering working with. You want to know that you are working with a breeder that you can trust to be transparent with you while you guys are working together. Ask them about their background as a breeder. This includes asking how long they’ve been breeding dogs and how familiar they are with breeding Border Terriers specifically. 

Ask about the health of the puppies - Their health background should include questions about vaccinations and any physical exams they’ve had with a vet so far. It's good to ask for the paperwork that verifies this information about the puppy too. While asking about the health of the puppy you can ask about their parent’s health too. If they’ve ever had any medical issues or signs of possible problems.

Ask about the qualities that they look for in people who they decide to let adopt puppies from them - Asking the breeder about this will give you more insight into them as an individual, and how serious they are about their puppies’ wellbeing. If they are looking for specific qualities, that lets you know that they are truly concerned whether the puppies will be going to a good forever home. 

Ask how they’ve been going about socializing the puppies - Early socialization and training is important for young pups. Starting to have them interact with other dogs and people at a young age will help them adjust to the stress that they may face when encountering other dogs and people once they go home with you. 

What to Buy Before Bringing Your Border Terrier Home

Bringing home your new border terrier puppy is an exciting time, which means the last thing you’re going to want to do once you get home is leave your new pup home alone while you go out to get some supplies. Getting the right supplies before you pick up your puppy can be a real time saver. 

Some supplies that you will definitely want to get before your puppy gets home include a playpen or baby gate, for one. Having this supply at home already will definitely save you on any future headaches that might occur from your playful puppy constantly going where he shouldn’t when you’re busy around the house. 

A leash and collar are also crucial supplies to have ready before you even go to pick up your puppy. If the puppy has fleas and ticks, this non-toxic, plant-based natural flea & tick collar will help. For their safety, you will want to have their collar and leash ready to put right on them. Doing this will also help your new border terrier puppy get used to having a collar and leash on. 

Having some puppy-safe toys and food ready to go home before bringing your border terrier puppy home is also important. Having items that will make them feel comfortable and happy right away is a great way to begin your relationship with your new companion. 

Other Care Needs

No matter your border terrier size, you will want to take the time to make special preparations for their safety of coming into a new home. You need to puppy-proof your home.

Grooming needs, such as brushes and shampoo are good to have on hand when bringing home your new buddy. Familiarizing your new border terrier puppy with a bathing routine right off is a good habit to get into right away. 


Border terrier puppies make a great addition to any family, but when you adopt them from a breeder or from someone else, it's important to know what questions to ask them before making things official. Questions like how long they have been breeding dogs and can they provide you with the official paperwork about your puppy’s health record. A good breeder will be able to answer all of these questions and more. Which should help you feel assured that you are adopting a healthy puppy from a trustworthy breeder

When do border terriers stop growing?

Generally, a Border Terrier is considered to be fully grown when they reach 12 months of age. As far as how big they will be at their full growth size, that can vary. Generally, a fully grown border terrier is somewhere in the range of 5.9kg and 7.1kg.

How much exercise does a border terrier need daily?

Since the border terrier is a naturally athletic and energetic breed of dog, experts recommend that you accommodate for at least one hour of physical exercise daily for your border terrier. This can be going for a walk or jog together daily or heading to the park to run around and play fetch for an hour together.

Can border terriers swim?

Yes, border terriers can swim. Now, whether they enjoy getting in the water and paddling around is more so based on their personality. You might find that your border terrier either loves being in the water or may avoid it like the plague.

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Written by Leo Roux

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