What Dog Grooming Tools Do You Need?

If you are going to have a dog as a pet, there are many things that you will need to get for them. Many future dog owners think to get their dog the best food, toys, water, and food bowls, and line up a veterinarian. However, you should also make sure that you are getting the best dog grooming tools, as well. It is important that you keep your dog groomed. While some dogs require less maintenance when it comes to grooming than others, it is still important to have the tools on-hand for when they are needed. 

Nail Clippers

One of the first things that you should add to your dog grooming tool kit is nail clippers. It is important that you keep your dog's nails cut regularly. This will help your dog to look better. It will also be important for safety and health reasons.

If your dog’s nails are too long, they can easily scratch others and hurt them. If their nails break, it could cause severe pain for them. If you have the proper nail clippers, it is quite easy to cut a dog’s nails. 


When it comes to professional dog grooming tools, you might not stop to think about what shampoo you are getting. However, it is important that you get high-quality shampoo for your dog. We recommend getting an oatmeal shampoo for your dog as it's great for your dog's fur and helps soothe itchy skin. No matter what breed of dog you have, they will need regular baths. Having the best shampoo will help to properly clean and moisturize them. It will keep their hair healthy, as well. You should make sure the shampoo you get is completely safe for your dog. 

De-shedding Tool

Another one of the best dog grooming tools is a de-shedding tool. If your dog is a shedder, you might think that it is impossible to keep up on their hair. However, if you get a de-shedding tool and use it regularly, you can prevent their hair from getting all over the place. The comb will get out the excess hair, so it doesn’t get left everywhere. 

Hair Clippers

Many people will use human hair clippers on their dogs. This is not a good idea. It is important that you add dog hair clippers to your dog grooming tool kit. The various blade sizes can be used to give your dog the haircut that you want them to have. It should also come with scissors, so you can cut the areas of their hair that are more delicate. 


You think every day about brushing your own teeth, but what about your dog’s teeth? It is important to take care of your dog’s dental health. If their dental health is not properly cared for, it could cause serious problems such as periodontal disease. You should make sure to have a toothbrush and toothpaste to regularly brush your dog’s teeth. You can even get a toothbrush that is made specifically for dogs. Most veterinarians recommend brushing a dog's teeth a minimum of once every week. While it can be tough, you should try to avoid having your dog eat the toothpaste. 


Another one of the best dog grooming tools that might slip your mind is grooming wipes. There are many dog breeds that get goop into and around their eyes. They also get drool all over their face. Sometimes they might have mud caked onto their fur. There are so many ways that a dog can get dirty. Without giving them a full bath every time something like this happens, it is a good idea to have grooming wipes on hand. This way you can just grab a wipe and clean up your dog. They can wait to get fully cleaned until their next bath day. 

Ear Cleaner

Dogs do have very long ear canals. Dirt, wax, and other things can build up in their ear canal. If your dog loves to swim, it is likely that their ear will get infected at some point. In order to keep up on their ear care, you should use an ear cleaner regularly. This will help to keep most of the gunk out of their ear and help to prevent ear infections, as well. 


If your dog is like many other dogs, they won’t mind being groomed as much if you give them a treat. It is a good idea to put some special treats in the dog grooming tool kit. This way whenever it is time for grooming and your dog is behaving well, they know they will be getting a treat. It is a great incentive to not only keep them clean and healthy but to help them handle being groomed better, too. 


There are many different dog grooming tools that you might need. Depending on the dog breed that you have, the tools that you get might vary. With that being said, all dogs need to be groomed regularly.

Some of the dog breeds require less maintenance with grooming than others. However, you will still need to keep their dental health intact, give them baths regularly, keep their hair healthy, and keep their nails cut regularly, as well. Be sure to get your dog grooming tool kit ready before you bring a dog home. If you already have a dog, get your kit as soon as you can. 

Can I use a human grooming tool on a dog?

You might want to use human grooming tools on your dog. While many people think that human hair clippers and dog hair clippers are the same things, they aren’t. There are differences in them. The human hair clippers are often too powerful or dogs to handle. The noise could easily scare your dog and then you might clip their skin.

How much are grooming tools for dogs?

There are different grooming tools that you might choose to get for your dog. They could range from a couple of dollars to around $100. Sometimes they will be more and sometimes they will be less. It all depends on which grooming tool you are going to get.

What tools are needed for dog grooming?

There are many tools that are needed for dog grooming. The most commonly used dog grooming tools include a comb, brush, high-quality shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, ear cleaner, and hair clippers.

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