Here Are 7 Puppy Accessories You Need To Have

When getting a new puppy, you also need to get some puppy accessories! Your new pup will need lots of puppy essentials, but they'll need some fun things, as well. The problem is that there is quite a bit to choose from at the pet store, and it's often not clear what you need to get for your little pup.

Thus, whether you're adopting a new puppy or you already have one, here are seven accessories that you must have!

Food and Water Bowls

This one might seem obvious, but it's essential. You're going to need bowls for your dog's water and food. You can go with the barebones feeding and hydrating solutions, or you can get a little fancier with an automated feeder and an electric pet water bowl. For the most part, regular bowls are perfect for dog food. However, for water, having it fresher and more encouraging to drink is always a positive. Therefore, if you can, consider a fountain or something else that will make it more inviting for your pet to drink.

One of the Essential Pet Accessories: A Leash

When you take your new canine friend for a walk, you'll need to ensure that it is on a leash. In most jurisdictions now, this isn't just smart advice; it's also the law. As with most pet accessories, there are multiple types of leashes.

Look for one that is comfortable for your pet, easy to put on, and has the strength necessary to control your pet. The leash size and power required for a German Shepherd is much different than what you'll need for a Corgi!

A Crate for Naptime

Some pet owners crate train their puppies at sleep time. Many pet owners and professional trainers recommend it for a variety of reasons. While some people view it through the human lens of being in a "cage," dogs perceive it much differently. Therefore, if you do decide to crate train, you'll need to pick one up! Most people buy one of the wire crates or an airline crate. Either one will work. You should know that crates are also essential in keeping your puppy safe during travels.

Another one of the Essential Puppy Accessories: A Bed

All puppies need a place to sleep, so this is at the top of the puppy essentials list. It's essential to buy the right bed, though. Many people, acting out of kindness, want to buy their dog the plushest, most comfortable dog bed around. However, you don't know if your little pup will be a chewer or not. If they are, that bed could get ruined pretty fast! Until you know that, consider getting a smaller, more simple bed. You can always give them something better once they grow up!

Baby Gates

If you have any rooms in your house where you don't want your dog to go, you'll need to pick up a baby gate. Especially when your dog is in the puppy stage and doesn't have any training, you'll want to ensure that they cannot get into anything too valuable. You'll also want to ensure that they're safe. Buying baby gates for high-risk areas like kitchens, offices, and the garage (if you have lots of things in storage there) is a wise investment!


You'll want some toys for your puppy. There are a few reasons why you'll need toys, but the primary one is to give your new dog something to do! Without toys, your pup will go around the house looking for entertainment. That might be your TV stand or your work computer.

Additionally, toys are invaluable for training. They can help keep your puppy in a single location. For example, many people put toys in crates to encourage their pups to stay in there. Staying in an empty crate isn't that much fun, but staying in a full crate with lots of puzzles and interactive toys is very enjoyable for your pet!

Grooming Supplies

Amongst the many dog things that you'll need to buy, you'll most definitely want stuff for grooming. You'll want to buy a brush at least, but you may also want to buy a bathtub, a toy for the bath, and some shampoo. Depending on what type of dog you have, it may need significant and regular grooming. If that's the case, you'll want to ensure that you have the best grooming supplies. However, if you have a dog that doesn't shed or get matted fur as much, a simple brush might do the trick!

These Are Starter Puppy Accessories

Of course, these are the starter puppy accessories. They're the puppy essentials that you should have. As you and your new canine friend begin to bond, you will probably want to buy them more accessories and supplies (more toys, a different leash as your pup grows, etc.). However, these are the basics you'll need to ensure your puppy has a safe, happy life in your home.

Please, if you can adopt or rescue a puppy, consider doing so! It's a great way to give a well-deserving dog a new lease on life!

What to buy for a new puppy?

At a bare minimum, you'll need to buy the life-sustaining puppy supplies. These include food, water, a collar (especially if required by law), a bed or place to sleep, a brush, and toothpaste to clean their teeth. You'll also want recreational items like a leash, toys, and poo bags for when you need to take them for a walk.

What are dog gears?

If you look for puppy accessories and you see mention of "dog gears," you should know that these are unrelated to dogs. This term references mechanical gears, so it is not a puppy accessory that you need to buy!

Where to buy dog stuff?

Almost any pet store (online or a brick-and-mortar store) will sell dog toys, food, and other supplies. If you're looking for specific supplies (in particular, healthy or specialty foods), your local vet can often point you in the right direction. If you're looking to save a little money, you can also check eBay, Goodwill, or other second-hand shops to see if they have anything that would be useful for your new dog!

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