Three Reasons You Need A High-Tech Smart Pet Feeder

If you own a cat or dog, you may have seen an automatic pet feeder before. These devices hold food for a certain number of days. The automatic pet feeder with a camera allows you to talk to your pet and dispense food automatically. Some timed pet feeder works on a schedule, while others connect to your home's wifi and allow you to distribute food via an app. Some of these feeders are exceptionally smart and hook up to your Alexa or Google Home devices so you can ask your favorite smart assistant to feed your pet.

At first glance, some of these devices may seem excessive. After all, for many pet owners, a simple bowl of water and food suffices. However, there are many reasons a high-tech auto pet feeder can be beneficial for you. Here are three you might want to consider.

You Travel Or Work A Lot

If you travel a lot or work long hours, a connected pet feeder might be the solution to ensure your pet is receiving adequate nutrition. At the office, you can use the app to call your dog and dispense a treat, thereby giving you peace of mind that your pet is receiving the food they need. You can also use the webcam (if the feeder has it built-in) to see your pet and know that they are doing alright. If you work very long hours, this can be a great way to stay connected with your beloved pet without being physically at home.

You Need To Monitor Your Pet's Nourishment

If your dog or cat is having problems with eating, you may need to monitor them for a while. Many high-tech pet feeders can help you measure or restrict how much your pet consumes each day. If the schedule is to dispense one cup of food per six hours, for example, and your pet hasn't eaten that cup by the end of the period, then you know something is amiss. Conversely, if you're trying to get your dog or cat to eat less, you can dispense the food in smaller portions throughout the day rather than putting down a big bowl for them to eat.

As a bonus for cat owners, cats that don't eat for a couple of days can develop a condition called "fatty liver," which typically requires veterinary intervention. By having one of these auto feeders monitor for food intake, you can ensure your pet doesn't develop this condition.

You Want To Have Less Work For Yourself

The traditional feeding method of a bowl requires more effort. You need to monitor it and keep refilling it (especially if you are trying to portion-control your pet). A high-tech pet feeder can often hold days worth of food at a time and keep it fresh in a sealed container. That way, you can fill up the feeder every so often and not have to worry about it for a few more days. As a bonus, many high-tech feeders have notification capabilities to let you know when you need to add more food.

A High-Tech Pet Feeder Is Beneficial

While advanced pet food dispensers may seem a little unnecessary at first, there are many good reasons to invest in one. If you are at the office for long hours or you travel, a feeder helps keep you connected. If there are health reasons to monitor your beloved pet's food intake, these feeders can help with that. Finally, if you want less work overall, a high-tech pet feeder might be the answer for you!

What is the best automatic pet feeder?

Having a pet feeder is one of the best ways to stay connected with your pets at home. Pet feeders allow you to feed and interact with your pets when you're away so you might want to go for the best ones available in the market today. Some of the best and highly-reputable pet feeders include the Healthy Pet Simple Feed Automatic Feeder, OUTAD 5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder, Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder, and QPets Automatic Pet Feeder.

How does an automatic pet feeder work?

Automatic pet feeders use technology and gravity to fill up your pet's food dish. A lot of pet feeders have a programmable timer that lets you schedule when your pet will get food and how much they will receive. Some even have camera features that allow you to interact with your pets no matter where you are in the world.

Who invented the automatic pet feeder?

The world's first pet feeder called "Time Controlled Feeding Device for Domestic Pets" was patented in 1939 by Raymond V. Sweeny. In the same year, Jerome Frankel patented the first automatic feeding device called "Kum pet feeder: Feeding device for Animals".

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Written by Leo Roux

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