Traits and Facts of the Egyptian Mau Cat

If you are looking into adopting a new cat, one that you might be considering is the Egyptian Mau cat. These Egyptian cat breeds are strong and very active. People who own this type of cat need to make sure their cat is getting plenty of exercise.

If you are looking for a cat that is easy to care for, however, this might be the cat for you. Keep reading here to learn more about an Egyptian Mau kitten and Egyptian Mau cats. 

Physical Traits of the Egyptian Cat Breeds

If you are hoping to get an Egyptian Mau cat, it would be best to learn about their physical traits first. This way, you can ensure this is the right cat breed that you want to have in your family. If you decide it is, then you can find an Egyptian Mau to bring home. Some of the physical traits that you may want to know about include the following:

  • Female and male Egyptian cat breeds generally weigh between 8 to 12 lbs as an adult
  • Have green eyes
  • Have a short, smoothy, and silky coat
  • The coat can be smoke, bronze, or silver-colored 
  • The coat can have smokey or spotted patterns
  • The coat isn’t any less allergenic than most other cat breeds 
  • Have lower grooming needs overall

Now you know a bit more about the physical traits of the Egyptian Mau kitten and cats. There are a few other basics that you may want to know about the Egyptian cat breeds, as well. 

Other Basics Regarding the Egyptian Cat Breeds

If you are thinking about getting the oldest cat breed, the Egyptian cat, there are a few things that you might be wondering. 

You might want to know how long these cats usually live. The average age for the Egyptian Mau cats is between 9 and 13 years old. 

You might also want to know about their social and attention needs. These cats do need quite a bit of attention and socialization when compared to other cats. If you plan to get an Egyptian Mau kitten or cat, be sure you make plenty of time to play with them. 

It might also interest you to know that this oldest cat breed is recognized by the TICA, FIFe, ACFA, and CFA cat associations. 

Now that you have the basics of this cat breed, let’s dive a litter further in-depth about the characteristics, traits, and other details of the Egyptian Mau cat. 

Personality of the Egyptian Mau Cats

What type of cat are you looking for? Do you want a cat that is very aware of what is going on around them? Do you want a cat that acts like they control everything? Would you like a cat that is active, strong, and has a balanced temperament? You will get all of these things if you have an Egyptian Mau cat. 

Living with an Egyptian Mau Cat

If you plan to live with an Egyptian Mau cat, it can be so much fun. These cats are very athletic, so you can bet they are going to get you up and moving around. The Egyptian cat breeds like to climb and jump.

It is important that they have cat trees or perches to use whenever they want, as well as cat toys. If you don’t give your Egyptian Mau cat these, they will use anything they can find as a perch. 

When caring for an Egyptian Mau cat, things will be fairly easy. They enjoy being brushed, so this task shouldn’t be a hassle at all. In fact, you can easily start brushing your Egyptian Mau cat while playing with them. 

History of the Egyptian Mau Cats

Now that you know more about how to care for and what to expect from an Egyptian Mau cat, you can learn a bit about their history. 

These cats were founded by the Egyptians. The Egyptians loved cats and actually worshipped them. In fact, the God of Sun, from an Egyptian book, was a spotted Tabby cat. In Egyptian history, this cat is said to have slain Apep, a serpent.

Following this, the tabby cats wore scarabs on their heads. The truth is that Tabby cats already have a natural marking that looks just like a scarab on their head. 

In 1953, a woman had come from Egypt to Italy with her Tabby cat. She bred her cat with a male Tabby cat that someone had also brought into Italy. In 1956, this pair was brought into the United States by the woman. From there, the Egyptian Mau cats were founded. 

After this, a breeding program was started in the United States, so there could be more Egyptian Mau cats. In 1958, the Egyptian cat breeds were recognized. In 1992, this cat breed was recognized in Europe. 


These are some of the many different traits and facts about the Egyptian Mau, one of the most exotic cat breeds. With this information, you can decide if this is the cat breed that you want to bring into your family. 

How much is an Egyptian Mau?

Many people want to know how much an Egyptian Mau cat costs. The average price that will be paid for this cat breed is between $75 and $150. However, if you are going to get an Egyptian Mau cat from one of the breeders, you will likely be paying between $800 to $1,800.

What breed of cat has longer back legs?

The Egyptian Mau cats are very fast. In fact, they are one of the quickest running cats of all. This is partially because they have longer back legs than other cat breeds. In addition, they have a skin flap that goes from the back knee to their flank. This helps them to stretch their legs and run faster. It also gives them a bigger stride and better agility.

What is a pharaoh cat?

The pharaoh cat is also known as the Egyptian Mau cat. It is a cat breed that was founded back in 1400 BC. They are very playful and look quite exotic. Unlike Ocicats, Egyptian Mau cat breeds are considered one of the only breeds that are naturally spotted.

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Written by Leo Roux

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