Russian Blue Cat Personality: Get to Know this Breed of Cat

The Russian Blue is one of the more coveted gray cat breeds that families love to have in their home as one of them. This beautiful Russian cat makes a great addition to almost any cat-loving family. Learning about their personality as well as other information about this breed before committing to Russian blue cat adoption is one of the more important steps in the process.

Before bringing one of these beautiful grey cats into your home, take some time to learn more about them to determine if they're the right cat for you. Such as their temperament, play needs, and even their grooming and diet needs.


In the past, the Russian Blue has gone by another name which came from the islands in Northern Russia from which they seem to have originated from. The Russian Blue cat was first discovered when it came over to the mainland of Russia on ships that were traveling from the Archangel Isles. This is where the Russian Blue was given its first name of Archangel Cat. 

Sometime around the mid-1860s these little grey cats did some more seafaring and made their way over to England. Here, the members of the royal family fell in love with the Russian blue cat instantly. 


The first and most adorable part of the Russian Blue cat’s personality is how much they love people. Especially their own people. Once you own a Russian Blue cat, don’t be surprised if they become attached to one particular member of the household. The Russian Blue cat may appear to play favoritism, but they will still love everyone in the family all the same and be just as affectionate all around. 

Anyone who has owned a Russian Blue cat will tell you that the legends are true: the Russian Blue cat will train you, rather than you being the one who trains them. This smart little cat must be aware of how cute they really are and know how to work that fact to their advantage. 

They are also notorious chatterboxes and will “talk” up a storm with their owner. Over time you will find that your Russian Blue has essentially become your own personal, cat-shaped shadow. They absolutely love to follow their humans around the house and always know what they are up to and be a part of the action. 

The Russian Blue may sound like a clingy cat who wouldn’t do well being alone. Contrary to this belief, the Russian Blue cat is actually perfectly content to being left alone to their own devices. Making them a great breed of cat to own when you have a busy work schedule and tend to spend a lot of time away from your home.  

The Russian Blue cat is perfectly content with spending alone time curled up in some cozy little hiding spot in your home napping away. They may also behave this way if you have unfamiliar guests over to your home to visit. The Russian Blue cat is affectionate and friendly, but also very shy when it comes to new people or large gatherings of people in their home. 

Living with Your Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue cat is certainly one of the more intelligent breeds of cats to own. This being said, be prepared to stay busy entertaining your Russian Blue cat, as they require lots of mental stimulation to keep them from becoming bored. 

They will take it upon themselves to entertain themselves throughout the day as long as you be sure to provide them with plenty of fun toys to occupy their time with. They also have a strong natural hunting instinct, so any toy that allows them to tap into this natural side of theirs is perfect. This includes toys that dangle or move about easily, as they can chase after and stalk these toys for their own pleasure. 

Other Care Needs

The Russian Blue cat is a relatively low maintenance breed of cat. They may have thick and fluffy coats of fur, but they aren’t a breed that tends to shed too often. As far as cat grooming goes, they only need a quick brushing or comb through 1-2 times per week to keep up with any loose fur that could end up on your couch or in the carpets of your home.

One thing to keep in mind when caring for your Russian Blue cat is that this breed loves to eat. Meaning, they tend to overeat if the food is available to them and could become overweight easily. As a Russian Blue owner, it’s important to keep close tabs on how much you are feeding them each day.  


The Russian Blue cat is an incredibly adorable cat that would easily make a great addition to any household. Not to mention they shed minimally, making them great even for cat lovers with mild cat allergies. You will never feel alone or unloved when you welcome a Russian Blue, formerly known as the Archangel Cat, into your family home. They love their people and tend to become easily attached to all family members, although one more than the rest at times. 

Families with kids will love the company of the Russian Blue cat, as they are always on the lookout for a fun companion to play with. Or even just a person for them to follow around the house while they go about their daily business. The Russian Blue is truly a wonderful cat with a royal background, who will make nearly any family happy to have them in their home. 

How much is a Russian blue cat?

The Russian Blue cat breed is fairly typical but can run anywhere from $600 to $800 depending on where you chose to adopt them. Different breeders will charge different rates depending on the cat's breeding.

Do Russian blue cats shed?

Don’t let the Russian Blue cat’s thick coat of fur trick you. This adorable little cat doesn’t shed as much as you might think it might. They only require a good brushing 2 to 3 times per week to keep up with any loose fur.

How long do Russian blue cats live?

Russian Blue cats live a long and happy 15 to 20 years of life when they are cared for properly by a loving family. Owners of a Russian Blue should not be surprised if their kitty lives beyond those 20 years either, they are an incredibly sturdy breed of cat.

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