Best Things to Know About the American Eskimo Puppy

When you are checking out dog breeds to adopt, you may come across the American Eskimo puppy. These puppies are so adorable. They have a white, fluffy coat. They look like they belong in an igloo. However, their history is completely different. Keep reading here to find out some of the best things about the Eskimo dog

Germany Origin

The American Eskimo dog didn’t originate from a place with igloos. In fact, this dog breed originated in Germany. They were descendants of the dog breed called the German Spitz. A long time ago, these dogs came from Germany to the Americas with their owners. It wasn’t until later on that the Eskimo dog became known as the American Eskimo dog throughout the United States. 

Began as Guard Dogs and Herders

The German Spitz was bred for herding purposes. They were also bred for guarding livestock and for hunting. After these dogs were brought over to the U.S., more people adopted them as pets for their families. Regardless of the name of the American Eskimo dog, this dog breed was never a sled dog.

However, they do great in agility competitions. If you are looking to get a full-grown American Eskimo dog, you may want to find out if they were trained for agility tasks. If they haven’t already been trained for this, you may want to work on these tasks with them once you bring him or her home. 

Once Were Circus Dogs

Another interesting fact to know about the Eskimo dog is that they were once circus dogs. During the later part of the 19th century, this dog breed was often found in traveling circuses. There were many reasons why this dog breed was chosen to be a part of these circuses. They were quick to train and capable of doing some amazing agility tricks.

In addition, their white, fluffy coats looked beautiful in the circus spotlights. In fact, when people saw the full-grown American Eskimo dogs in these circuses, they fell in love with them. This is why Eskimo dogs are popular and so many people started getting an Eskimo dog as a pet. Nowadays, there are many people who have miniature Eskimo puppies, as well. 

Tightrope Walking Dog 

Not only were the American Eskimo dogs part of the circus, but they were one of the only dog breeds that could walk the tightrope. In fact, the Eskimo dog was the 1st dog to ever walk on a tightrope. To this day, the Eskimo dog is still well-known for all the tricks it can do in and out of the circus. 

Different Sizes 

If you want a dog breed that comes in different sizes, you are going to love the Eskimo dog breed. Just like the poodles, this dog breed has three different sizes. You can find them in the toy, miniature, and standard sizes. Many people find the miniature Eskimo puppies to be the cutest. However, even if you want a smaller dog, the standard Eskimo dogs don’t usually get any heavier than 35 pounds. 

Biscuit Coloring

If you thought the white, fluffy version of the Eskimo dog was adorable, wait until you get a look at the biscuit-colored dog of this breed. You can find the American Eskimo dog in the biscuit cream color. This means that the coat will be mostly white. However, it will have some biscuit coloring on its coat, as well. 

Friendly Disposition

If you have met a lot of smaller dog breeds, some of them can be a bit nippy. However, the American Eskimo dog breed is one of the sweetest dog breeds you will ever meet. Even the miniature Eskimo puppies are sweet. When trained well, they can make for amazing family pets and companions, as well. If you are looking for a social and friendly dog, the puppy and full-grown Eskimo dogs are a great choice. 


There are many facts about the American Eskimo dog. The facts that are mentioned above give you a good idea of what to expect if you are thinking about adopting an Eskimo dog.

You can also look to your veterinarian, the AKC, and other dog resources to find out more about the miniature Eskimo puppies and the full-grown American Eskimo dogs. While each American Eskimo dog is sure to have its own unique personality, the majority of them are sweet, loving, and adorable. 

How big do American Eskimo dogs get?

If you are going to get any dog, it is important to know how big they can get. The American Eskimo dogs will usually be around 19 inches when they are fully grown. However, you can find the American Eskimo in the toy, miniature, and standard sizes. The toy American Eskimo dogs are usually closer to around 9 inches tall when they are fully grown. The miniature American Eskimo dogs are somewhere in the middle of these two numbers.

What is the life expectancy of an American Eskimo dog?

Before getting a new dog, it is a good idea to know an approximation of how long they will live. While every dog is different, each dog breed has a life expectancy. The American Eskimo dog breed usually lives between 13 to 15 years.

How much food should an American Eskimo eat?

If you are going to get an American Eskimo dog, it is important to make sure they are getting the right amount of food. It is recommended that the American Eskimo dog breed gets fed between 3 and 4 cups of food each day. Usually, this amount is spread out over 3 meals. If your American Eskimo dog is taking part in intense activities, they may need even more food than this. If needed, you can ask your dog’s veterinarian how much food you should be giving them.

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