Types of Ferrets

If you are looking to get a ferret as a pet, you may want to know about the different types of ferrets. This way you can decide which type is best for you and your family. It is important to understand that there is only one breed of a ferret - even though they are often called standard, European, and Angora - they are all the same. With this being said, ferrets can be different sizes, patterns, lengths, and colors. 

Learning about the various patterns and colors of the types of pet ferrets can help you to figure out which one you would like to adopt. Research shows that there are 7 colors and 7 patterns for all types of ferrets. 


The sable ferrets are most common for household pets. These are usually brown in color and you can find them in most pet stores. Their coat’s top layer is a beautiful brown and their undercoat is a lighter color. It could be gold, white, or cream. 

Black Sable


These are a bit different than the sable just discussed. The black sable ferrets are darker in color. However, they still have a white or cream undercoat. They look bolder than the regular sable-colored ferrets. 


Just like it sounds, the chocolate ferrets look like milk chocolate. They also have an undercoat that is white-colored. They have dark eyes and their nose can be brown to pink in color. 


You can get a cinnamon ferret, as well. This is not a technical color from the American Ferret Association, however, they are still quite common. These ferrets have a light brown to red color coat. Their undercoat is golden to white. They usually have a brick red, pink, or beige colored nose. 


Sometimes, champagne ferrets are also called diluted chocolate ferrets. They have lighter coats and cream to white undercoats. They generally have light-colored eyes. However, sometimes their eyes are dark red. 


You could also get a black ferret. These ferrets are darker in color than black sable ferrets. They are black with white undercoats. They also have a black nose and black eyes. They could even have a spotted nose. 


The albino ferrets will be cream to white in color. They will have pink or red eyes. Their nose will be pink, as well. The cream or white ferrets don’t have the pink eyes, so those aren’t considered to be albino ferrets. 

Dark-Eyed White

These are a bit different than albino ferrets. They usually have white coats with dark or black-colored eyes. They can have a cream-colored coat, as well. 

Different Ferret Patterns

As previously mentioned, while there aren’t different breeds of ferrets, there are many different types of ferrets. In addition to the above-mentioned types of pet ferrets, there are some other patterns, too. Some of these include the following:

  • Striped - While these aren’t officially named from the American Ferret Association, they do exist. They are almost completely white, but about 10% of their coat is darker in color. Generally, they will have a stripe of darker color on their back. 
  • Standard - These ferrets are usually the same color throughout their body. However, they are usually lighter in color than the solid ferrets. 
  • Roan - You can find roan pattern ferrets, too. This means they have half of their coat in white color and the rest of their coat is one of the colors mentioned above. All types of ferrets can have a roan pattern. 
  • Point - This is also called Siamese or color-point. You can distinctly tell the difference between the color of their shoulders, tail, feet, face, and legs. 
  • Blaze - This type of pattern ferret can have any color, but not white. They will have one color stream going down their head to their neck. These ferrets have brown or dark red eys. They have a pink-colored nose. Their tail, knees, and feet usually have a white tip. Sometimes they can even have a spotted belly.
  • Mutt - These ferrets can have any color. They can have any spots, roans, or patterns. Basically, they can be a mix of everything for all types of ferrets that were discussed above. 
  • Panda - This type of ferret is like it seems. They look similar to panda bears with a contrasting body and head color. Their shoulders, mitts, and hips have a darker color than the rest of their body. Sometimes they even have rings of color around the eyes.

These are some of the different patterns of ferrets. Now that you have read about all the different types of ferrets, you can decide what type of you would like to have as a pet. It might also be helpful to know, that since all types of ferrets are the same breed, they all have similar personalities and behaviors.

With this information, you can choose a ferret type that you think is the most beautiful. Some people like the multi-colored ferrets, while others would much rather have a solid-colored ferret. With so many different colors, color combinations, and patterns, you have many options to choose from when you are getting a ferret. 

How many different types of ferrets are there?

There are not different breeds of ferrets. With this being said, there are over 20 different types of ferrets. The different types are based on the coat type, size of the ferret, and color or pattern of the ferret. With all types of ferrets, they usually all have similar habits. Some have a higher risk of being deaf, though. These ferrets include the Panda, Blaze, and Albino.

What types of ferrets are there?

Since all types of ferrets are the same breed, it is important to know that the different types of ferrets are based on their colors, color combinations, and patterns.

Are ferrets a type of mongoose?

Ferrets do not belong to the rodent group. They are also not related to raccoons, mongooses, or opossums, either.

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