Are Ferrets Good Pets?

Not everyone would like to own a ferret. However, for those who are interested in bringing a ferret into their household, it might be helpful to know that they can be a great pet. For the most part, ferrets are quite affectionate and most of the time they are quiet. If that isn’t enough to convince you that a ferret can be a great pet, there are 10 reasons why ferrets are good pets that you should know about. 

They Are Adorable

With cute faces and trouble-making eyes, you can’t get enough of a ferret, once you bring one into your home. They are so adorable. Ferrets make good house pets because they are smaller and can live for quite some time. On average, ferrets will live to be between 6-8 years. Some ferrets might live 12 years. The majority of female ferrets will be 13-14 inches and we a maximum of 2.5 lbs. Most male ferrets will be between 15-16 inches and weight a maximum of 3.5-4 lbs. 

Playful, Curious Pets

If you want to know why ferrets make good house pets, it is because they are playful, curious pets. They will make every member of your family laugh and they will play most of the day. They enjoy toys and getting into things. If you want a pet that is going to make you happy and bring more joy to your life, then a ferret is a great option. 

Sociable and Affectionate

If you can take in two ferrets as pets that would be ideal. Ferrets are extremely sociable and they love to play around. If they have another ferret to play with, they may not get into quite as much trouble. In addition, having more than one ferret can make your life even more interesting. They will both be sociable and affectionate. You will get to see both of their individual personalities, as well. 

Extremely Smart

Deciding what type of pet you are going to get can take some time. If you are considering getting a ferret as a pet, you should know they are extremely smart. Many first-time ferret owners are surprised at how smart their ferret is. They can easily solve problems and are always determined to figure out puzzles and games. 

Fairly Quiet

For the most part, you can expect a pet ferret to be fairly quiet. While they will vocalize from time to time, the majority of the time, they are going to be quiet. Usually, they make the loudest noises when they are scared or hurt. 

Smaller Pets

If you live in an apartment or a smaller house, then you will probably want or need a smaller pet. Ferrets make good house pets if you are looking for a pet that doesn’t take up as much space. In addition, there are cages for ferrets that are taller and not as wide. This way your ferret still has the space they need, while they aren’t taking up too much of your space, either. 

Feeding is Easy

There is a lot of healthy and good food that you can feed a pet ferret. You can buy high-quality ferret food. The good thing is that most ferrets aren’t that picky at all when it comes to eating, so they are easy to feed. Before you give your pet any food, make sure it's good for them first by doing research and checking with their veterinarian.

Litter-Training is Not Too Difficult

Since ferrets are extremely smart, it is important to know that it isn’t too difficult to litter-train them. While they are going to have some accidents during the training process, once they get the hang of it (which usually doesn’t take long), there won’t be a problem anymore. 

Love to Exercise

It won’t take you much to get your ferret to exercise. Most ferrets love to jump up and around. They love to run and play. As long as your home is ferret-proofed, you can let them run around and get their energy out. 

Individual Personalities

All ferrets are different from one another. They are all individuals in their own right. If you get a ferret for a pet, you can bet that it will behave differently than your friend’s ferret, if they have one. All ferrets have their own personality quirks and it is fun to get to know a ferret. If you have multiple ferrets as pets, each one of them will be unique in their personality. 

Now that you know 10 reasons why ferrets are good pets, you can decide if it is a great idea to get a pet ferret of your own. 

Do ferrets make good pets?

Ferrets do not make great pets for everyone. However, if you want a pet that is full of energy and that loves to play, you are going to enjoy having a ferret as a pet. In addition, they are very affectionate, so they can make your day when you are feeling down, as well.

Is a ferret a good pet?

It is important to know that not everyone would enjoy having a ferret as a pet. With this being said, there are many people who love having ferrets as pets over any other type of animal. If you want a pet that is generally quiet, but still playful, smart, and loving, you might want a ferret as a pet.

Do ferrets make good pets for kids?

If you have children and you want to get them a pet, it is helpful to know that ferrets to make for great companions. They are playful, loving, and enjoy pleasing their owners. They can play games with your children and make them smile any day. However, just like with many other pets, you should always teach your children how to properly handle an animal as well as how to treat them with love and respect.

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Written by Leo Roux


Just a friendly comment. In the wild they do eat baby animals. So you MUST be very careful around human babies. Their instincts do come into play around human infants. You must keep them separate.

Connie Happ on Jul 22, 2021

Dont forget to mention thay have a serious bite .something you must be aware of

Leigh Robinson on May 23, 2021

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