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When it comes to taking care of a ferret, there are many different things that you should know. One of these things is what you are going to feed them. Ferrets are very similar to cats in some ways. Both of these animals need to have a lot of fat and protein in their diets. It is important to know that ferrets are full of energy when they are playing around. With this being said, you need to make sure they stay healthy enough to run off that energy. You can do this by making sure you get them the best ferret food. 

If you are looking for the best ferret food, it might be helpful to know that you can’t usually just go to the local pet store and find what you need. Most of the time, when feeding a ferret, you will need to be more creative with what you feed them to make sure they are getting the most nutritious diet. Keep reading this guide to find out more about what you should be feeding your ferret. 

Dry Kitten Food is an Option

As previously mentioned, finding the best ferret food in a local pet store might not be as easy as you think it should be. The good news is that ferrets can eat dry kitten food. In fact, dry kitten food has the right amount of protein that your ferret will need. 

You will need to check the ingredient list, however. Ferrets aren’t able to have carbohydrates because their body will not digest them. This means that you should make sure the dry kitten food doesn’t have any grain or corn. The first ingredient in the food should be meat, preferably beef, lamb, or chicken. Ferrets usually won’t eat any type of fish. When you are looking for the best ferret food, be sure that it is high-quality and made from real meat, not any by-products. The foods with by-products in them are going to be much lower in quality. 

If you are going to feed your ferret dry kitten food, be sure that the pellets are rounded. If they are triangles or a shape with pointed edges, this could harm your ferret. 

Getting High-Quality Treats for Your Ferret

When trying to decide what you are going to feed your ferret, you should consider the snacks that you will be giving to them. There are some kitten treats that you can get for your ferret. They are able to eat kitten treats that have lamb or chicken as the 1st ingredient. Just remember that these treats should be soft and rounded. 

You can also choose to feed your ferret raw or cooked meat as a treat. Some of the best options are lamb, beef, or chicken. They can eat scrambled eggs and frozen small mice. There are many raw ferret food treat options that your ferret could have, too. 

Every once in a while, your ferret can eat fresh meat. However, dry food should be the main option for their diet. This type of food is going to help with keeping their teeth clean and keeping them healthier. 

Your ferret might enjoy sweets. However, it is important to know that sugar isn’t a great option for ferrets. It can harm your ferret’s digestive system.

Avoid These Foods with Your Ferret

There are some foods that your ferret should absolutely not eat. Knowing more about these foods can help you to keep your ferret healthy. First, you should make sure there isn’t much fiber in your ferret’s diet. This means they shouldn’t have vegetables or fruits. They also can’t properly digest any carbohydrates, so you shouldn’t be feeding your ferret grains. Whole grains aren’t even good for ferrets. 

It is extremely important to remember that chocolate is severely toxic for ferrets. You should make sure that any chocolate you have in the home is not in reach of your ferret. Remember, ferrets like to get into things, so you should make sure it is properly closed up and put in a place they can’t get to. It is actually a good idea to avoid giving your ferret any sugary treats or foods. 

Finally, you should make sure that your ferret doesn’t have any type of dairy product. Ferrets can’t digest lactose products because they are missing the enzyme needed for this process.


When it comes to getting your ferret the best food, their main food should be animal proteins, but not the ones that come from by-products. They can have scrambled eggs, as well. Their diet should be high in fat and protein. However, it should not have a lot of preservatives in it. If possible, try to not include any preservatives in their diet. You can get raw ferret food for your pet ferret. There are also many ferret food chart options out there that can help you to decide what to feed your ferret, too. 

Can ferrets eat cat food?

Your ferret is able to eat dry kitten food. However, they should avoid eating adult cat food because that doesn’t have the protein that they need.

Can ferrets eat dog food?

It isn’t recommended to give your ferret any dog food. Most dog foods don’t have the proper fat and protein levels that ferrets need. In addition, most dog foods have fiber and vegetable proteins in them which ferrets aren’t able to digest.

What human food can ferrets eat?

There are actually many human foods that ferrets can eat. Some of these things include scrambled eggs and raw meat. Some of the best meats that ferrets should eat include lamb, chicken, and beef.

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