Do Betta Fish Sleep?

If you like betta fish, you may want to get some. However, before you do, there are some things that you need to know about caring for betta fish. One of the things that many betta fish owners want to know is whether betta fish sleep. If you want to know more about betta fish sleeping, read this guide about betta fish sleeping habits here today. 

Fish Need to Sleep

It is important to know that while fish won’t sleep just like humans, they still need to get some sleep. This includes betta fish, as well. Most bettas are going to be quite active in the daytime and then sleep more in the night. 

Sleeping Betta Characteristics

Whether your betta fish is sleeping on hammock or just in the tank somewhere, it is important to know what your fish is going to look like when asleep. First of all, it is important to know that fish don’t close their eyes. They don’t have any eyelids. This is why many people don’t realize that their betta fish are actually sleeping. If you notice that your betta fish is inactive, maybe floating near the bottom of their tank, this could signify they are sleeping. Generally, they will sleep most of the night, off and on, unless they are startled by something or unless light wakes them up.

Taking Naps in the Daytime

It is important to know that bettas might often take naps in the daytime. If you look into your betta’s tank in the middle of the day and they are just floating down near the bottom part of their tank, they might be sleeping. You may also notice that your betta fish is hanging out near the top part of their tank. They might do this when they are resting, too. 

Don’t Panic

Many first-time betta owners will panic if they see their betta in the inactive state. They may think that their betta has died. This is because there isn’t much difference in the look of a betta that has died and a betta that is sleeping. 

It is important to realize that your betta might take naps throughout the day. This doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with them. They might just need some rest. You might see your betta fish sleeping on the hammock or hanging out at the top of their tank. If your betta fish is doing this, don’t try to spook them. They need their rest, just like humans do. Your betta fish is resting where they feel safe. If you spook them, they may not feel that any place in their rank is safe. This could cause them to not get enough rest or sleep, leading to health issues in your betta. 

Differences Between a Dead Betta and Sleeping Betta Fish

When your betta fish is sleeping, it could be laying on the bottom or the top of its tank. This could make you worry that your betta fish is not alive. There are some signs that your betta fish isn’t going to live much longer or that they have died. Some of the things you should look for include the following:

  • Not swimming properly.
  • Seems to be lethargic (laying in the same spot for hours or days without moving)
  • Coloring doesn’t seem as vibrant as usual
  • Bigger eyes than normal
  • Fins don’t look healthy
  • Discolored fins and white spots on the body
  • Scales are more raised 
  • Doesn’t have an interest in eating

    If you have noticed these things in your betta fish recently and now your fish is not moving, they might be dead and not just sleeping. You will also notice the following if your betta fish is dead and not sleeping:

  • They aren’t breathing when checking their gills and mouth (you can get a net to check on your fish’s breathing)
  • They are on their side or back on the bottom of their tank or floating oddly at the top of their tank
  • Their color is now faded and their eyes are dull
  • If you have noticed these things in your betta fish and they have died, you should instantly remove them from the tank. 

    Giving Your Betta Fish the Rest They Need

    It is important that you give your betta fish the rest that they need. All living things need their rest. If you have found that your betta fish is still alive, but they are resting or sleeping, let them wake up on their own. Don’t put food in their tank to try to entice them to wake up and don’t spook them in any way, either. They need to get their rest and soon they will start swimming around again. 

    How do betta fish sleep?

    If you are trying to figure out how betta fish sleep, hopefully, this will help you. Most betta fish will find the place in their tank that is more comfortable or where they feel the safest. They will then become inactive while they rest or sleep. They may even sleep in a hammock that you have placed into the tank.

    How long do betta fish sleep?

    There is no hard and fast rule for how long betta fish sleep. However, it is important to know that most betta fish will sleep more during the night. They might also take naps during the daytime, as well. Most of the daytime naps are infrequent, however.

    Do betta fish sleep with their eyes open?

    Fish don’t have any eyelids as humans do. This means they aren’t able to shut their eyes when they are sleeping. They will have their eyes open at all times. With this being said, that doesn’t mean that they can’t sleep at all. They still need their rest and sleep.

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