Types of Guinea Pigs

If you are interested in getting a guinea pig as a pet, there are many different types of guinea pigs that you should know about. There are probably more than you ever thought there were. However, knowing more about these types can help you to decide which one you would like as a pet. 

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs 

Abyssinians have one of the most beautiful guinea pig coat types. Their hair grows outward away from the body. This means their hair looks ridged and spiked. These guinea pigs come in many color combinations. Some of the colors they can include grey, white and red, or even red and black. 

American Guinea Pigs

When talking about the different types of guinea pigs, many people like the American types. Many people own American guinea pigs. They have smooth, short hair. There are 19 color combinations with these guinea pigs. They are quite easy to care for, as well.

Coronet Guinea Pigs

These guinea pigs have smooth, long hair that can go down to the floor. They also have a crown of hair around their forehead. The hair stands up just like a crown. Many people prefer to have this type of guinea pig over other types for a pet. 

Hairless Guinea Pigs

This is one of the 3 types of guinea pigs that many people know about, with the others being the American and silkies. These guinea pigs are pretty much hairless. They might have a bit of fur on their feet or face. They aren’t hypoallergenic and they take a lot of maintenance. You need to make sure they are kept very warm. They also need a diet that helps keep their energy up. In addition, hairless guinea pigs have a high infection risk.

Peruvian Guinea Pigs

These guinea pigs have long hair, but their coat is smooth. Their hair goes in all directions and can get very long. It is recommended that those who can’t keep up with brushing their guinea pig, don’t get a Peruvian. These guinea pigs can have cream, white and red, grey, or other colors of coats. 

White Crested Guinea Pigs

The white crested guinea pigs have small patches of white between the ears. It looks just like a crown which is why they are called crested guinea pigs. The hair will go out from that single spot. Many people think that these are some of the most beautiful guinea pigs. 

Satin Guinea Pigs 

The name is these guinea pigs are exactly what they look like. Their coats are shiny and beautiful. It looks just like satin. This is because their hair is hollow. It makes light reflect off the coat which brings about the satin appearance. There are also satin tri-colors, satin Himalayan, and satin Abyssinian guinea pigs, as well. It is important to know that this breed has a high chance of developing osteodystrophy.

Silkie Guinea Pigs 

These guinea pigs have long hair which will need a lot of maintenance. They are pretty to look at. Sometimes their hair is inches long. There are many different color combinations for silkie guinea pigs. If you get a silkie guinea pig, you should be sure that you continuously comb their hair out of their face. 

Teddy Guinea Pigs

This is a guinea pig that has wiry hair. It fills up their entire body. They are very sweet and they look very fluffy. Teddy guinea pigs have a variety of color combinations, as well. These guinea pigs are quite popular pets. 

Texel Guinea Pigs

If you want a long-haired guinea pig, these ones have a beautiful, long, and curly coat. Their coat is formed in ringlets throughout their body. This makes them look quite large, even though that is just their coat you are seeing. There are many color combinations for texel guinea pigs. Many people find that these guinea pigs are amazing, sociable pets. 

Emerging Variety Guinea Pigs

Above, you have read about some of the most common guinea pig breeds out there. However, there are some emerging varieties, as well. Some of these include the ridgeback, magpie, lunkyara, and others, too. All of these guinea pigs have beautiful coats and are great pets. 

Now that you know more about the many different guinea pig breeds available, you can decide which one you would like to have as your pet. Keep in mind the maintenance you will have to do on their coat. You should also consider the look you would like in your pet guinea pig. For instance, the satin guinea pigs look much fancier than the American guinea pigs. 

What is the best type of hay for guinea pigs?

If you are going to have a guinea pig as a pet, you will need to feed them hay. One of the best types of hay for guinea pigs is timothy hay. You can get this from most local pet stores. You can also buy bulk timothy hay from farms or feed stores. The majority of guinea pigs like this type of hay. No matter what type of hay you get for your guinea pig, it should be high-quality, fresh, and clean.

What type of bedding for guinea pigs is best?

There are many different types of guinea pig bedding out there. The most recommended is paper bedding. Aspen is a great choice, as well. You could also combine Aspen and paper bedding. You could choose to use fleece bedding. However, guinea pigs generally poop a lot more on this type of bedding and it will need to be cleaned off more often - daily even. It is more comfortable than many other types of bedding, though.

How many types of guinea pigs are there?

There are 13 different breeds of guinea pigs. You can choose the one that you like the best.

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