Dogs That Don’t Bark: For Dog Lovers Who Love a Quiet Lifestyle

For some dog lovers, a noisy dog is not an option for one reason or another. In which case, in order to fulfill your heart's desire to have a dog in your life, you need to find a breed that doesn’t bark a lot or make much noise to speak of. 

There are, in fact, some “barkless” dog breeds out there that can be adopted to meet this exact need. There are also some quiet dog breeds, and surprisingly, some small quiet dogs as well. These rare breeds of dogs may seem strange and unusually, but they are perfect for dog owners who enjoy a quiet lifestyle. 

Barkless Dogs

If you are in the market for a dog who does not bark, be prepared to pick from a small pool of candidates. There are very few breeds of barkless dogs in existence. One of the more popular breeds of barkless dogs is called the Basenji.

These dogs aren’t completely mute, but due to a genetic mutation their larynx is shaped differently that other dogs. Making them physically incapable of producing a loud, typically dog barking sound. Instead they make what is described as a yodel or a sort of “barroo” sound. 

These quiet dogs are small in size and make for a great small family dog, but it may come as a surprise to you that they were originally bred as lion hunting dogs in Central Africa. They’ve since become more of a common household pet but will still howl yodel when they are “on the hunt” for something, or just plain excited.

Caring for a Barkless Dog 

Part of being a pet parent is making sure that you're giving your pet dog proper care.

The Basenji dog has short, easy to manage fur. Meaning their grooming needs are little to none. Which makes them perfect for households where the humans aren’t able to perform the upkeep of a more high-maintenance dog. Dog grooming at home is easier to do with this breed. 

Another great perk about the dog is their lack of that typical “dog odor”. That one you can normally catch onto instantly when entering the home of someone who owns a dog. They aren't exactly a hypoallergenic dog, but this is also great news for dog lovers who have trouble with allergies to other dogs. 

Barkless Dog Health Concerns

Not too long ago now, the Basenji Breed of dog was nearly wiped out due to a fatal kidney disease called Fanconi Syndrome. This is a genetic disease that this breed of dog was prone to.

The breed was able to repopulate due to a few dedicated dog breeders who traveled all the way to the Congo to bring more Basenji dogs back to the United States for breeding. This action by the breeders helped to further diversify the gene pool. Eventually, decreasing the odds of this breed experiencing Fanconi disease much less of a concern. 

This disease can easily be mistaken for canine diabetes. This is because the primary signs and symptoms include increased thirst, increased urination, and glucose being present in the urine. Noticing these symptoms in your Basenji dog should be treated as an emergency, and you should get your dog to the vet as soon as possible for treatment.

Quiet Dog Breeds

There are several other breeds of dogs that would make great companions for dog lovers who aren’t fond of the idea of having a dog that barks really loud or just makes a lot of noise constantly. A few of the many great quiet dog breeds out there include the Australian Shepherd, Boxer, and the Akita

These breeds are great for someone who is living in an apartment and wants a dog but can’t have one that makes a lot of noise. Same goes for living in a rented house under a landlord. 

Australian Shepherd 

Australian Shepherds, also referred to as “Aussies”, are well known for being a really smart dog, as well as their enthusiasm.

Because of their high intelligence, they are easy to train and are usually incredibly obedient. So, in addition to their naturally quiet nature, the Aussie can also easily be trained on how not to bark at the neighbors or at nothing at all. 


Boxers are highly rated as great family dogs who understand the going-ons of the household, and when they should be quiet. Boxers are an extremely excitable and enthusiastic breed of dog but known well how to keep their enthusiasm low key. They're also one of the most affectionate dog breeds


The Akita originates from the mountains of Japan where it was found to be an incredibly loyal and protective breed of dog, which is why they also make for a great guard dog. Despite their protectiveness that can sometimes turn aggressive if they feel it is needed, the Akita is still a relatively quiet breed of dog. 


More often than not, dog lovers are willing to put up with some barking and overall excessive noise that comes with owning a dog. However, for some dog lovers, they would prefer a quieter lifestyle. Or maybe it is just necessary for a current living situation.

The Basenji is one of the very few breeds of dog that are considered to be barkless. But there are other quiet dog options out there if you don’t feel that a Basenji fits the bill. There are large and small quiet dogs out there, beside the Basenji who would love to come home with you and fill that space in your life. 

Are there dogs that don’t bark?

The Basenji breed of dog is known for its lack of a bark, making it a popular breed for dog lovers who do not want a dog who makes a lot of noise. Although, these dogs aren’t completely mute. They do make noises, that are often described as “a cross between a chortle and a yodel.”

Do poodles bark a lot?

Poodles are known for their vocal nature, especially when they get excited to see someone or are feeling playful. They are not much more talkative than your average dog who becomes vocal when excited about something.

When do puppies start barking?

Newborn puppies will begin to make vocalizations such as whines and whimpers around 2-3 weeks of age. By their 7th or 8th week of life you will begin to hear little yelps and the beginnings of barks coming from the young pups.

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