Most Important Facts About Akita Temperament

Are you looking for a loyal and affectionate puppy or dog? If so, you might love having an Akita.

The Japanese Akita dog is usually playful, loving, and committed to their family members. They may not take well to outsider dogs unless they are trained to do so, but for those in their household, they love them unconditionally. 

Summing Up the Akita

When you look at an Akita, they can seem like giants. However, if you love bigger dogs, the long-haired Akita is adorable. With their upright ears, they couldn’t be any cuter. They only need an average amount of exercise and walking, so you don’t need to worry about having to run around with them all the time. 

The Japanese Akita dog doesn’t drool or snore much either, which means they aren’t that messy. If trained properly, they won’t bark much either. 

Originally bred for hunting bears, the Akita breed can be a great dog to take on hunting trips. However, they are perfectly content playing at home with the members of their family, too. 

Akita Breed Personality

The Akita breed was bred to live alone or with one other dog. If you only want one dog, the Japanese Akita dog would be happy to be your only one. However, if you socialize them well, they can be tolerant of other animals. They may still want to be top-dog, but they can be friendly with other dogs. 

Overall, the long-haired Akita is affectionate, loyal, and loving to their family members and friends of the family. They can be somewhat territorial about their home. If strangers or people they don’t know well show up to the home, you can expect your Japanese Akita dog to bark. With this being said, you can train them to stop barking when you ask them to do so. 

Since this is a larger breed of dog, they can be tough to control if they aren’t trained properly. This is why it is often recommended to get a Japanese Akita dog when they are a baby or a puppy. This way, you can teach them the things that you want them to learn and how you want them to learn. 

These dogs are strong and have a lot of endurance. They need to be trained properly, so they can learn how to channel their energy. It should be noted that the Japanese Akita dog is very intelligent. They can get bored when being trained. You need to challenge them and keep things interesting. 

Living with a Japanese Akita Dog

If you are thinking about getting a Japanese Akita dog, there are some things that you should know first. 

This is a hardy dog breed. They were bred to be companions and will become a member of your family. If you train them and spend time with them, they will be devoted and loyal to your family. Generally, a long-haired Akita will follow you from one room to the next. They think they need to keep you safe and keep you and other members of the household company. 

The Akita breed has a good temperament and isn’t usually aggressive. If they sense danger for you or members of the family, they might let you know that something isn’t right.

This is due to their protective instincts. With this being noted, the Akita breed is generally very loyal and loving to little children who are in the home. They also make for a great guard dog because of their protective nature.

You will also come to learn that the Akita breed wants to be clean. When it comes to housebreaking a dog, this breed is trained quite easily. This is one of the qualities that make them very desirable to people who want an inside dog. 

History of the Akita Breed

The Akita breed originated out of Japan. They were known as heart-tender and strong-physicality. The name comes from Prefecture of Akita (a part of Japan). The Akita breed came from a mix of chow chows with Tosa and Japanese Kari dogs. 

A long time ago, the long-haired Akita was known as a leader of Japan. They were bred to herd, guard, and hunt. With their strength and large size, they could track the black bears, elk, and deer. Over the years, these dogs were bred more for home companions. They are courageous, loyal, loving, and protective. 

In fact, in Japan, new parents often get an Akita small statue after their baby is born as a symbol of protection. In addition, the Akita breed is known for its long life, happiness, and health. 

Helen Keller brought the first Akita into the USA. In 1937, she stated how much she loved the Akita breed and how much she wanted an Akita herself. As a respectful gesture, she was given Kamikaze-Go, a puppy from Japan. 


When it comes to the Akita temperament, these dogs are friendly, loyal, strong, and protective. They make for great house pets and will follow you around the home. They want to keep you company and keep you and other members of the household safe. If you are thinking of adopting a new dog, a Japanese Akita dog might be perfect for you and your family.

Do Akitas shed?

Akitas have a thick coat. It is known as a double coat. They do shed a lot throughout the year. They might shed 2 to 3 times a year - moderately. Usually, the shedding takes place in the spring and then again in the fall. The Akita breed will shed their blow coat which can be quite messy.

Are akitas aggressive?

The Akita breed is a strong dog. They are willful and bold. While they might not take too kindly to strangers, unless trained properly, they are loving with the members of their household. They are loyal and protective. If you want just one dog, the Japanese Akita dog would be perfect for your family.

How big do Akitas get?

An adult male Akita will generally be around 26 to 28 inches around their withers. They will weigh around 100 to 130 pounds. Adult female Akitas will be around 24 to 26 inches around their withers. They will weigh around 70 to 100 pounds.

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Written by Leo Roux

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