What Is The Best Dog Food For Boxers?

Boxers are fun-loving, active dogs that are very popular with households all across America. These dogs are highly intelligent and playful. Part of their popularity is that once appropriately socialized, Boxers are excellent with children. This characteristic of the Boxer breed makes them very popular with families. Of course, you want your pet to live a long, happy life, which means you probably want to give them the best dry dog food for Boxers! Here are five of our favorite foods, including our pick for best dog food for Boxers with sensitive stomachs.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Grain-free dog foods are incredibly popular for an excellent reason. Dogs in the wild do not eat grains as domesticated dogs do through processed foods. For a dog, grains can sometimes act as cheap filler that doesn't contribute much to a dog's nutritional health. As such, dog food retailers started producing dog foods without grains to ensure that each bite is full of tasty dietary value. 

Taste of the Wild is grain-free dog food. It is also one of the most highly rated. The manufacturer intends for the ingredients to mimic that of the wolf, from which dogs descend. As such, this product has buffalo in it, plus bison, venison, and beef. While these might be red meats, they're very close to what a wolf would eat in the wild. 

With a fantastic 32% protein and 18% fat, it's hard to argue with Taste of the Wild's quality and nutritional value!

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula - Best dog food for older Boxers

Many best dog food lists will have at least one Blue Buffalo product on them, and for a good reason: Blue Buffalo makes some of the best dog food on the market today. If you have a senior boxer, you probably want to check out Blue Buffalo's Life Protection formula, which is the best dog food for older Boxers. With chicken, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, and chicken meal as the top five ingredients, this food will make your senior Boxer feel young again!

It's also worth noting that this formula has loads of antioxidants and is easily digestible. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are giving your beloved Boxer the best chance at a long, happy life.

Blue Buffalo Basics: Limited Ingredients - Best Dog Food For Boxers With Sensitive Stomachs!

Blue Buffalo also makes a line of essential dog foods that have select ingredients. The company intends these foods to be readily digestible and easy on the stomach. As such, none of these Basics foods come with beef, chicken, soy, dairy, or other ingredients that have known issues for dogs' stomachs. This line of dog food is arguably the best dog food for Boxers with sensitive stomachs. 

Each version is grain-free with duck, lamb, salmon, or turkey as the main ingredient. In all cases, the carbohydrates come from potatoes.

Of course, much like the other Blue Buffalo dog food on this list, this one is high in protein and low in fat, at 20% and 12%, respectively. Most dogs that have stomach problems report an improvement once they start on this food. If you have an issue with your dog's stomach, it's most definitely worth a shot!

Royal Canin's Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin has a line of dog foods that target Boxers specifically. Interestingly, this food has a different formula than most other ones but is incredibly nutritious. The top five ingredients are brown rice, brewers rice, chicken fat, chicken by-product meal, and oat groats. Not having meat be the prime ingredient is undoubtedly different than the other foods. However, it's still one of the best dry dog foods for Boxers.

However, Boxers love this food, which has a lot of nutrients that benefit this breed of dog. In particular, it includes L-carnitine, which helps with muscle mass and taurine for physical and mental development. It has 24% protein and 18% fat, making it a fantastic choice for your pet.

Royal Canin recommends feeding this food to Boxers over the age of 15 months, so please do not give this to a puppy!

Eukanuba's Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba produces a Boxer-specific dog food as well. However, unlike Royal Canin's offering, the top five ingredients for this one are chicken, chicken by-product meal, cornmeal, ground whole grain sorghum, and ground whole grain barley. Being chicken-based, it is relatively high in protein at 25% and has less fat at 16%.

One unique feature of this particular food is the shape of the kibbles. The form helps protect and clean teeth. Eukanuba claims that Boxers who start eating this food will see a reduction in tartar within 28 days. Of course, you'd have to give your Boxer this food to see if it works for them. If you have a Boxer with teeth problems, it's most definitely worth a shot!

There Are Many Good Options Out There

There are many excellent choices for best dry dog food for Boxers and best dog food for Boxers with sensitive stomachs. If you have a Boxer and want to ensure they have the best nutrition possible, please try one of the foods listed above. You'll give them the best chance at a long, happy life!

What is the best dog food for Boxers?

There isn't one best dog food for Boxers, as each animal is unique. The five dog foods listed above are choices that you should consider, as they are all nutritionally-rich and will keep your dog happy, healthy, and active.

What is the best dog food for Boxers with allergies?

The best dog food for Boxers with sensitive stomachs or other allergies is Blue Buffalo's Basics. Available in four different flavors, these foods are nutritionally-complete with minimal ingredients, which minimize your dog's exposure to potential allergens. If you try one of the Basics foods and your dog still has allergies, consult with your vet as they may not be related to food.

What is a good dry dog food for Boxers?

There are many quality dry dog foods. In general, you should check out kibbles from Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin, and Eukanuba.

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