Snow Bengal Cat: What You Need To Know About This Adorable Breed

Snow Bengal cats are some of the most adorable cats out there today. They have beautiful fur, an inquisitive temperament, and are sure to stun others with their look. Although Bengal cats are not the cuddly types, that doesn't mean that they are not affectionate. Rather, instead of being held, these cats like to play. Small children frequently love these cats because they're always active and ready to play.

If you've wanted a Snow Leopard Bengal cat or you already have one, it's good to know as much about the breed as possible! Here are five things that you should know about these fantastic, beautiful cats!

The Name Snow Bengal Has Nothing To Do With Snow

At first glance, many people assume that the name "Snow Bengal" would have something to do with snow. In this case, however, it doesn't. In this context, the term "snow" refers to the white fur on the cat. Regular Bengals have darker hair, which gives them a very distinctive appearance. The Snow Bengal keeps much of that same experience, with a whiter fur coat instead of a dark one.

Snow Bengals Have A Rich History

Bengals themselves have a rich history. Since a Snow Bengal is merely a Bengal type, we can't look at the history of Snow Bengals without first looking at the history of the entire Bengal family.

The foundation for the Bengal cat is the Asian Leopard Cat. In the 1970s, a researcher by the name of Jean Sugden Mill bred her Asian Leopard Cat with a short-haired domestic mail. The exact reason for this research is beyond the scope of this post. However, the gist of it is that researchers believed that leopard cats were immune to feline leukemia. Therefore, they were trying to create derivative breeds that also had this immunity.

As researchers were creating this breed, some of the litters would be "albino." They would have white fur and blue eyes. As these kittens got older, they would develop varying levels of spotting. These were the first Snow Leopard Bengal cats. 

As time went on, breeders took these white cats and bred them together to create the Snow Bengal cat that we all know and love today!

Bengals Are Good With Children

Although Bengals might not be particularly cuddly cats, they are still excellent around children. Since they love to play, older children enjoy training them and playing with them. Older children will appreciate the more complex interactions (like playing with a string or jumping up on things) more than toddlers.

One other way in which children can play with the Bengals is in the water. Bengals are somewhat unique for cats in that they tend to love water. They frequently want to join their owners in the shower or bathtub. Alternatively, the cat can participate with the kids in the splash pool or some other fun outdoor water activities!

Bengal Cats Can Jump!

Bengal cats are some of the best jumpers in the feline kingdom. They can jump up to three times their height, which means that they can potentially find their way onto a 10-foot-high ledge. To make matters "worse," they are excellent climbers.

Therefore, if you take home a Bengal cat, make sure that you clean your house first. Don't leave plants on shelves or in high places, assuming that your new Bengal will be unable to reach them. There's a decent chance that your new cat's climbing abilities and jumping abilities will enable them to find a way up to most places within your home.

Bengals Are Very Vocal

Bengals are fun cats, and one of the aspects about them that makes them so fun is that they can vocalize incredibly well. They love to talk. As the owner of one of these adorable pets, be prepared to "converse" with them and to have lots of meowing when they want something. It certainly makes having Bengals lots of fun!

Snow Bengals Are Some Of The Best Cats Around

Snow Bengals are some of the best cats available today. They're soft, cuddly, adorable, and they have a fun, playful demeanor. Bengal cats, in general, love to vocalize and play, which makes them a fantastic choice for most people. The only type of person that may regret getting a Bengal is someone who wants their cat to stay still and cuddle. If, however, you're looking for a cat to play with, there aren't too many better choices than a Bengal.

Even though Bengals might be a lot of work, the reward is well worth it in seeing them live such happy lives! If you're interested in a Snow Bengal, don't delay. See if you can pick one up!

How much is a snow Bengal cat?

Unfortunately, snow Bengal cats, like all other Bengals, are expensive. On average, you should expect a Snow Bengal cat price to be a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $2,500. As with all transactions, make sure that you do your homework before committing to the purchase. Ask to see any vet checkup documentation to make sure that the owner has taken the cats for their shots and that there are no known health issues. The last thing you want to do is bring your brand new cat home and have to run out to the vet the next day!

Do Bengal cats like snow?

Yes, with one caveat. Bengal cats enjoy playing in the snow. However, on most snow days, it's too chilly outside for them to remain in it long. Therefore, you can let your Bengal out to play in the snow for as long as you let your pet back inside within a short time. Your cat may or may not signal to you that they are cold, so make sure that you forcibly bring them inside after a few minutes.

Can you own a snow Bengal cat in Florida?

Yes, absolutely! Bengal cats are legal within Florida and within all the other 49 states. Even though Bengal cats may look exotic, they are not genuinely exotic cats and are thus not subject to any restrictions.

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Written by Leo Roux

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