See These Top 7 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

If you have an apartment, getting a dog tends to be a little bit tricky for a few reasons. First, many apartments limit what dogs you can have. They will either restrict it by breed or by weight. Some apartments even limit your doggy choices by both.

Second, many dogs need plenty of exercises. In the wild, dogs wouldn't be sitting in an apartment - they'd be running around with the rest of their pack. Picking the right dog with all these parameters can be tricky. As you might expect, some dogs thrive better in smaller spaces than others. Here are the top seven best dog breeds for apartments.

One of the Best Dog Breeds for Apartments: Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise has multiple advantages for apartment dwellers. First, it is a tiny dog. They typically weigh about 15 pounds, so no more than a cat and well below most apartment dog weight limits.

They're also playful and hypoallergenic, meaning that they are perfect companions for when you have guests over.

All in all, the Bichon Frise is one of the best dogs for apartment living. There aren't too many other breeds that are this adorable and work so well for smaller spaces!


Many people are surprised when they first learn that the greyhound is one of the best dog breeds for apartments. After all, mention the word greyhound to anyone, and they think of the dogs running around the track.

Although these are the fastest dogs, they are very lazy and are couch potatoes for most of the day. If you take your greyhound out for a good exercise session, they'll be perfectly content to spend the rest of the day lounging with you, watching movies!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Few dogs are as cute as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The good news is that these are good apartment dogs too! Like the greyhound, these dogs are perfectly content to take a few walks around the block and then return to your apartment to sit on your lap. 

These dogs are also small, being roughly about the same size as a cat. Therefore, even in studio apartments, they'll fit in just fine!

Another One of the Best Dog Breeds for Apartments: Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is another excellent dog breed for apartments. With the nickname "the American gentleman," this breed is very easygoing and adapts well to city life. Unlike some of the other dogs on this list, this one is slightly bigger, clocking in somewhere between 12-25 lbs. Still, most Boston Terriers should fit under the 25 lb weight limit that most apartments set.

If you're looking for a larger dog (for apartment living, that is) that has impeccable manners and adjusts well to urban life, the Boston Terrier should be at the top of your list!


The Basenji dog breed is a unique breed for a few reasons. The main one of interest to renters is that it is a "barkless" dog. They don't bark, but they emit a yodeling noise instead. A Basenji's yodel is much quieter than the barks of other dogs. So, if you have a small space or paper-thin walls, this is the dog to get that won't irk your neighbors.

Basenjis also don't require a tremendous amount of exercise, and they rarely exceed 25 lbs in weight. Both these characteristics make them perfect apartment companions!

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is another dog breed that works incredibly well for apartments. With its short legs and unique appearance, this dog is loyal to its owner. These dogs have a mild temper, and a Basset Hound has no problem letting you know when it wants something. 

Aside from their size, these dogs are ideal for apartments because they are perfectly content with being put on a leash and going for a walk. They don't need time to run around large areas as some other dogs do. That makes the Basset Hound a perfect city companion!


Chihuahuas are one of the most well-known dog breeds in the world, in part because they are some of the best house dogs. You should also know that they are one of the best dog breeds for apartments too!

Part of what makes a chihuahua so perfect for an apartment is its small stature. These are tiny animals with weights not exceeding six pounds. That makes them ideal for small spaces! 

With These 7 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments, You Can Have a Dog!

With the above seven dog breeds, if your apartment complex permits pets at all, you will likely be able to have one of them. Each of these breeds has its unique pros and cons. However, the Bichon Frise, greyhound, and Chihuahua are probably the top dogs for apartment living. Two of them (the Bichon Frise and Chihuahua) are the perfect size for almost any apartment. The greyhound is a real couch potato, which makes it ideal for apartment living as well. 

If you're interested in getting a dog, check your lease to see what dogs you can have in your apartment and see if one of the above breeds will work for you! 

What are good apartment dogs?

Many dog breeds are suitable for apartments, including the Bichon Frise, Greyhound, Basset Hound, Chihuahua, Basenji, Boston Terrier, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Each of these dog breeds is perfectly content living in an apartment!

Are beagles good apartment dogs?

Yes, Beagles can be good apartment dogs. However, giving them a high quality of life is more challenging in an apartment than in a home. Beagles love and crave exercise. Without that, they're prone to having problems that lead to shorter lifespans. Giving your dog exercise in an apartment is much more challenging than doing so in a home with a backyard.

How big is a 25-pound dog?

Every dog is different, but usually, 25-pound dogs are approximately 17 inches tall. Most people consider these dogs to be medium-sized. Apartments typically have a 25-pound weight limit because such a restriction keeps out many of the more aggressive and damaging dog breeds.

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