Different Types of Birds: Everything You Need to Know Before Adopting

Are you in the market to adopt a feathered companion but aren’t too familiar with the various types of birds that you could adopt? Here, you will find information about some of the more popular and loving breeds of birds that make great companions for bird lovers. There are many types of birds out there in the world, but not all will make great house pets. 

Each breed of bird has its own qualities that make them unique, but all types of birds require the same basic needs from their owners. These basic needs include a spacious cage to live in, as well as a safe environment to fly around in outside of the cage routinely. And of course, a loving family that provides them with good nutrition, clean water, and kindness. 

African Grey Parrot

Naturally, these intelligent birds are found living happily in the rainforests of Central Africa. They are the largest species of parrot to inhabit the area. They are naturally a very social kind of parrot. Makes sense that they would be so keen to pick up on human language so that they could communicate with us. 

These “Einsteins of the bird world” as they are known, are birds who make excellent companions and conversation buddies. African Greys are well known for their talents with speaking and mimicking sounds they hear.

This bird breed earned its title as an “Einstein” due to the fact that often they are known to speak with their human owners within the context of a conversation. Ranking these intelligent parrots as the most popular bird to adopt. 

Blue and Gold Macaw

Another well-loved and popular talking bird is the Blue and Gold Macaw. They are undoubtedly one of the more recognizable birds in the world. Between posters of rainforest scapes and children’s movies, this Macaw and its distinct colors are very well known. 

Blue and Gold Macaws are also considerably intelligent and gifted with the ability to talk. Making them fun and interactive pets to have at home. They are also very social and have a sweet distemper to them. Like all kinds of birds, Macaws are very active and love to climb and bounce around. 


Native to Australia, these adorable little birds can be spotted flying in flocks, searching for water. Their full name is “budgerigar”, but they are more well known as the budgie or even more commonly, the parakeet. 

Budgies are often referred to as “beginner birds”, as they can be a rather hands-off sort of pet for someone who is just starting as a bird owner, making them a great option for first-time bird owners. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that this tiny bird is very social by nature and will not thrive if they are isolated. They are happiest when they have the companionship of another Budgie.

Blue Crowned Conure

The Blue Crowned Conure is also a rather popular species for bird lovers. Although their speech isn’t as comprehensible as their cousins the parrots, Conures are known for their chatty personalities in general. 

These South American birds became famous as a household pet after being featured in the well-known movie “Paulie”. If you are feeling that the Blue Crowned Conure would make a great addition to your family, do keep in mind that these birds also do not do well in isolation any may need another bird. If you feel that you can only care for one bird, just be sure that you can give them adequate one-on-one time each day. 

Amazon Parrot

These outgoing little green birds are very popular as pets due to their bubbly and playful personalities. They are also known to be the “life of the party” and rightfully so. These fun little birds also originate from the southern hemisphere. Specifically, from Mexico and various regions of South America. 

For such tiny birds, they have very big personalities. They love being in the spotlight and catching everyone’s attention. Whether it be through singing a little tune, strutting their stuff across the tabletop, or splashing around in their water dish. Amazon Parrots love to bathe/play in the water, eat snacks, and interact with their humans. 


With so many different types of birds to choose from, deciding on which one that you would like to adopt can be quite the dilemma. It’s important to take your lifestyle into consideration before bringing a new bird into the picture. Most types of birds prefer the companionship of another bird or at least daily interaction with their human. 

In addition to having an adequate amount of space to move/fly around in daily. Birds can be very easy to take care of but should never be left to just sit in their cage every day without interaction. Knowing what you will be capable of providing any type of bird before adopting is crucial to their happiness as well as your own. 

How many types of birds are there?

Some scientists say that there are currently 10,000 species of birds known worldwide. Others will claim that there may be twice that number of species of birds in existence. Nature is always changing and evolving, so there very well maybe 20,000 species of birds out there. As far as domestic bird species that enjoy living in a home with a human caretaker, there are over 50 domestic species of birds.

What type of bird should I get?

The type of bird that you should adopt depends heavily on your personality as well as your lifestyle. For instance, if you are not a fan of cleaning up bird messes frequently, you will want to stick with smaller breeds of birds such as finches or canaries. Or maybe you would enjoy the companionship of a talking bird. If that’s the case, then you will want to look into adopting a parrot.

Do birds breed with other types of birds?

It’s not uncommon for two different species of birds to mate with each other. This is how new hybrid breeds of birds come to be. They will do this in nature, but studies have shown that birds tend to crossbreed more often when living in captivity.

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