Everything You Need to Know About Organic Dog Treats

All dog owners can agree wholeheartedly that their beloved fur baby deserves all of the treats in the world, just for being their wonderful self. But do you, as a dog owner and lover, know what is in those treats that you picked up at the grocery store last week? With organic dog treats, you are familiar with almost all ingredients that go into them and can trust that they were made with interest for the health of your dog, rather than just their taste buds.

What Makes a Dog Treat “Organic”?

Scientifically speaking, organic means “carbon-based”, or in other words, all-natural and able to be broken down and utilized naturally. Such as being used as natural fuel for your dog’s body. When it comes to organic dog treats, the definition there is that they are made without using artificial ingredients and that all ingredients that are used are free of pesticides, chemicals, and artificial additives. 

Organic foods are also “certified” as organic, which might help you have more peace of mind when transitioning to organic treats for your dog. Knowing that a brand can’t just “claim” that their treats are organic, but rather, they need to be inspected and proven worthy of the title of organic. 

Pros and Cons to Organic Dog Treats

Just like with any other decision that you make for your dog's health, there are pros and cons to be considered. Some of the pros of feeding your dog all-natural organic dog treats are blatantly obvious. They are all-natural and organic, as the name implies. This means you are decreasing the amount of artificial ingredients that your dog takes in, as well as intake of other ingredients that they probably shouldn’t be getting too much of. 

Unfortunately, there are also some cons to giving your dog even the best organic dog treats on the market. First of all, buying the best organic dog treats out there is going to be a costly task. You are likely to pay twice as much, if not even more, for organic treats than you are for the regular supermarket treats that you may have already been feeding your dog. 

Another con is that sometimes dogs will have allergies to natural ingredients such as grains, wheat, and eggs. Those are just a few common allergies that dogs tend to have. It may be hard to find a good organic dog treat that works well with your dog. Although, on the other hand switching to organic dog treats may even help resolve some allergy problems that your dog was having prior to the switch to organic. 

What Should You Keep in Mind When Choosing an Organic Treat for Your Dog?

Of course, you should always keep ingredients in mind when choosing any sort of food for your dog, even if it is organic. Food allergies aren’t uncommon for dogs, and even if you haven’t seen your dog have an allergic reaction to food before that doesn’t mean they won’t. The organic treats that you get for them may include an ingredient that they have not yet encountered and could be allergic too.

It’s important for you to be aware of your dog’s food allergies and sensitivities when buying organic treats. Also, just as important, take a look at the ingredients in the organic treats that you are picking out for them. Should they have any sort of reaction and you need to take them to the vet, you can at least tell them what ingredients they had recently ingested that lead to the poor reaction. 

Where Can You Get Organic Dog Treats?

There are a lot of places where you can purchase high-quality organic dog treats for your dog. Many large chain pet stores carry a variety of organic pet treats and food. Or, if you shop at specialty supermarkets for organic groceries for yourself, it's likely you can find organic dog treats there as well.

If it turns out that you do not have any sort of large chain pet store near you, or specialty supermarkets to speak of, online stores are always a good option. From Amazon to various specialty pet websites, you are bound to find a great organic treat for your beloved dog. 

Make Your Own Organic Dog Treats

If buying organic dog treats just does not appeal to you, whether it is because of how much they cost or how far away you need to drive to get them, there is always the option to make your own. There are hundreds of organic dog treat recipes out there that you could easily make at home in your spare time. 


You want only the best of the best everything for your dog. Best treats, best toys, you name it. The best of the best also includes the healthiest. You can’t go wrong health-wise when choosing to go with organic options for your dog treats. Whether you buy them in a store or online, or just simply make them at home yourself, you are still doing right by your dog on their health. Your dog may not be able to tell you, but they appreciate all that you do to care for them. 

How do you make organic dog treats?

There are hundreds of great organic dog treat recipes that can be found online and made at home. Most recipes include many natural ingredients that can be picked up at local stores or markets and baked into a treat at home.

Can humans eat organic dog treats?

Being that organic dog treats are essentially made out of all-natural fruits, vegetables, and grains it is safe for humans to eat dog treats, However, it’s not recommended, and humans probably should not be eating organic dog treats on a regular basis.

Where to buy organic dog treats?

You can buy organic dog treats at just about any pet specialty store. Oftentimes you can also find them at specialty/natural supermarkets such as at Trader Joes. Online stores that sell specialty pet food items are also a good option for finding organic dog treats.

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