Small Pet Birds: 4 of the Best Small Birds You Can Adopt Today

For the aspiring bird enthusiasts out there, who are ready to adopt your first bird, you are probably thinking you might want to start small, which is great! There are plenty of awesome types of small birds for pets out there that would love to live with a kind, loving human owner. 

There are some things you should know about these small feathered companions before buying a bird cage. For instance, their personalities are all unique, as are their wants and needs from you. For instance, some birds can live happily alone in their cage as long as you are spending adequate amounts of time with them. While other small birds require the companionship of another small bird, often of the same breed. 


These little yellow cuties are among one of the best small birds for pets that a bird lover could adopt. Canaries are relatively low maintenance birds, only requiring that you place their cage in a room that you’re in often so they can hang out with you whenever you’re around. A two-foot cage would be best, no less. 

Do They Talk?

They do not, unfortunately. They would certainly have a lot to say if they could. However, male canaries are well known for their singing abilities.

Do They Need a Bird Buddy?

Canaries are perfectly content to live alone and aren’t exactly the most affectionate of small bird species. Although, with the right training, a canary can be taught to perch on their owner's finger. 

How Long Do They Live on Average?

On average, canaries are known to live a good 10-15 years when well taken care of. 


Finches are great colorful small birds for pets, although not too many bird enthusiasts own them. They are the kind of bird that someone should adopt if they enjoy bird watching rather than one-on-one interaction with them.

One statistic says that only about 6% of bird owners have finches.  Finches are similar to canaries, in that they aren’t big on human interaction. They are perfectly content with keeping themselves entertained, as long as they have a decent sized cage that allows them to fly around. 

Do They Talk?

They don’t form words, but they are very talkative. Some finch owners will even say that their finches are constantly gossiping about them, with their non-stop “beep beep beep” chatter with each other.

Do They Need a Cage Buddy?

Finches absolutely do best with other finches. They prefer the company of another finch over human companionship more often than not. 

How Long Do They Live on Average?

Typically, finches live a maximum of 10 years. 


These little colorful birds rank high on the popularity scale among bird owners. They make great feathered companions for any bird lover, from beginner to long time bird parent. They make minimal noises, don’t destroy their toys very quickly, and have minimal upkeep needs. Their mellow personality and vibrant colors are what help them to rank so high on the small pet bird popularity scale. 

Do They Talk?

Certain breeds of parakeets can sometimes pick up on and repeat some words and phrases if their owner takes the time to train them with certain words. Otherwise, they’re not the most verbal breed of bird. 

Do They Need a Cage Buddy?

Parakeets enjoy interacting with their humans, so they can live happily alone in their cage as long as you are spending lots of one-on -one time with them. Otherwise they can also do well with another parakeet in their cage with them as a companion.

How Long Do They Live on Average?

Parakeets are known to live a long 10-15 happy years with their humans.


Budgerigar, also known as Budgies, are definitely among the more popular types of small pet bird breeds. They are a subspecies of parakeet that are well known for their eye-catching colors as well as their friendly personalities. 

Do They Talk?

Budgies can actually learn a handful of words. They will either pick up some words and phrases from hearing their owner talk around them or can even be taught through one-on-one interaction with their human.

Do They Need a Cage Buddy?

They can live solitarily but would also be happy to have a second budgie buddy in their cage with them. If you decide that your budgie will be an only child it is important that you block out time each day to interact with them, and they will be very happy. 

How Long Do They Live on Average?

Humans can usually enjoy a good 10-15 years with their budgies. 


Small pet birds can be a great addition to any household, as long as the bird’s unique personality is taken into consideration. There are many different types of pet birds to choose from. Such as how much companionship they need, and whether you want a small bird that can chat and interact with you or not. Always keeping in mind that if you do get your small bird a companion, its best to stick with same sex, or else you may end up with baby birds in your home as well. Although, would cute baby birds really be a bad thing? 

How long do small pet birds live?

Pet birds have an impressive life span, as they typically live much longer than other common household pets such as cats or dogs. Small birds in particular can live up to 20 years or even longer at times.

How to take care of small pet birds?

When considering what it takes to take care of a small pet bird, it’s easiest to begin with the basics. A small pet bird, just like their larger counterparts, require just the bare necessities. A clean cage, fresh food, clean water, and plenty of love and interaction.

Which small birds make the best pets?

There are a few popular small bird breeds that do well as pets for beginner bird owners as well as those who have had some experience. Budgies and finches for instance, are great small bird species to adopt and bring home to the family. Just like with most pet birds, budgies, finches, among others, are low maintenance and make a relatively small mess compared to larger pet birds.

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