Considering a Cat? Here Are the Best 5 Large Cat Breeds

If you're considering adopting a cat, you probably know that, for the most part, these are not giant animals. That's not to say that they are small. Instead, you will find that most cats are about 18 inches long and weigh somewhere between 8-10 lbs. Compared to a dog, for example, that can weigh over a hundred pounds and be a few feet long, cats are relatively tiny. However, there are some large cat breeds available!

Why would someone want one of the big house cats? There are a couple of reasons. First, there's something enjoyable about having a more substantial pet. You can snuggle with them and cuddle better. The other benefit is that sometimes smaller pets can find it more challenging in a multi-pet household. The smaller cat might have issues in a home with significantly bigger dogs, for example. So, if you're looking for a cat that can stand up for itself (or at least look a little imposing), the big domestic cats are probably right for you!

Without further ado, let's see the best large cat breeds!

One of the Best Large Cat Breeds: Maine Coon

If you are looking for the largest cat around, look no further than the Maine Coon. This cat is massive and will look quite imposing placed next to other domestic cats. 

The Maine Coon has a muscular, big-boned body and weighs between nine and 18 lbs. If you're reading about this cat breed, you may have heard of 28-pound behemoths, but these cats are nowhere close to the average, and cats that size are probably overweight.

Part of what makes the Maine Coon such an alluring cat is that it is delightful and polite. It is curious and loves its family. The Maine Coon will follow you around to figure out what you're doing. However, it does it in such a way that it's quite endearing as opposed to feeling troublesome.


The Savannah cat is fascinating for a few reasons. Perhaps the most significant one is that there has been some debate as to whether or not these cats are technically domesticated or not. The Savannah's origins come from crossing a domestic cat (often a Siamese) with a Serval, an African wild cat. It's one of the hybrid cats.

Therefore, this cat has quite varying heights and lengths. If they're closer to the Serval line, they'll be much bigger than if they're closer to their domesticated cat line. 

However, Savannah cats make for excellent pets. Their spotted exterior makes them look like little leopards. They're fiercely loyal and will often follow their owners around the house. One of the fascinating things about the Savannah cat is that it possesses some dog-like characteristics. Most notably, owners can teach the Savannah to fetch and walk on a leash!


Even though this is a relatively common cat, the Persian is also one of the biggest. It weighs around 12 lbs, which is higher than the 8-10 that regular-sized cats weigh.

However, it looks like one of the large cat breeds because it has one of the fluffiest, most plush fur coats. Even though the body might only be slightly bigger than some of the other cat breeds, the fur coat gives it a much broader appearance.

This big house cat is very laid back and very smart, and some owners have even claimed that they've been able to teach tricks! The Persian will need extra grooming, but it's straightforward to keep up with when performed every day. The fact that this pet is so intelligent tends to make it a safer choice for smaller kids.


The Birman is larger than the average cat, but a large part of that is that it is big-boned and has a fluffier coat and tail. It looks very bulky, like it's wearing an oversized jacket (in part because it is - it's just one attached to its body!).

Birman cats are incredibly caring and affectionate breeds. People bred them as companion cats for many generations. They are docile and speak softly. Burman cats are friendly, smart, curious, and human-oriented, but not too loud. These traits make Birmans a quality choice for those in apartments or similarly smaller surroundings.


Although this cat has an unusual name, it's one of the big house cats. Cats of this breed typically weigh around 20 pounds, significantly higher than cats from a more average breed.

The Ragamuffin is a calm cat, but it doesn't always immediately relax when you catch it. It's even-tempered, and cats of this breed will get along well with family members. Routine adjustments usually don't bother a Ragamuffin. Indeed, it is the perfect companion for everyone in the apartments.

One quick note about Ragamuffins - they tend to need encouragement to exercise since they are more docile if left to their own devices. Therefore, if you do get one of these pets, please ensure you have the time to play and keep this cat active.

Large Cat Breeds Are Fantastic

Large cat breeds are fantastic. They're fun, playful, and incredibly cuddly. All the pets on this list are loyal, lovable, and would make a tremendous addition to any home. If you're considering getting one of these large cats, please don't hesitate. Visit your local animal shelter today to see if you can pick up one of these impressive felines!

What is the biggest cat in the world?

The biggest cat in the world is technically the tiger. It is a feline that grows to a maximum length of 4.17m or approximately 12 feet. The lion comes in a relatively distant second at 3.64 meters.

How big do cats get?

Most cats are around 18 inches long and will weigh somewhere between 8-10 lbs. Though, every cat is different. Some can grow and weigh much more, while others will grow and weigh less.

What is the biggest domestic cat?

The Maine Coon cat has this distinct honor! Growing to be an impressive 30-40 inches long, and will weigh between nine and 18 lbs. This cat is one that you will always be able to find in your house!

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Written by Leo Roux

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