Australian Shepherd Rescue: What You Need to Know

So you are considering adopting an Australian shepherd? These uniquely beautiful canines did not coin their name "shepherd" because of their fascinating fur coats and enticing eyes.

These "Aussies," as they're often called, are pups that show up to work, and their robust, energetic nature is something to be considered before adding this breed to your family.

If you are willing to keep up with the fast pace demeanor of these untiring pups, let's dive in a little deeper into how these dogs tick!


Don't let the "Aussie" name fool you; these striking pups are American bred. They originated from the western states, and you often found them in the fields working with the farmers. Deemed the name Australian, it is unclear why. Some experts believe shepherd owners who once worked in Australia but traveled to the United States coined them as the Aussie dog.

There is no known origin connected to Australia for these fascinating dogs, but there is one thing for sure despite their birthplace. These pups know how to get a job done!

Jack of All Trades

The Australian dog was bred and raised to herd livestock, but their talents didn't stop there. Over the years, the Australian shepherd's intelligence and trainability have proven helpful throughout other facets of life. The "Aussie" can be found working as a seeing-eye dog, drug-sniffing for law enforcement, or search and rescue.

Despite being one of the top working dogs, these playful canines are not all work and no play. Their popularity soared when they appeared on the rodeo circuit. They not only helped herd the bulls, but they also performed tricks to please the crowds.


These mid-size, sweet-natured pups will live up to their full potential with a high-energy family that can keep up! Australian shepherds are lovely companions if you are seeking an obedient and loyal breed.

Their loving and affectionate nature makes it an easy choice to adopt one of these exquisite-looking dogs, but be mindful; these are not mild-tempered "show" dogs.

If your Australian shepherd lacks the proper outlets to get out their energy and their need to work, these pups are known to use their intelligent talents to turn into mischievous behavior. It is ideal to train your Aussie puppy from the beginning. Having plenty of room for them to run and being aware of the closest dog park will help your Australian shepherd constructively release their energy.


Australian dogs are known for their vibrant and unique coat. Australian shepherds can be seen sporting a mix and match of black, red, blue merle, or red merle coloring. It seems only fitting that these distinctive dogs would have the possibility of heterochromia.

These beauties are one of a few breeds that can have two different colored eyes. Aussies can have typical brown eyes, but occasionally, you will see the piercing sight of amber or blue pupils.

This dog definitely has the potential to cause people to stop and stare in awe!


With a beautiful coat like the Australian shepherd's, there is no surprise there is some up-keep to be involved. This fluffy pup can shed quite a bit, so brushing regularly is the best remedy to keep it under control.

A regular brush will get all of the dead hairs out of their coat which helps stimulate their skin. There is no need to over-bathe this hyperactive pooch, but everybody does love a freshly-smelling puppy! The Aussie's coats are specifically designed to insulate from heat and protect against cold, so messing with their coat too much or shaving it is discouraged.

The best technique for keeping your Aussie in tip-top appearance is regular brushing and occasional bathing, and they are good to go to do what they do best.

Shepherd Breeds

The Australian shepherd is only one type among a variety of shepherd breeds that total to almost thirty. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the teeny corgi to the massive Caucasian shepherd dog.

Despite these dog's differences, there are many similar qualities between them, which is why they are under the shepherd umbrella. You will find a fierce protector, hard-worker, and an obedient companion that is all wrapped up in a high-energy disposition within the shepherd breeds.

Some shepherds possess these qualities more intensely than others, but that is why it is vital to do your research of which shepherd will be the right fit for your family!


Now that you have a better insight into the Australian shepherd, are you and your family active enough to keep up with this over-active pup? There are plenty of positives when owning an Australian shepherd, including their loyal and adoring personalities that fit right in with a family.

A large yard is a must, and maybe they will herd your children to stay in the yard, which isn't a bad selling point! If you are a family on the go and have room to roam, why not welcome one of these beautiful Australian dogs to your family?

How much are Australian shepherds?

The cost of an Australian shepherd varies on their bloodline and where they are purchased. An Australian shepherd puppy with no bloodline information will range from $600 to $1,000. The more reputable the facility and proof of pure bloodlines, the price can reach as high as $4,000!

What is an Aussie dog?

An Aussie dog is a mid-size, unique-looking breed of shepherds. They were known for herding livestock, and eventually, they were used in rodeos to herd bulls and entertained the spectators with their well-trained tricks. They are happiest when given a job to do. Today you'll find them domesticated in family homes, being their hyperactive, intelligent, and loveable selves.

Where to adopt Australian shepherds?

Australian shepherds can be found to purchase from reputable breeders. A few known breeder options would be Colin & Glynis Dowson, Owner, or Karen Cunningham.

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