Auggie Puppies: Shepherds that Stay Small Forever

Australian Shepherds and Corgis have been among two of the more popular breeds of dog and playful pets among the younger generations over the past few years. Why not combine the two dogs into one unbelievably adorable dog? That's Exactly what an Auggie is - a corgi and Aussie mix!

This mini Australian Shepherd is the answer to many dog lovers’ prayers. These little canines make great pets. If you think this is the right dog breed for you, there is a lot of important background information that anyone who is considering adopting one should know.  

Overview of the Auggie

This irresistibly adorable hybrid breed of dog is the perfect combination of small and adorable, and fuzzy and lovable. All thanks to its parents, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and the Australian Shepherd. Two, incredibly popular breeds of dogs in themselves. Combined, you get the best of both worlds! 

When it comes to this dog breed and its origins, the Australian Shepherds came to be sometime in the 19th century when farmers began to breed Australian Sheepdogs with other various breeds of herding dogs.

The Auggie’s other parent, the Corgi’s origins date back much further to the 11th century in Wales. In this time period, the Corgi was bred as a herding dog as well. Due to its short stature, it was the perfect dog for nipping at the heels of livestock in order to keep them in line and where they should be. 

If you are looking to adopt an Auggie puppy, they can sometimes be found at local shelters. Especially at breed-specific shelters, such as ones for Australian Shepherds and Corgis. Looking into breeders of this “designer breed” of dog is also a good idea. Going to an Auggie breeder also better ensures that you are definitely getting an Auggie puppy as well.

Auggie Puppy Temperament

Mini Auggie puppies have great dog temperament and they make great pets for someone who is looking for a dog that will not grow very large, is easy to train, and will grow to love and adore their human family.

Due to their lineage, the Auggie puppy will have some personality traits that are easily identifiable as coming from a herding dog parentage. They are hardworking, stubborn, intelligent, and easy to train

They are incredibly aware of their surroundings and are always on alert. That being said, it may sound as though they would be an aggressive breed of dog to raise, but they are in fact one of the more friendly breeds. You may find that whenever your Aussie-Corgi puppy encounters a new person, they instantly believe that this person is present solely for the purpose of becoming friends with them. 

Considering how independent and stubborn these puppies can be, it's important to leash train them well while they are young. This is important because should they ever come off their leash, or if you ever want to be able to take them to an off-the-leash park to run around, you want to be sure that they won't take off on you. 

Are Auggies Hypoallergenic?

Due to their Australian Shepherd linked lineage, Auggies are most definitely not hypoallergenic dogs. Aussies are one of the top shedding dogs out there. Corgis are also not a hypoallergenic breed. Meaning, Auggies had no chance when it came to being born as a hypoallergenic breed of dog. 

Do Auggies Have Any Health Problems?

There are some common health problems that Auggies have been known to face, but otherwise are rather healthy breeds of dogs. Some of the common health problems that are faced by Auggies as a breed include epilepsy, canine hip dysplasia, blindness, or even deafness. This is why regular visits to the vet are important. That way any sort of health issue that your Auggie puppy may be in danger of can be faced and taken care of right off.

Can I Train an Auggie?

Due to their herding dog genetics, they are incredibly independent and stubborn, but also extremely trainable. It just takes the right owner/trainer who has the patience to train an Auggie puppy. Auggie puppies have been known to respond well to positive feedback with a reward system. Auggie puppies, just like any other puppy out there really, love treats and verbal praises when they’ve done a good job. 

Caring for an Auggie Puppy

Their diets will change as they grow older, but as puppies, you will want to be sure to provide them with all of the best nutrition, such as putting them on a grain-free diet for dogs. Talk to your vet if you are unsure of which puppy food might best suit your Auggie. You will just want to be sure to provide them with the right nutrients to replenish all of what these energetic puppies are able to expend each day. 

Auggie puppies also need adequate grooming and hygiene care to keep up with their thick coat of fur. Both of the parents of the Auggie are known for their luscious fur coats. Meaning the Auggie has inherited this thick fur coat. A coat that sheds quite frequently, especially with annual seasonal changes. It's important to keep up with a grooming routine starting at an early age, so your Auggie puppy can grow up used to this routine. 


Auggie puppies make great family pets for families who want a dog that remained small and adorable for their entire life. With the beautiful color patterns of the Australian Shepherd, as well as the short stature and energetic personality of the Corgi, combined to make this breed, the Auggie is the result of two amazing dogs combined. 

What is an Auggie?

An Auggie is a combination between an Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These dogs are essentially miniature versions of Australian Shepherds, going by looks alone.

How much does an Auggie dog cost?

On average, these adorable little crossbred puppies cost somewhere between $600-$800. This price all depends on who you adopt your Auggie from as well as their particular breeding.

What kind of dog is an Auggie?

An Auggie is a playful and energetic cross-bred dog. They are a wonderful mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog. They are also considered to be herding dogs, considering that both parents were also bred to be herding dogs back in their day.

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Written by Leo Roux


Do you have any Auggie puppies available

Debra on Mar 01, 2022

I’m looking for a smaller dog. Preferably one that is easy to travel with. I have just retired and lost my last dog of 12 years to a stroke.
I’m hoping to adopt , or buy a smaller dog similar in temperament to an Aussie mix.

Ann P Thompson on Jul 25, 2021

Please DO NOT recommend a grain-free diet, for any dog!!! Current research has shown a link between grain-free diets and dietary cardiomyopathy, a deadly heart disease.

Cheryl on Mar 19, 2021

Interested in this dog but if the cost is between six and $800 I won’t be able to afford it I thought this is an adoption where you just pay for the adoption which is usually a low-cost.Could you let me know thank you

Elizabeth Langston on Feb 08, 2021

Please consider adopting from a breed specific shelter or a local animal shelter. There are so many out there that need loving, forever homes. I love the Australian Shepherd breed, and have been blessed with many in my lifetime! They are wonderful dogs, but aren’t for everyone. And breeding Merle to Merle will most definitely cause blindness and/or deafness. Please do your research.

Cheryl Shaw on Jan 13, 2021

I’m hoping to purchase an mini Aussie puppy

Shelly Long on Jan 10, 2021

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