Here's Why You Should Get a Cat Scratching Post

Do you have cats in your home? If not, are you planning on adopting a cat to add to your family? If you have cats or plan to get one, there are many things that you should do.

One of the most important things to do is to make sure you have all the products that your cat is going to needOne of the products that is a must-have for all cats is a scratching post. You could also get a cat castle, a large cat tree, or a cat pole.

Your cat can scratch on all of these things. It is very important that cats get to scratch things. It is a natural instinct for cats to scratch

Reasons for Cat Scratching

To understand why it is so important to get a cat scratching post, you must first understand why cats have the urge to scratch.

If you already have a cat, you may have noticed them scratching against your couch or even the chairs at the kitchen table. Some cats will even scratch at walls or at their owners. Every cat is born with the urge to scratch things. Some of the reasons for this urge include the following:

  • Scent Glands - Cats have these glands inside their paws. When they scratch things, they are depositing their scent glands onto objects. This is similar to how dogs mark their territory by peeing on things. Cats mark their territory by leaving their scent through scratching. 
  • Visual Marks - In addition to leaving their scent, cats will leave visible marks on objects. This is another way of telling people and other animals that they have been in that area. 
  • Nail Care - When cats scratch things, they are getting rid of the outer layer on their nails. This is a necessary self-grooming behavior.
  • Stretching - Cats need to stretch their body, feet, and claws. Scratching is a great way for them to do this. 
  • Staying Healthy - When cats scratch things, they are releasing “feel-good” chemicals in their brain and body. This helps them stay healthy. 
  • Emotional Management - Scratching can also help cats relieve stress or to show they are excited about something. 

Now that you know more about some of the reasons why cats scratch things, you should make sure you get your cat a cat castle, large cat tree, cat pole, or scratching post today. 

Dealing with Cats Scratching Furniture

As a homeowner or even a renter, you want to keep your furniture in the best shape. However, if you have a cat, you may find they like scratching the furniture.

The good news is there are some ways of dealing with your cats scratching the furniture. Some of the things that you can do to stop your cat from scratching the furniture include the following:

  • Make sure you have multiple cat castle or cat scratching posts in your house
  • Make sure the large cat tree or scratching posts are in areas where your cat likes to hang out
  • Put a cat pole or scratching post near the furniture (if your cat starts scratching the furniture, put them near the scratching post, so they know what they are supposed to scratch)

Some people think that cats can’t be trained like dogs can. While they might not do tricks like dogs do, cats can behave.

They can be trained to know what they are allowed to scratch and what they aren’t allowed to scratch. Plus, if you have a lot of scratching posts in your house, your cats are going to love them. They may not even pay attention to your furniture anymore.


Now you know why cats love to scratch. You now know the reasons why they have such an urge, sometimes, to scratch everything in sight. The good news, as you have read above, is there are ways to handle your cat’s scratching.

If your cat has been scratching furniture, having many large cat trees or scratching posts in your house can stop them from messing with the furniture.

You can even get a cat pole for every room in your house. This way, no matter where your cat is inside the house, they have somewhere to hang out and scratch

Why do cats scratch?

There are so many different reasons why cats scratch. Cats need to get the outer layer of their nails off. They need to mark territory and show that they were there. Your cat can do this by scratching and releasing the scent from its nails. They can also leave visual marks on the things that they are scratching. Your cat also needs to scratch so he or she can stretch every day.

Why do cats claw things?

There are numerous reasons why cats claw things. If you have a cat or you plan to get one, they might claw things because they need to keep their claws healthy. They may need to manage their emotions or show they are excited. Sometimes, cats claw things so they can show that is their territory. They can release scent glands from their paws onto the items they are clawing. Sometimes, they feel they are marking their territory by leaving visible marks on things.

Why do cats need a scratching post?

If you are going to have a cat, it is important to make sure they have at least one scratching post in the house. It is best if they have more than one. Cats need scratching posts so they can keep their nails healthy, stretch, release stress, show their excitement, and so they can mark their territory.

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